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    (1739) ενδομησις, endomesis [en-dom'-ay-sis]

    from a compound of εν - en εν and a derivative of the base of δημος - demos δημος; a housing in (residence), i.e. structure:--building. SGD ENDOMESIS.2

    (1740) εδοξαζω, edoxazo [en-dox-ad'-zo]

    from ενδοξος - endoxos ενδοξος; to glorify:--glorify. SGD EDOXAZO.2

    (1741) ενδοξος, endoxos [en'-dox-os]

    from εν - en εν and δοξα - doxa δοξα; in glory, i.e. splendid, (figuratively) noble:--glorious, gorgeous(-ly), honourable. SGD ENDOXOS.2

    (1742) ενδψμα, enduma [en'-doo-mah]

    from ενδψω - enduo ενδψω; apparel (especially the outer robe):--clothing, garment, raiment. SGD ENDUMA.2

    (1743) ενδψναμοω, endunamoo [en-doo-nam-o'-o]

    from εν - en εν and δψναμοω - dunamoo δψναμοω; to empower:--enable, (increase in) strength(-en), be (make) strong. SGD ENDUNAMOO.2

    (1744) ενδψνω, enduno [en-doo'-no]

    from εννομος - ennomos εννομος and δψνω - duno δψνω; to sink (by implication, wrap (compare 1746) on, i.e. (figuratively) sneak:--creep. SGD ENDUNO.2

    (1745) ενδψσις, endusis [en'-doo-sis]

    from ενδψω - enduo ενδψω; investment with clothing:--putting on. SGD ENDUSIS.2

    (1746) ενδψω, enduo [en-doo'-o]

    from εν - en εν and δψνω - duno δψνω (in the sense of sinking into a garment); to invest with clothing (literally or figuratively):--array, clothe (with), endue, have (put) on. SGD ENDUO.2

    (1747) ενεδρα, enedra [en-ed'-rah]

    feminine from εν - en εν and the base of εδραιος - hedraios εδραιος; an ambuscade, i.e. (figuratively) murderous purpose:--lay wait. See also ενεδρον - enedron ενεδρον. SGD ENEDRA.2

    (1748) ενεδρεψω, enedreuo [en-ed-ryoo'-o]

    from ενεδρα - enedra ενεδρα; to lurk, i.e. (figuratively) plot assassination:--lay wait for. SGD ENEDREUO.2

    (1749) ενεδρον, enedron [en'-ed-ron]

    neuter of the same as ενεδρα - enedra ενεδρα; an ambush, i.e. (figuratively) murderous design:--lying in wait. SGD ENEDRON.2

    (1750) ενειλεω, eneileo [en-i-leh'-o]

    from εννομος - ennomos εννομος and the base of ειλισσω - heilisso ειλισσω; to enwrap:--wrap in. SGD ENEILEO.2

    (1751) ενειμι, eneimi [en'-i-mee]

    from εννομος - ennomos εννομος and ειμι - eimi ειμι; to be within (neuter participle plural):--such things as ... have. See also ενι - eni ενι. SGD ENEIMI.2

    (1752) ενεκα, heneka []

    or heneken hen'-ek-en or heineken hi'-nek-en of uncertain affinity; on account of:--because, for (cause, sake), (where-)fore, by reason of, that. SGD HENEKA.2

    (1753) ενεργεια, energeia [en-erg'-i-ah]

    from ενεργης - energes ενεργης; efficiency ("energy"):--operation, strong, (effectual) working. SGD ENERGEIA.2

    (1754) ενεργεω, energeo [en-erg-eh'-o]

    from ενεργης - energes ενεργης; to be active, efficient:--do, (be) effectual (fervent), be mighty in, shew forth self, work (effectually in). SGD ENERGEO.2

    (1755) ενεργημα, energema [en-erg'-ay-mah]

    from ενεργεω - energeo ενεργεω; an effect:--operation, working. SGD ENERGEMA.2

    (1756) ενεργης, energes [en-er-gace']

    from εν - en εν and εργον - ergon εργον; active, operative:--effectual, powerful. SGD ENERGES.2

