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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 63—Sabbath, June 6, 1896, EGW Manuscript, “Illustrations of Heavenly Things”

    That which is holy and elevated in heavenly things, I scarcely dare represent. Often I lay down my pen and say, Impossible, impossible for finite minds to grasp eternal truths, and deep holy principles, and to express their living import. I stand ignorant and helpless. The rich current of thought takes possession of my whole being, and I lay down my pen, and say, Oh Lord, I am finite, I am weak, and simple and ignorant; Thy grand and holy revelations I can never find language to express.ERWDA 32.2

    My words seem inadequate. I despair of clothing the truth God has made known concerning His great redemption, which engrossed to itself His undivided attention in the only begotten Son of the Infinite One. The truths that are to last through time and through eternity, the great plan of redemption, which cost so much for the salvation of the human race, presenting before them a life that measures with the life of God—these truths are too full, deep, and holy for human words or human pen to adequately express.ERWDA 32.3

    Manuscript 23, 1896, p. 2.