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    (5191) ψακινθινος, huakinthinos [hoo-ak-in'-thee-nos]

    from ψακινθος - huakinthos ψακινθος; "hyacinthine" or "jacinthine", i.e. deep blue:--jacinth. SGD HUAKINTHINOS.2

    (5192) ψακινθος, huakinthos [hoo-ak'-in-thos]

    of uncertain derivation; the "hyacinth" or "jacinth", i.e. some gem of a deep blue color, probably the zirkon:-- jacinth. SGD HUAKINTHOS.2

    (5193) ψαλινος, hualinos [hoo-al'-ee-nos]

    from ψαλος - hualos ψαλος; glassy, i.e. transparent:--of glass. SGD HUALINOS.2

    (5194) ψαλος, hualos [hoo'-al-os]

    perhaps from the same as ψετος - huetos ψετος (as being transparent like rain); glass:--glass. SGD HUALOS.2

    (5195) ψβριζω, hubrizo [hoo-brid'-zo]

    from ψβρις - hubris ψβρις; to exercise violence, i.e. abuse:--use despitefully, reproach, entreat shamefully (spitefully). SGD HUBRIZO.2

    (5196) ψβρις, hubris [hoo'-bris]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ; insolence (as over-bearing), i.e. insult, injury:--harm, hurt, reproach. SGD HUBRIS.2

    (5197) ψβριστης, hubristes [hoo-bris-tace']

    from ψβριζω - hubrizo ψβριζω; an insulter, i.e. maltreater:--despiteful, injurious. SGD HUBRISTES.2

    (5198) ψγιαινω, hugiaino [hoog-ee-ah'-ee-no]

    from ψγιης - hugies ψγιης; to have sound health, i.e. be well (in body); figuratively, to be uncorrupt (true in doctrine):--be in health, (be safe and) sound, (be) whole(-some). SGD HUGIAINO.2

    (5199) ψγιης, hugies [hoog-ee-ace']

    from the base of αψζανω - auzano αψζανω; healthy, i.e. well (in body); figuratively, true (in doctrine):--sound, whole. SGD HUGIES.2

    (5200) ψγρος, hugros [hoo-gros']

    from the base of ψετος - huetos ψετος; wet (as if with rain), i.e. (by implication) sappy (fresh):--green. SGD HUGROS.2

    (5201) ψδρια, hudria [hoo-dree-ah']

    from ψδωρ - hudor ψδωρ; a water-jar, i.e. receptacle for family supply:--water-pot. SGD HUDRIA.2

    (5202) ψδροποτεω, hudropoteo [hoo-drop-ot-eh'-o]

    from a compound of ψδωρ - hudor ψδωρ and a derivative of πινω - pino πινω; to be a water-drinker, i.e. to abstain from vinous beverages:--drink water. SGD HUDROPOTEO.2

    (5203) ψδρωπικος, hudropikos [hoo-dro-pik-os']

    from a compound of ψδωρ - hudor ψδωρ and a derivative of οπτανομαι - optanomai οπτανομαι (as if looking watery); to be "dropsical":--have the dropsy. SGD HUDROPIKOS.2

    (5204) ψδωρ, hudor []

    hudatos hoo'-dat-os, etc. from the base of ψετος - huetos ψετος; water (as if rainy) literally or figuratively:--water. SGD HUDOR.2

    (5205) ψετος, huetos [hoo-et-os']

    from a primary huo (to rain); rain, especially a shower:--rain. SGD HUETOS.2

    (5206) ψιοθεσια, huiothesia [hwee-oth-es-ee'-ah]

    from a presumed compound of ψιος - huios ψιος and a derivative of τιθημι - tithemi τιθημι; the placing as a son, i.e. adoption (figuratively, Christian sonship in respect to God):--adoption (of children, of sons). SGD HUIOTHESIA.2

    (5207) ψιος, huios [hwee-os']

    apparently a primary word; a "son" (sometimes of animals), used very widely of immediate, remote or figuratively, kinship:--child, foal, son. SGD HUIOS.2

    (5208) ψλη, hule [hoo-lay']

    perhaps akin to ξψλον - xulon ξψλον; a forest, i.e. (by implication) fuel:--matter. SGD HULE.2

    (5209) ψμας, humas [hoo-mas']

    accusative case of ψμεις - humeis ψμεις; you (as the objective of a verb or preposition):--ye, you (+ -ward), your (+ own). SGD HUMAS.2

    (5210) ψμεις, humeis [hoo-mice']

    irregular plural of σψ - su σψ; you (as subjective of verb):--ye (yourselves), you. SGD HUMEIS.2

    (5211) ψμεναιος, Humenaios [hoo-men-ah'-yos]

    from Humen (the god of weddings); "hymeneal"; Hymeneus, an opponent of Christianity:--Hymenaeus. SGD HUMENAIOS.2

