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    (304) αναβαθμος, anabathmos [an-ab-ath-mos']

    from αναβαινω - anabaino αναβαινω (compare 898); a stairway:--stairs. SGD ANABATHMOS.2

    (305) αναβαινω, anabaino [an-ab-ah'-ee-no]

    from ανα - ana ανα and the base of βασις - basis βασις; to go up (literally or figuratively):--arise, ascend (up), climb (go, grow, rise, spring) up, come (up). SGD ANABAINO.2

    (306) αναβαλλομαι, anaballomai [an-ab-al'-lom-ahee]

    middle voice from ανα - ana ανα and βαλλω - ballo βαλλω; to put off (for oneself):--defer. SGD ANABALLOMAI.2

    (307) αναβιβαζω, anabibazo [an-ab-ee-bad'-zo]

    from ανα - ana ανα and a derivative of the base of βασις - basis βασις; to cause to go up, i.e. haul (a net):--draw. SGD ANABIBAZO.2

    (308) αναβλεπω, anablepo [an-ab-lep'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and βλεπω - blepo βλεπω; to look up; by implication, to recover sight:--look (up), see, receive sight. SGD ANABLEPO.2

    (309) αναβλευις, anablepsis [an-ab'-lep-sis]

    from αναβλεπω - anablepo αναβλεπω; restoration of sight:--recovery of sight. SGD ANABLEPSIS.2

    (310) αναβοαω, anaboao [an-ab-o-ah'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and βοαω - boao βοαω; to halloo:--cry (aloud, out). SGD ANABOAO.2

    (311) αναβολη, anabole [an-ab-ol-ay']

    from αναβαλλομαι - anaballomai αναβαλλομαι; a putting off:--delay. SGD ANABOLE.2

    (312) αναγγελλω, anaggello [an-ang-el'-lo]

    from ανα - ana ανα and the base of αγγελος - aggelos αγγελος; to announce (in detail):--declare, rehearse, report, show, speak, tell. SGD ANAGGELLO.2

    (313) αναγενναω, anagennao [an-ag-en-nah'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and γενναω - gennao γενναω; to beget or (by extension) bear (again):--beget, (bear) X (again). SGD ANAGENNAO.2

    (314) αναγινωσκω, anaginosko [an-ag-in-oce'-ko]

    from ανα - ana ανα and γινωσκω - ginosko γινωσκω; to know again, i.e. (by extension) to read:--read. SGD ANAGINOSKO.2

    (315) αναγκαζω, anagkazo [an-ang-kad'-zo]

    from αναγκη - anagke αναγκη; to necessitate:--compel, constrain. SGD ANAGKAZO.2

    (316) αναγκαιος, anagkaios [an-ang-kah'-yos]

    from αναγκη - anagke αναγκη; necessary; by implication, close (of kin):--near, necessary, necessity, needful. SGD ANAGKAIOS.2

    (317) αναγκαστως, anagkastos [an-ang-kas-toce']

    adverb from a derivative of αναγκαζω - anagkazo αναγκαζω; compulsorily:--by constraint. SGD ANAGKASTOS.2

    (318) αναγκη, anagke [an-ang-kay']

    from ανα - ana ανα and the base of αγκαλη - agkale αγκαλη; constraint (literally or figuratively); by implication, distress:--distress, must needs, (of) necessity(-sary), needeth, needful. SGD ANAGKE.2

    (319) αναγνωριζομαι, anagnorizomai [an-ag-no-rid'-zom-ahee]

    middle voice from ανα - ana ανα and γνωριζω - gnorizo γνωριζω; to make (oneself) known:--be made known. SGD ANAGNORIZOMAI.2

    (320) ανγνωσις, angnosis [an-ag'-no-sis]

    from αναγινωσκω - anaginosko αναγινωσκω; (the act of) reading:--reading. SGD ANGNOSIS.2