    (1757) ενεψλογεω, eneulogeo [en-yoo-log-eh'-o]

    from εν - en εν and εψλογεω - eulogeo εψλογεω; to confer a benefit on:--bless. SGD ENEULOGEO.2

    (1758) ενεχω, enecho [en-ekh'-o]

    from εν - en εν and εχω - echo εχω; to hold in or upon, i.e. ensnare; by implication, to keep a grudge:--entangle with, have a quarrel against, urge. SGD ENECHO.2

    (1759) ενθαδε, enthade [en-thad'-eh]

    from a prolonged form of εν - en εν; properly, within, i.e. (of place) here, hither:--(t-)here, hither. SGD ENTHADE.2

    (1760) ενθψμεομαι, enthumeomai [en-thoo-meh'-om-ahee]

    from a compound of εν - en εν and θψμος - thumos θψμος; to be inspirited, i.e. ponder:--think. SGD ENTHUMEOMAI.2

    (1761) ενθψμησις, enthumesis [en-thoo'-may-sis]

    from ενθψμεομαι - enthumeomai ενθψμεομαι; deliberation:--device, thought. SGD ENTHUMESIS.2

    (1762) ενι, eni [en'-ee]

    contraction for the third person singular present indicative of ενειμι - eneimi ενειμι; impersonally, there is in or among:--be, (there) is. SGD ENI.2

    (1763) ενιαψτος, eniautos [en-ee-ow-tos']

    prolongation from a primary enos (a year); a year:--year. SGD ENIAUTOS.2

    (1764) ενιστημι, enistemi [en-is'-tay-mee]

    from εν - en εν and ιστημι - histemi ιστημι; to place on hand, i.e. (reflexively) impend, (participle) be instant:--come, be at hand, present. SGD ENISTEMI.2

    (1765) ενισχψω, enischuo [en-is-khoo'-o]

    from εν - en εν and ισχψω - ischuo ισχψω; to invigorate (transitively or reflexively):--strengthen. SGD ENISCHUO.2

    (1766) εννατος, ennatos [en'-nat-os]

    ordinal from εννεα - ennea εννεα; ninth:--ninth. SGD ENNATOS.2

    (1767) εννεα, ennea [en-neh'-ah]

    a primary number; nine:--nine. SGD ENNEA.2

    (1768) εννενηκονταεννεα, ennenekontaennea [en-nen-ay-kon-tah-en-neh'-ah]

    from a (tenth) multiple of εννεα - ennea εννεα and εννεα - ennea εννεα itself; ninety-nine:--ninety and nine. SGD ENNENEKONTAENNEA.2

    (1769) εννεος, enneos [en-neh-os']

    from εννεψω - enneuo εννεψω; dumb (as making signs), i.e. silent from astonishment:--speechless. SGD ENNEOS.2

    (1770) εννεψω, enneuo [en-nyoo'-o]

    from εν - en εν and νεψω - neuo νεψω; to nod at, i.e. beckon or communicate by gesture:--make signs. SGD ENNEUO.2

    (1771) εννοια, ennoia [en'-noy-ah]

    from a compound of εν - en εν and νοψς - nous νοψς; thoughtfulness, i.e. moral understanding:--intent, mind. SGD ENNOIA.2

    (1772) εννομος, ennomos [en'-nom-os]

    from εν - en εν and νομος - nomos νομος; (subjectively) legal, or (objectively) subject to:--lawful, under law. SGD ENNOMOS.2

    (1773) εννψχον, ennuchon [en'-noo-khon]

    neuter of a compound of εν - en εν and νψξ - nux νψξ; (adverbially) by night:--before day. SGD ENNUCHON.2

    (1774) ενοικεω, enoikeo [en-oy-keh'-o]

    from εν - en εν and οικεω - oikeo οικεω; to inhabit (figuratively):--dwell in. SGD ENOIKEO.2