    (5212) ψμετερος, humeteros [hoo-met'-er-os]

    from ψμεις - humeis ψμεις; yours, i.e. pertaining to you:--your (own). SGD HUMETEROS.2

    (5213) ψμιν, humin [hoo-min']

    irregular dative case of ψμεις - humeis ψμεις; to (with or by) you:--ye, you, your(-selves). SGD HUMIN.2

    (5214) ψμνεω, humneo [hoom-neh'-o]

    from ψμνος - humnos ψμνος; to hymn, i.e. sing a religious ode; by implication, to celebrate (God) in song:--sing a hymn (praise unto). SGD HUMNEO.2

    (5215) ψμνος, humnos [hoom'-nos]

    apparently from a simpler (obsolete) form of hudeo (to celebrate; probably akin to αδω - aido αδω; compare `abowt `abowt); a "hymn" or religious ode (one of the Psalms):--hymn. SGD HUMNOS.2

    (5216) ψμων, humon [hoo-mone']

    genitive case of ψμεις - humeis ψμεις; of (from or concerning) you:--ye, you, your (own, -selves). SGD HUMON.2

    (5217) ψπαγω, hupago [hoop-ag'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and αγω - ago αγω; to lead (oneself) under, i.e. withdraw or retire (as if sinking out of sight), literally or figuratively:--depart, get hence, go (a-)way. SGD HUPAGO.2

    (5218) ψπακοη, hupakoe [hoop-ak-o-ay']

    from ψπακοψω - hupakouo ψπακοψω; attentive hearkening, i.e. (by implication) compliance or submission:--obedience, (make) obedient, obey(-ing). SGD HUPAKOE.2

    (5219) ψπακοψω, hupakouo [hoop-ak-oo'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and ακοψω - akouo ακοψω; to hear under (as a subordinate), i.e. to listen attentively; by implication, to heed or conform to a command or authority:--hearken, be obedient to, obey. SGD HUPAKOUO.2

    (5220) ψπανδρος, hupandros [hoop'-an-dros]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and ανηρ - aner ανηρ; in subjection under a man, i.e. a married woman:--which hath an husband. SGD HUPANDROS.2

    (5221) ψπανταω, hupantao [hoop-an-tah'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and a derivative of αντι - anti αντι; to go opposite (meet) under (quietly), i.e. to encounter, fall in with:--(go to) meet. SGD HUPANTAO.2

    (5222) ψπαντησις, hupantesis [hoop-an'-tay-sis]

    from ψπανταω - hupantao ψπανταω; an encounter or concurrence (with εις - eis εις for infinitive, in order to fall in with):--meeting. SGD HUPANTESIS.2

    (5223) ψπαρξις, huparxis [hoop'-arx-is]

    from ψπαρχω - huparcho ψπαρχω; existency or proprietorship, i.e. (concretely) property, wealth:--goods, substance. SGD HUPARXIS.2

    (5224) ψπαρχοντα, huparchonta [hoop-ar'-khon-tah]

    neuter plural of present participle active of ψπαρχω - huparcho ψπαρχω as noun; things extant or in hand, i.e. property or possessions:--goods, that which one has, things which (one) possesseth, substance, that hast. SGD HUPARCHONTA.2

    (5225) ψπαρχω, huparcho [hoop-ar'-kho]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and αρχομαι - archomai αρχομαι; to begin under (quietly), i.e. come into existence (be present or at hand); expletively, to exist (as copula or subordinate to an adjective, participle, adverb or preposition, or as an auxiliary to a principal (verb):--after, behave, live. SGD HUPARCHO.2

    (5226) ιπεικω, hipeiko [hoop-i'-ko]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and eiko (to yield, be "weak"); to surrender:--submit self. SGD HIPEIKO.2

    (5227) ψπεναντιος, hupenantios [hoop-en-an-tee'-os]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and εναντιος - enantios εναντιος; under (covertly) contrary to, i.e. opposed or (as noun) an opponent:--adversary, against. SGD HUPENANTIOS.2

    (5228) ψπερ, huper [hoop-er']

    a primary preposition; "over", i.e. (with the genitive case) of place, above, beyond, across, or causal, for the sake of, instead, regarding; with the accusative case superior to, more than:--(+ exceeding, abundantly) above, in (on) behalf of, beyond, by, + very chiefest, concerning, exceeding (above, -ly), for, + very highly, more (than), of, over, on the part of, for sake of, in stead, than, to(-ward), very. In the comparative, it retains many of the above applications. SGD HUPER.2

    (5229) ψπεραιρομαι, huperairomai [hoop-er-ah'-ee-rom-ahee]

    middle voice from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and αιρω - airo αιρω; to raise oneself over, i.e. (figuratively) to become haughty:--exalt self, be exalted above measure. SGD HUPERAIROMAI.2

    (5230) ψπερακμος, huperakmos [hoop-er'-ak-mos]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and the base of ακμην - akmen ακμην; beyond the "acme", i.e. figuratively (of a daughter) past the bloom (prime) of youth:--+ pass the flower of (her) age. SGD HUPERAKMOS.2