    (321) αναγω, anago [an-ag'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and αγω - ago αγω; to lead up; by extension to bring out; specially, to sail away:--bring (again, forth, up again), depart, launch (forth), lead (up), loose, offer, sail, set forth, take up. SGD ANAGO.2

    (322) αναδεικνψμι, anadeiknumi [an-ad-ike'-noo-mee]

    from ανα - ana ανα and δεικνψω - deiknuo δεικνψω; to exhibit, i.e. (by implication) to indicate, appoint:--appoint, shew. SGD ANADEIKNUMI.2

    (323) αναδειξις, anadeixis [an-ad'-ike-sis]

    from αναδεικνψμι - anadeiknumi αναδεικνψμι; (the act of) exhibition:--shewing. SGD ANADEIXIS.2

    (324) αναδεχομαι, anadechomai [an-ad-ekh'-om-ahee]

    from ανα - ana ανα and δεχομαι - dechomai δεχομαι; to entertain (as a guest):--receive. SGD ANADECHOMAI.2

    (325) αναδιδωμι, anadidomi [an-ad-eed'-om-ee]

    from ανα - ana ανα and διδωμι - didomi διδωμι; to hand over:--deliver. SGD ANADIDOMI.2

    (326) αναζαω, anazao [an-ad-zah'-o]

    to recover life (literally or figuratively):--(be a-)live again, revive. SGD ANAZAO.2

    (327) αναζητεω, anazeteo [an-ad-zay-teh'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and ζητεω - zeteo ζητεω; to search out:--seek. SGD ANAZETEO.2

    (328) αναζωννψμι, anazonnumi [an-ad-zone'-noo-mee]

    from ανα - ana ανα and ζωννψμι - zonnumi ζωννψμι; to gird afresh:--gird up. SGD ANAZONNUMI.2

    (329) αναζωπψρεω, anazopureo [an-ad-zo-poor-eh'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and a compound of the base of ζωον - zoon ζωον and πψρ - pur πψρ; to re-enkindle:--stir up. SGD ANAZOPUREO.2

    (330) αναθαλλω, anathallo [an-ath-al'-lo]

    from ανα - ana ανα and thallo (to flourish); to revive:--flourish again. SGD ANATHALLO.2

    (331) αναθεμα, anathema [an-ath'-em-ah]

    from ανατιθεμαι - anatithemai ανατιθεμαι; a (religious) ban or (concretely) excommunicated (thing or person):--accused, anathema, curse, X great. SGD ANATHEMA.2

    (332) αναθεματιζω, anathematizo [an-ath-em-at-id'-zo]

    from αναθεμα - anathema αναθεμα; to declare or vow under penalty of execration:--(bind under a) curse, bind with an oath. SGD ANATHEMATIZO.2

    (333) ανθεωρεω, antheoreo [an-ath-eh-o-reh'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and θεωρεω - theoreo θεωρεω; to look again (i.e. attentively) at (literally or figuratively):--behold, consider. SGD ANTHEOREO.2

    (334) αναθημα, anathema [an-ath'-ay-mah]

    from ανατιθεμαι - anatithemai ανατιθεμαι (like αναθεμα - anathema αναθεμα, but in a good sense); a votive offering:--gift. SGD ANATHEMA.2

    (335) αναιδεια, anaideia [an-ah'-ee-die-ah']

    from a compound of α - a α (as a negative particle (compare 427)) and αιδως - aidos αιδως; impudence, i.e. (by implication) importunity:--importunity. SGD ANAIDEIA.2

    (336) αναιρεσις, anairesis [an-ah'-ee-res-is]

    from αναιρεω - anaireo αναιρεω; (the act of) killing:--death. SGD ANAIRESIS.2

    (337) αναιρεω, anaireo [an-ahee-reh'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and (the active of) αιρεομαι - haireomai αιρεομαι; to take up, i.e. adopt; by implication, to take away (violently), i.e. abolish, murder:--put to death, kill, slay, take away, take up. SGD ANAIREO.2