    (1775) ενοτης, henotes [hen-ot-ace']

    from εισ* - heis* εις; oneness, i.e. (figuratively) unanimity:--unity. SGD HENOTES.2

    (1776) ενοχλεω, enochleo [en-okh-leh'-o]

    from εν - en εν and οχλεω - ochleo οχλεω; to crowd in, i.e. (figuratively) to annoy:--trouble. SGD ENOCHLEO.2

    (1777) ενοχος, enochos [en'-okh-os]

    from ενεχω - enecho ενεχω; liable to (a condition, penalty or imputation):--in danger of, guilty of, subject to. SGD ENOCHOS.2

    (1778) ενταλμα, entalma [en'-tal-mah]

    from εντελλομαι - entellomai εντελλομαι; an injunction, i.e. religious precept:--commandment. SGD ENTALMA.2

    (1779) ενταφιαζω, entaphiazo [en-taf-ee-ad'-zo]

    from a compound of εν - en εν and ταφος - taphos ταφος; to inswathe with cerements for interment:--bury. SGD ENTAPHIAZO.2

    (1780) ενταφιασμος, entaphiasmos [en-taf-ee-as-mos']

    from ενταφιαζω - entaphiazo ενταφιαζω; preparation for interment:--burying. SGD ENTAPHIASMOS.2

    (1781) εντελλομαι, entellomai [en-tel'-lom-ahee]

    from εν - en εν and the base of τελος - telos τελος; to enjoin:--(give) charge, (give) command(-ments), injoin. SGD ENTELLOMAI.2

    (1782) εντεψθεν, enteuthen [ent-yoo'-then]

    from the same as ενθαδε - enthade ενθαδε; hence (literally or figuratively); (repeated) on both sides:--(from) hence, on either side. SGD ENTEUTHEN.2

    (1783) εντεψξις, enteuxis [ent'-yook-sis]

    from εντψγχανω - entugchano εντψγχανω; an interview, i.e. (specially) supplication:--intercession, prayer. SGD ENTEUXIS.2

    (1784) εντιμος, entimos [en'-tee-mos]

    from εν - en εν and τιμη - time τιμη; valued (figuratively):--dear, more honourable, precious, in reputation. SGD ENTIMOS.2

    (1785) εντολη, entole [en-tol-ay']

    from εντελλομαι - entellomai εντελλομαι; injunction, i.e. an authoritative prescription:--commandment, precept. SGD ENTOLE.2

    (1786) εντοπιος, entopios [en-top'-ee-os]

    from εν - en εν and τοπος - topos τοπος; a resident:--of that place. SGD ENTOPIOS.2

    (1787) εντος, entos [en-tos']

    from εν - en εν; inside (adverb or noun):--within. SGD ENTOS.2

    (1788) εντρεπω, entrepo [en-trep'-o]

    from εν - en εν and the base of τροπη - trope τροπη; to invert, i.e. (figuratively and reflexively) in a good sense, to respect; or in a bad one, to confound:--regard, (give) reference, shame. SGD ENTREPO.2

    (1789) εντρεφω, entrepho [en-tref'-o]

    from εν - en εν and τρεφω - trepho τρεφω; (figuratively) to educate:--nourish up in. SGD ENTREPHO.2

    (1790) εντρομος, entromos [en'-trom-os]

    from εν - en εν and τρομος - tromos τρομος; terrified:--X quake, X trembled. SGD ENTROMOS.2

    (1791) εντροπη, entrope [en-trop-ay']

    from εντρεπω - entrepo εντρεπω; confusion:--shame. SGD ENTROPE.2

    (1792) εντρψφαω, entruphao [en-troo-fah'-o]

    from εν - en εν and τρψφαω - truphao τρψφαω; to revel in:--sporting selves. SGD ENTRUPHAO.2

