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Exhibits Relating to the Writing of The Desire of Ages - Contents
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    Exhibit 32—Thursday, February 14, 1878, Review and Herald Announcement

    The Review and Herald.


    Battle Creek, Mich., Fifth-Day, Feb. 14, 1878

    Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 3.

    THIS volume, by Mrs. E. G. White, is now ready. It dwells very fully upon the sufferings and death of Christ, his resurrection and ascension to Heaven, and closes with an account of the lives, teachings and persecutions of the apostles. It is written in the same forcible and impressive style as the preceding volumes, and is a book of equally thrilling interest. It will be hailed with gladness everywhere by those best acquainted with sister W. and her work. In style, size and price, it is the same as Vols. 1 and 2; pages 400; price $1.00.ERWDA 21.1

    CONTENTS PAGE CHAPTER I. Weeping over Jerusalem 9 CHAPTER II. Cleansing the Temple 20 CHAPTER III. Jesus and the Pharisees 36 CHAPTER IV. Denouncing the Pharisees 56 CHAPTER V. In the Outer Court 74 CHAPTER VI. The Passover Supper 81 CHAPTER VII. In the Garden 94 CHAPTER VIII. In the Judgment Hall 107 CHAPTER IX. Condemnation of Jesus 127 CHAPTER X. Calvary 148 CHAPTER XI. At the Sepulcher 173 CHAPTER XII. The Conflict Ended 183 CHAPTER XIII. The Resurrection 191 CHAPTER XIV. The Women at the Tomb 198 CHAPTER XV. Jesus at Emmaus 206 CHAPTER XVI. In the Upper Chamber 216 CHAPTER XVII. Jesus at Galilee 223 CHAPTER XVIII. Meeting of the Brethren 234 CHAPTER XIX. Ascension of Christ 249 CHAPTER XX. The Pentecost 263 CHAPTER XXI. The Cripple Healed 275 CHAPTER XXII. The Seven Deacons 291 CHAPTER XXIII. Conversion of Saul 305 CHAPTER XXIV. Paul Commences his Ministry 317 CHAPTER XXV. The Ministry of Peter 323 CHAPTER XXVI. Deliverance of Peter 334 CHAPTER XXVII. Ordination of Paul and Barnabas 345 HAPTER XXVIII. Preaching among the Heathen 358 CHAPTER XXIX. Jew and Gentile 368 CHAPTER XXX. Imprisonment of Paul and Silas 378 CHAPTER XXXI. Opposition at Thessalonica 387