    (338) αναιτιος, anaitios [an-ah'-ee-tee-os]

    from α - a α (as a negative particle) and αιτιος - aitios αιτιος (in the sense of 156); innocent:--blameless, guiltless. SGD ANAITIOS.2

    (339) ανακαθιζω, anakathizo [an-ak-ath-id'-zo]

    from ανα - ana ανα and καθιζω - kathizo καθιζω; properly, to set up, i.e. (reflexively) to sit up:--sit up. SGD ANAKATHIZO.2

    (340) ανακαινιζω, anakainizo [an-ak-ahee-nid'-zo]

    from ανα - ana ανα and a derivative of καινος - kainos καινος; to restore:--renew. SGD ANAKAINIZO.2

    (341) ανακαινοω, anakainoo [an-ak-ahee-no'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and a derivative of καινος - kainos καινος; to renovate:--renew. SGD ANAKAINOO.2

    (342) ανακαινωσις, anakainosis [an-ak-ah'-ee-no-sis]

    from ανακαινοω - anakainoo ανακαινοω; renovation:--renewing. SGD ANAKAINOSIS.2

    (343) ανακαλψπτω, anakalupto [an-ak-al-oop'-to]

    from ανα - ana ανα (in the sense of reversal) and καλψπτω - kalupto καλψπτω; to unveil:--open, (un-)taken away. SGD ANAKALUPTO.2

    (344) ανακαμπτω, anakampto [an-ak-amp'-to]

    from ανα - ana ανα and καμπτω - kampto καμπτω; to turn back:--(re-)turn. SGD ANAKAMPTO.2

    (345) ανακειμαι, anakeimai [an-ak-i'-mahee]

    from ανα - ana ανα and κειμαι - keimai κειμαι; to recline (as a corpse or at a meal):--guest, lean, lie, sit (down, at meat), at the table. SGD ANAKEIMAI.2

    (346) ανακεφαλαιομαι, anakephalaiomai [an-ak-ef-al-ah'-ee-om-ahee]

    from ανα - ana ανα and κεφαλαιοω - kephalaioo κεφαλαιοω (in its original sense); to sum up:--briefly comprehend, gather together in one. SGD ANAKEPHALAIOMAI.2

    (347) ανακλινω, anaklino [an-ak-lee'-no]

    from ανα - ana ανα and κλινω - klino κλινω; to lean back:--lay, (make) sit down. SGD ANAKLINO.2

    (348) ανακοπτω, anakopto [an-ak-op'-to]

    from ανα - ana ανα and κοπτω - kopto κοπτω; to beat back, i.e. check:--hinder. SGD ANAKOPTO.2

    (349) ανακραζω, anakrazo [an-ak-rad'-zo]

    from ανα - ana ανα and κραζω - krazo κραζω; to scream up (aloud):--cry out. SGD ANAKRAZO.2

    (350) ανακρινω, anakrino [an-ak-ree'-no]

    from ανα - ana ανα and κρινω - krino κρινω; properly, to scrutinize, i.e. (by implication) investigate, interrogate, determine:--ask, question, discern, examine, judge, search. SGD ANAKRINO.2

    (351) ανακρισις, anakrisis [an-ak'-ree-sis]

    from ανακρινω - anakrino ανακρινω; a (judicial) investigation:--examination. SGD ANAKRISIS.2

    (352) ανακψπτω, anakupto [an-ak-oop'-to]

    from ανα - ana ανα (in the sense of reversal) and κψπτω - kupto κψπτω; to unbend, i.e. rise; figuratively, be elated:--lift up, look up. SGD ANAKUPTO.2

    (353) αναλαμβανω, analambano [an-al-am-ban'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and λαμβανω - lambano λαμβανω; to take up:--receive up, take (in, unto, up). SGD ANALAMBANO.2