    (1793) εντψγχανω, entugchano [en-toong-khan'-o]

    from εν - en εν and τψγχανω - tugchano τψγχανω; to chance upon, i.e. (by implication) confer with; by extension to entreat (in favor or against):--deal with, make intercession. SGD ENTUGCHANO.2

    (1794) εντψλισσω, entulisso [en-too-lis'-so]

    from εν - en εν and tulisso (to twist; probably akin to 1507); to entwine, i.e. wind up in:--wrap in (together). SGD ENTULISSO.2

    (1795) εντψποω, entupoo [en-too-po'-o]

    from εν - en εν and a derivative of τψπος - tupos τψπος; to enstamp, i.e. engrave:--engrave. SGD ENTUPOO.2

    (1796) ενψβριζω, enubrizo [en-oo-brid'-zo]

    from εν - en εν and ψβριζω - hubrizo ψβριζω; to insult:--do despite unto. SGD ENUBRIZO.2

    (1797) ενψπνιαζομαι, enupniazomai [en-oop-nee-ad'-zom-ahee]

    middle voice from ενψπνιον - enupnion ενψπνιον; to dream:--dream(-er). SGD ENUPNIAZOMAI.2

    (1798) ενψπνιον, enupnion [en-oop'-nee-on]

    from εν - en εν and ψπνος - hupnos ψπνος; something seen in sleep, i.e. a dream (vision in a dream):--dream. SGD ENUPNION.2

    (1799) ενωπιον, enopion [en-o'-pee-on]

    neuter of a compound of εν - en εν and a derivative of οπτανομαι - optanomai οπτανομαι; in the face of (literally or figuratively):--before, in the presence (sight) of, to. SGD ENOPION.2

    (1800) Ενως, Enos [en-oce']

    of Hebrew origin ('Enowsh 'Enowsh); Enos (i.e. Enosh), a patriarch:--Enos. SGD ENOS.2

    (1801) ενωτιζομαι, enotizomai [en-o-tid'-zom-ahee]

    middle voice from a compound of εν - en εν and οψς - ous οψς; to take in one's ear, i.e. to listen:--hearken. SGD ENOTIZOMAI.2

    (1802) Ενωκ, Enok [en-oke']

    of Hebrew origin (Chanowk Chanowk); Enoch (i.e. Chanok), an antediluvian:--Enoch. SGD ENOK.2

    (1803) εξ, hex [hex]

    a primary numeral; six:--six. SGD HEX.2

    (1804) εξαγγελλω, exaggello [ex-ang-el'-lo]

    from εκ - ek εκ and the base of αγγελος - aggelos αγγελος; to publish, i.e. celebrate:--shew forth. SGD EXAGGELLO.2

    (1805) εξαγοραζω, exagorazo [ex-ag-or-ad'-zo]

    from εκ - ek εκ and αγοραζω - agorazo αγοραζω; to buy up, i.e. ransom; figuratively, to rescue from loss (improve opportunity):--redeem. SGD EXAGORAZO.2

    (1806) εξαγω, exago [ex-ag'-o]

    from εκ - ek εκ and αγω - ago αγω; to lead forth:--bring forth (out), fetch (lead) out. SGD EXAGO.2

    (1807) εξαιρεω, exaireo [ex-ahee-reh'-o]

    from εκ - ek εκ and αιρεομαι - haireomai αιρεομαι; actively, to tear out; middle voice, to select; figuratively, to release:--deliver, pluck out, rescue. SGD EXAIREO.2

    (1808) εξαιρω, exairo [ex-ah'-ee-ro]

    from εκ - ek εκ and αιρω - airo αιρω; to remove:--put (take) away. SGD EXAIRO.2

    (1809) εξαιτεομαι, exaiteomai [ex-ahee-teh'-om-ahee]

    middle voice from εκ - ek εκ and αιτεω - aiteo αιτεω; to demand (for trial):--desire. SGD EXAITEOMAI.2

