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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 25—Friday, May 5, 1876, Oakland, California, Ellen White to James White

    Dear Husband: ... I have been writing more than usual, which was too much for me. I cannot and must not write more than half a day, but I continue to step over the bounds and pay for it. My mind is on my subjects day and night. I have strong confidence in prayer. The Lord hears me and I believe in His salvation. In His strength I trust. In His strength I shall complete my writings. I cling firmly to His hand with unwavering confidence. We are happy in our work and this is our world for the present....ERWDA 17.1

    I never expect so good an opportunity again of writing. May God help me is my continual cry.ERWDA 17.2

    If I am blessed with health as I have been hitherto, I shall complete my first book in about four weeks.ERWDA 17.3

    Letter 21, 1876, pp. 1-2.