    (354) αναληυις, analepsis [an-al'-ape-sis]

    from αναλαμβανω - analambano αναλαμβανω; ascension:--taking up. SGD ANALEPSIS.2

    (355) αναλισκω, analisko [an-al-is'-ko]

    from ανα - ana ανα and a form of the alternate of αιρεομαι - haireomai αιρεομαι; properly, to use up, i.e. destroy:--consume. SGD ANALISKO.2

    (356) αναλογια, analogia [an-al-og-ee'-ah]

    from a compound of ανα - ana ανα and λογος - logos λογος; proportion:--proportion. SGD ANALOGIA.2

    (357) αναλογιζομαι, analogizomai [an-al-og-id'-zom-ahee]

    middle voice from αναλογια - analogia αναλογια; to estimate, i.e. (figuratively) contemplate:--consider. SGD ANALOGIZOMAI.2

    (358) αναλος, analos [an'-al-os]

    from α - a α (as a negative particle) and αλς - hals αλς; saltless, i.e. insipid:--X lose saltness. SGD ANALOS.2

    (359) αναλψσις, analusis [an-al'-oo-sis]

    from αναλψω - analuo αναλψω; departure:--departure. SGD ANALUSIS.2

    (360) αναλψω, analuo [an-al-oo'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and λψω - luo λψω; to break up, i.e. depart (literally or figuratively):--depart, return. SGD ANALUO.2

    (361) αναμαρτητος, anamartetos [an-am-ar'-tay-tos]

    from α - a α (as a negative particle) and a presumed derivative of αμαρτανω - hamartano αμαρτανω; sinless:--that is without sin. SGD ANAMARTETOS.2

    (362) ανεμενω, anemeno [an-am-en'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and μενω - meno μενω; to await:--wait foreign SGD ANEMENO.2

    (363) αναμιμνησκω, anamimnesko [an-am-im-nace'-ko]

    from ανα - ana ανα and μιμνησκω - mimnesko μιμνησκω; to remind; (reflexively) to recollect:--call to mind, (bring to , call to, put in), remember(-brance). SGD ANAMIMNESKO.2

    (364) αναμνησις, anamnesis [an-am'-nay-sis]

    from αναμιμνησκω - anamimnesko αναμιμνησκω; recollection:--remembrance (again). SGD ANAMNESIS.2

    (365) ανανεοω, ananeoo [an-an-neh-o'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and a derivative of νεος - neos νεος; to renovate, i.e. reform:--renew. SGD ANANEOO.2

    (366) ανανηφω, ananepho [an-an-ay'-fo]

    from ανα - ana ανα and νηφω - nepho νηφω; to become sober again, i.e. (figuratively) regain (one's) senses:--recover self. SGD ANANEPHO.2

    (367) Ανανιας, Ananias [an-an-ee'-as]

    of Hebrew origin (Chananyah Chananyah); Ananias, the name of three Israelites:--Ananias. SGD ANANIAS.2

    (368) αναντιρρηητος, anantirrhetos [an-an-tir'-hray-tos]

    from α - a α (as a negative particle) and a presumed derivative of a compound of αντι - anti αντι and ρεω - rheo ρεω; indisputable:--cannot be spoken against. SGD ANANTIRRHETOS.2

    (369) αναντιρρηητως, anantirrhetos [an-an-tir-hray'-toce]

    adverb from αναντιρρηητος - anantirrhetos αναντιρρηητος; promptly:--without gainsaying. SGD ANANTIRRHETOS.2

    (370) αναξιος, anaxios [an-ax'-ee-os]

    from α - a α (as a negative particle) and αξιος - axios αξιος; unfit:--unworthy. SGD ANAXIOS.2

    (371) αναξιως, anaxios [an-ax-ee'-oce]

    adverb from αναξιος - anaxios αναξιος; irreverently:--unworthily. SGD ANAXIOS.2

    (372) αναπαψσις, anapausis [an-ap'-ow-sis]

    from αναπανω - anapano αναπανω; intermission; by implication, recreation:--rest. SGD ANAPAUSIS.2

