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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 23—Friday, April 28, 1876, Oakland, California, Ellen White to James White

    Dear Husband: I have written fifteen pages today. Mary Clough is hard after me. She has copied fifteen pages today—a good, large day’s work. As soon as dinner is eaten, I go to Mary’s room and she reads me what she has written while I lie on the sofa and rest. Then again at night I go to her room and she reads the rest. She delights in it all as much as myself. Mary is trying her utmost to get these books out. We have so quiet a time. Never have I had such an opportunity in my life before. I will improve it. We have written about 200 pages since you left, all copied, ready for printers....ERWDA 16.5

    I feel that I am less than nothing, but Jesus is my all—my righteousness, and my wisdom, and my strength.ERWDA 16.6

    Letter 16a, 1876, pp. 1, 2.