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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 30—Thursday, November 30, 1876, Review and Herald Announcement

    The Review and Herald.


    Battle Creek, Mich., Fifth-Day, Nov. 30, 1876.

    Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. II.

    We are prepared to speak of this volume, now just issued, as the most remarkable volume that has ever issued from this Office. It covers that portion of the great controversy between Christ and Satan, which is included in the life and mission, teachings and miracles, of Christ here upon the earth. Many have endeavored to write the life of Christ; but their work, as compared with this, seem to be only like the outer garments to the body. Here we have, so to speak, an interior view of the wonderful work of God during this time. And if the reader has a heart that can be impressed, feelings that can be stirred, an imagination that can respond to the most vivid portraiture of the most thrilling scenes, and a spirit to drink in lessons of purity, faith, and love from Christ’s divine example, he will find in this volume that which will call into liveliest play all these faculties. But the best of all is the lasting impression it must make for good upon all who read. It should have an unlimited circulation. Post-paid, by mail, as per previous notions, $1.00. U. S.ERWDA 20.1

    CONTENTS PAGE CHAPTER I. The First Advent of Christ 9 CHAPTER II. The Life of Christ 30 CHAPTER III. Life and Mission of John 41 CHAPTER IV. The Mission of Christ 58 CHAPTER V. The Death of John 74 CHAPTER VI. Temptation of Christ 86 CHAPTER VII. The Marriage at Cana 98 CHAPTER VIII. Cleansing the Temple 115 CHAPTER IX. Nicodemus comes to Christ 124 CHAPTER X. The Woman of Samaria 140 CHAPTER XI. The Centurion’s Son 151 CHAPTER XII. Jesus at Bethesda 156 CHAPTER XIII. Jesus at Capernaum 173 CHAPTER XIV. Choosing the Disciples 182 CHAPTER XV. The Sabbath 193 CHAPTER XVI. Sermon of the Mount 200 CHAPTER XVII. The Leper Healed 225 CHAPTER XVIII. Parable of the Sower 282 CHAPTER XIX. Other Parables 242 CHAPTER XX. The Loaves and Fishes 258 CHAPTER XXI. Walking on the Water 267 CHAPTER XXII. Christ in the Synagogue 274 CHAPTER XXIII. The Paralytic 292 CHAPTER XXIV. Woman of Canaan 301 CHAPTER XXV. Christ Stills the Tempest 305 CHAPTER XXVI. Men from the Tombs 311 CHAPTER XXVII. Jairus’ Daughter 318 CHAPTER XXVIII. The Transfiguration 324 CHAPTER XXIX. Feast of Tabernacles 337 CHAPTER XXX. Go and Sin no More 349 CHAPTER XXXI. Resurrection of Lazarus 358 CHAPTER XXXII. Mary’s Offering 372 CHAPTER XXXIII. Riding into Jerusalem 382