    (373) αναπανω, anapano [an-ap-ow'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and παψω - pauo παψω; (reflexively) to repose (literally or figuratively (be exempt), remain); by implication, to refresh:--take ease, refresh, (give, take) rest. SGD ANAPANO.2

    (374) αναπειθω, anapeitho [an-ap-i'-tho]

    from ανα - ana ανα and πειθω - peitho πειθω; to incite:--persuade. SGD ANAPEITHO.2

    (375) αναπεμπω, anapempo [an-ap-em'-po]

    from ανα - ana ανα and πεμπω - pempo πεμπω; to send up or back:--send (again). SGD ANAPEMPO.2

    (376) αναπηρος, anaperos [an-ap'-ay-ros]

    from ανα - ana ανα (in the sense of intensity) and peros (maimed); crippled:--maimed. SGD ANAPEROS.2

    (377) αναπιπτω, anapipto [an-ap-ip'-to]

    from ανα - ana ανα and πιπτω - pipto πιπτω; to fall back, i.e. lie down, lean back:--lean, sit down (to meat). SGD ANAPIPTO.2

    (378) αναπληροω, anapleroo [an-ap-lay-ro'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and πλεροο - pleroo πλεροο; to complete; by implication, to occupy, supply; figuratively, to accomplish (by coincidence ot obedience):--fill up, fulfill, occupy, supply. SGD ANAPLEROO.2

    (379) αναπολογητος, anapologetos [an-ap-ol-og'-ay-tos]

    from α - a α (as a negative particle) and a presumed derivative of απολογεομαι - apologeomai απολογεομαι; indefensible:--without an excuse, inexcusable. SGD ANAPOLOGETOS.2

    (380) αναπτψσσω, anaptusso [an-ap-toos'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα (in the sense of reversal) and πτψσσω - ptusso πτψσσω; to unroll (a scroll or volume):--open. SGD ANAPTUSSO.2

    (381) αναπτω, anapto [an-ap'-to]

    from ανα - ana ανα and απτω - hapto απτω; to enkindle:--kindle, light. SGD ANAPTO.2

    (382) αναριθμητος, anarithmetos [an-ar-ith'-may-tos]

    from α - a α (as a negative particle) and a derivative of αριθμεω - arithmeo αριθμεω; unnumbered, i.e. without number:--innumerable. SGD ANARITHMETOS.2

    (383) ανασειω, anaseio [an-as-i'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and σειω - seio σειω; figuratively, to excite:--move, stir up. SGD ANASEIO.2

    (384) ανασκεψαζω, anaskeuazo [an-ask-yoo-ad'-zo]

    from ανα - ana ανα (in the sense of reversal) and a derivative of σκεψος - skeuos σκεψος; properly, to pack up (baggage), i.e. (by implication, and figuratively) to upset:--subvert. SGD ANASKEUAZO.2

    (385) ανασπαω, anaspao [an-as-pah'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and σπαω - spao σπαω; to take up or extricate:--draw up, pull out. SGD ANASPAO.2

    (386) αναστασις, anastasis [an-as'-tas-is]

    from ανιστημι - anistemi ανιστημι; a standing up again, i.e. (literally) a resurrection from death (individual, genitive case or by implication, (its author)), or (figuratively) a (moral) recovery (of spiritual truth):--raised to life again, resurrection, rise from the dead, that should rise, rising again. SGD ANASTASIS.2

    (387) αναστατοω, anastatoo [an-as-tat-o'-o]

    from a derivative of ανιστημι - anistemi ανιστημι (in the sense of removal); properly, to drive out of home, i.e. (by implication) to disturb (literally or figuratively):--trouble, turn upside down, make an uproar. SGD ANASTATOO.2