    (1810) εξαιφνης, exaiphnes [ex-ah'-eef-nace]

    from εκ - ek εκ and the base of αιφνιδιος - aiphnidios αιφνιδιος; of a sudden (unexpectedly):--suddenly. Compare εξαπινα - exapina εξαπινα. SGD EXAIPHNES.2

    (1811) εξακολοψθεω, exakoloutheo [ex-ak-ol-oo-theh'-o]

    from εκ - ek εκ and ακολοψθεω - akoloutheo ακολοψθεω; to follow out, i.e. (figuratively) to imitate, obey, yield to:--follow. SGD EXAKOLOUTHEO.2

    (1812) εξακοσιοι, hexakosioi [hex-ak-os'-ee-oy]

    plural ordinal from εξ - hex εξ and εκατον - hekaton εκατον; six hundred:--six hundred. SGD HEXAKOSIOI.2

    (1813) εξαλειφω, exaleipho [ex-al-i'-fo]

    from εκ - ek εκ and αλειφο - aleipho αλειφο; to smear out, i.e. obliterate (erase tears, figuratively, pardon sin):--blot out, wipe away. SGD EXALEIPHO.2

    (1814) εξαλλομαι, exallomai [ex-al'-lom-ahee]

    from εκ - ek εκ and αλλομαι - hallomai αλλομαι; to spring forth :--leap up. SGD EXALLOMAI.2

    (1815) εξαναστασις, exanastasis [ex-an-as'-tas-is]

    from εξανιστημι - exanistemi εξανιστημι; a rising from death:--resurrection. SGD EXANASTASIS.2

    (1816) εξανατελλω, exanatello [ex-an-at-el'-lo]

    from εκ - ek εκ and ανατελλω - anatello ανατελλω; to start up out of the ground, i.e. germinate:--spring up. SGD EXANATELLO.2

    (1817) εξανιστημι, exanistemi [ex-an-is'-tay-mee]

    from εκ - ek εκ and ανιστημι - anistemi ανιστημι; objectively, to produce, i.e. (figuratively) beget; subjectively, to arise, i.e. (figuratively) object:--raise (rise) up. SGD EXANISTEMI.2

    (1818) εξαπαταω, exapatao [ex-ap-at-ah'-o]

    from εκ - ek εκ and απαταω - apatao απαταω; to seduce wholly:--beguile, deceive. SGD EXAPATAO.2

    (1819) εξαπινα, exapina [ex-ap'-ee-nah]

    from εκ - ek εκ and a derivative of the same as αιφνιδιος - aiphnidios αιφνιδιος; of a sudden, i.e. unexpectedly:--suddenly. Compare εξαιφνης - exaiphnes εξαιφνης. SGD EXAPINA.2

    (1820) εξαπορεομαι, exaporeomai [ex-ap-or-eh'-om-ahee]

    middle voice from εκ - ek εκ and απορεω - aporeo απορεω; to be utterly at a loss, i.e. despond:--(in) despair. SGD EXAPOREOMAI.2

    (1821) εξαποστελλω, exapostello [ex-ap-os-tel'-lo]

    from εκ - ek εκ and αποστελλω - apostello αποστελλω; to send away forth, i.e. (on a mission) to despatch, or (peremptorily) to dismiss:--send (away, forth, out). SGD EXAPOSTELLO.2

    (1822) εξαρτιζω, exartizo [ex-ar-tid'-zo]

    from εκ - ek εκ and a derivative of αρτιος - artios αρτιος; to finish out (time); figuratively, to equip fully (a teacher):--accomplish, thoroughly furnish. SGD EXARTIZO.2

    (1823) εξαστραπτω, exastrapto [ex-as-trap'-to]

    from εκ - ek εκ and αστραπτω - astrapto αστραπτω; to lighten forth, i.e. (figuratively) to be radiant (of very white garments):--glistening. SGD EXASTRAPTO.2

    (1824) εξαψτης, exautes [ex-ow'-tace]

    from εκ - ek εκ and the genitive case singular feminine of αψτος - autos αψτος (5610 being understood); from that hour, i.e. instantly:--by and by, immediately, presently, straightway. SGD EXAUTES.2

    (1825) εξεγειρω, exegeiro [ex-eg-i'-ro]

    from εκ - ek εκ and εγειρω - egeiro εγειρω; to rouse fully, i.e. (figuratively) to resuscitate (from death), release (from infliction):--raise up. SGD EXEGEIRO.2

    (1826) εξειμι, exeimi [ex'-i-mee]

    from εκ - ek εκ and eimi (to go); to issue, i.e. leave (a place), escape (to the shore):--depart, get (to land), go out. SGD EXEIMI.2

    (1827) εξελεγχω, exelegcho [ex-el-eng'-kho]

    from εκ - ek εκ and ελεγχω - elegcho ελεγχω; to convict fully, i.e. (by implication) to punish:--convince. SGD EXELEGCHO.2

    (1828) εξελκω, exelko [ex-el'-ko]

    from εκ - ek εκ and ελκψω - helkuo ελκψω; to drag forth, i.e. (figuratively) to entice (to sin):--draw away. SGD EXELKO.2

    (1829) εξεραμα, exerama [ex-er'-am-ah]

    from a comparative of εκ - ek εκ and a presumed erao (to spue); vomit, i.e. food disgorged:--vomit. SGD EXERAMA.2

    (1830) εξερεψναω, exereunao [ex-er-yoo-nah'-o]

    from εκ - ek εκ and ερεψναω - ereunao ερεψναω; to explore (figuratively):--search diligently. SGD EXEREUNAO.2

    (1831) εξερχομαι, exerchomai [ex-er'-khom-ahee]

    from εκ - ek εκ and ερχομαι - erchomai ερχομαι; to issue (literally or figuratively):--come (forth, out), depart (out of), escape, get out, go (abroad, away, forth, out, thence), proceed (forth), spread abroad. SGD EXERCHOMAI.2

    (1832) εξεστι, exesti [ex'-es-tee]

    third person singular present indicative of a compound of εκ - ek εκ and ειμι - eimi ειμι; so also exon ex-on' neuter present participle of the same (with or without some form of ειμι - eimi ειμι expressed); impersonally, it is right (through the figurative idea of being out in public):--be lawful, let, X may(-est). SGD EXESTI.2

    (1833) εξεταζω, exetazo [ex-et-ad'-zo]

    from εκ - ek εκ and etazo (to examine); to test thoroughly (by questions), i.e. ascertain or interrogate:--ask, enquire, search. SGD EXETAZO.2

    (1834) εξηγεομαι, exegeomai [ex-ayg-eh'-om-ahee]

    from εκ - ek εκ and ηγεομαι - hegeomai ηγεομαι; to consider out (aloud), i.e. rehearse, unfold:--declare, tell. SGD EXEGEOMAI.2

    (1835) εξηκοντα, hexekonta [hex-ay'-kon-tah]

    the tenth multiple of εξ - hex εξ; sixty:--sixty(-fold), threescore. SGD HEXEKONTA.2

    (1836) εξης, hexes [hex-ace']

    from εχω - echo εχω (in the sense of taking hold of, i.e. adjoining); successive:--after, following, X morrow, next. SGD HEXES.2

    (1837) εξηχεομαι, execheomai [ex-ay-kheh'-om-ahee]

    middle voice from εκ - ek εκ and ηχεω - echeo ηχεω; to "echo" forth, i.e. resound (be generally reported):--sound forth. SGD EXECHEOMAI.2

    (1838) εξις, hexis [hex'-is]

    from εχω - echo εχω; habit, i.e. (by implication) practice:--use. SGD HEXIS.2

    (1839) εξιστημι, existemi [ex-is'-tay-mee]

    from εκ - ek εκ and ιστημι - histemi ιστημι; to put (stand) out of wits, i.e. astound, or (reflexively) become astounded, insane:--amaze, be (make) astonished, be beside self (selves), bewitch, wonder. SGD EXISTEMI.2

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