    (388) ανασταψροω, anastauroo [an-as-tow-ro'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and σταψροω - stauroo σταψροω; to recrucify (figuratively):--crucify afresh. SGD ANASTAUROO.2

    (389) αναστεναζω, anastenazo [an-as-ten-ad'-zo]

    from ανα - ana ανα and στεναζω - stenazo στεναζω; to sigh deeply:--sigh deeply. SGD ANASTENAZO.2

    (390) αναστρεφω, anastrepho [an-as-tref'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and στρεφω - strepho στρεφω; to overturn; also to return; by implication, to busy oneself, i.e. remain, live:--abide, behave self, have conversation, live, overthrow, pass, return, be used. SGD ANASTREPHO.2

    (391) αναστροφη, anastrophe [an-as-trof-ay']

    from αναστρεφω - anastrepho αναστρεφω; behavior:--conversation. SGD ANASTROPHE.2

    (392) ανατασσομαι, anatassomai [an-at-as'-som-ahee]

    from ανα - ana ανα and the middle voice of τασσω - tasso τασσω; to arrange:--set in order. SGD ANATASSOMAI.2

    (393) ανατελλω, anatello [an-at-el'-lo]

    from ανα - ana ανα and the base of τελος - telos τελος; to (cause to) arise:--(a-, make to) rise, at the rising of, spring (up), be up. SGD ANATELLO.2

    (394) ανατιθεμαι, anatithemai [an-at-ith'-em-ahee]

    from ανα - ana ανα and the middle voice of τιθημι - tithemi τιθημι; to set forth (for oneself), i.e propound:--communicate, declare. SGD ANATITHEMAI.2

    (395) ανατολη, anatole [an-at-ol-ay']

    from ανατελλω - anatello ανατελλω; a rising of light, i.e. dawn (figuratively); by implication, the east (also in plural):--dayspring, east, rising. SGD ANATOLE.2

    (396) ανατρεπω, anatrepo [an-at-rep'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and the base of τροπη - trope τροπη; to overturn (figuratively):--overthrow, subvert. SGD ANATREPO.2

    (397) ανατρεφω, anatrepho [an-at-ref'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and τρεφω - trepho τρεφω; to rear (physically or mentally):--bring up, nourish (up). SGD ANATREPHO.2

    (398) αναφαινω, anaphaino [an-af-ah'-ee-no]

    from ανα - ana ανα and φαινω - phaino φαινω; to show, i.e. (reflexively) appear, or (passively) to have pointed out:--(should) appear, discover. SGD ANAPHAINO.2

    (399) αναφερω, anaphero [an-af-er'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and φερω - phero φερω; to take up (literally or figuratively):--bear, bring (carry, lead) up, offer (up). SGD ANAPHERO.2

    (400) αναφωνεω, anaphoneo [an-af-o-neh'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and φωνεω - phoneo φωνεω; to exclaim:--speak out. SGD ANAPHONEO.2

    (401) αναχψσις, anachusis [an-akh'-oo-sis]

    from a comparative of ανα - ana ανα and cheo (to pour); properly, effusion, i.e. (figuratively) license:--excess. SGD ANACHUSIS.2

    (402) αναχωρεω, anachoreo [an-akh-o-reh'-o]

    from ανα - ana ανα and χωρεω - choreo χωρεω; to retire:--depart, give place, go (turn) aside, withdraw self. SGD ANACHOREO.2

    (403) αναυψξις, anapsuxis [an-aps'-ook-sis]

    from αναυψχω - anapsucho αναυψχω; properly, a recovery of breath, i.e. (figuratively) revival:--revival. SGD ANAPSUXIS.2

    (404) αναυψχω, anapsucho [an-aps-oo'-kho]

    from ανα - ana ανα and υψχω - psucho υψχω; properly, to cool off, i.e. (figuratively) relieve:--refresh. SGD ANAPSUCHO.2

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