    (5231) ψπερανω, huperano [hoop-er-an'-o]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and ανω - ano ανω; above upward, i.e. greatly higher (in place or rank):--far above, over. SGD HUPERANO.2

    (5232) ψπεραψξανω, huperauxano [hoop-er-owx-an'-o]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and αψζανω - auzano αψζανω; to increase above ordinary degree:--grow exceedingly. SGD HUPERAUXANO.2

    (5233) ψπερβαινω, huperbaino [hoop-er-bah'-ee-no]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and the base of βασις - basis βασις; to transcend, i.e. (figuratively) to overreach:--go beyond. SGD HUPERBAINO.2

    (5234) ψπερβαλλοντως, huperballontos [hoop-er-bal-lon'-toce]

    adverb from present participle active of ψπερβαλλω - huperballo ψπερβαλλω; excessively:--beyond measure. SGD HUPERBALLONTOS.2

    (5235) ψπερβαλλω, huperballo [hoop-er-bal'-lo]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and βαλλω - ballo βαλλω; to throw beyod the usual mark, i.e. (figuratively) to surpass (only active participle supereminent):--exceeding, excel, pass. SGD HUPERBALLO.2

    (5236) ψπερβολη, huperbole [hoop-er-bol-ay']

    from ψπερβαλλω - huperballo ψπερβαλλω; a throwing beyond others, i.e. (figuratively) supereminence; adverbially (with εις - eis εις or 2596) pre- eminently:--abundance, (far more) exceeding, excellency, more excellent, beyond (out of) measure. SGD HUPERBOLE.2

    (5237) ψπερειδω, hupereido [hoop-er-i'-do]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and ειδω - eido ειδω; to overlook, i.e. not punish:--wink at. SGD HUPEREIDO.2

    (5238) ψπερεκεινα, huperekeina [hoop-er-ek'-i-nah]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and the neuter plural of εκεινος - ekeinos εκεινος; above those parts, i.e. still farther:--beyond. SGD HUPEREKEINA.2

    (5239) ψπερεκτεινω, huperekteino [hoop-er-ek-ti'-no]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and εκτεινω - ekteino εκτεινω; to extend inordinately:--stretch beyond. SGD HUPEREKTEINO.2

    (5240) ψπερεκχψνω, huperekchuno [hoop-er-ek-khoo'-no]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and the alternate form of εκχεω - ekcheo εκχεω; to pour out over, i.e. (passively) to overflow:--run over. SGD HUPEREKCHUNO.2

    (5241) ψπερεντψγχανω, huperentugchano [hoop-er-en-toong-khan'-o]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and εντψγχανω - entugchano εντψγχανω; to intercede in behalf of:--make intercession for SGD HUPERENTUGCHANO.2

    (5242) ψπερεχω, huperecho [hoop-er-ekh'-o]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and εχω - echo εχω; to hold oneself above, i.e. (figuratively) to excel; participle (as adjective, or neuter as noun) superior, superiority:--better, excellency, higher, pass, supreme. SGD HUPERECHO.2

    (5243) ψπερηφανια, huperephania [hoop-er-ay-fan-ee'-ah]

    from ψπερηφανος - huperephanos ψπερηφανος; haughtiness:--pride. SGD HUPEREPHANIA.2

    (5244) ψπερηφανος, huperephanos [hoop-er-ay'-fan-os]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and φαινω - phaino φαινω; appearing above others (conspicuous), i.e. (figuratively) haughty:--proud. SGD HUPEREPHANOS.2

    (5245) ψπερνικαω, hupernikao [hoop-er-nik-ah'-o]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and νικαω - nikao νικαω; to vanquish beyond, i.e. gain a decisive victory:--more than conquer. SGD HUPERNIKAO.2

    (5246) ψπερογκος, huperogkos [hoop-er'-ong-kos]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and ογκος - ogkos ογκος; bulging over, i.e. (figuratively) insolent:--great swelling. SGD HUPEROGKOS.2

    (5247) ψπεροχη, huperoche [hoop-er-okh-ay']

    from ψπερεχω - huperecho ψπερεχω; prominence, i.e. (figuratively) superiority (in rank or character):--authority, excellency. SGD HUPEROCHE.2

    (5248) ψπερπερισσεψω, huperperisseuo [hoop-er-per-is-syoo'-o]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and περισσεψω - perisseuo περισσεψω; to super-abound:--abound much more, exceeding. SGD HUPERPERISSEUO.2

    (5249) ψπερπερισσως, huperperissos [hoop-er-per-is-soce']

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and περισσως - perissos περισσως; superabundantly, i.e. exceedingly:--beyond measure. SGD HUPERPERISSOS.2

    (5250) ψπερπλεοναζω, huperpleonazo [hoop-er-pleh-on-ad'-zo]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and πλεοναζω - pleonazo πλεοναζω; to superabound:--be exceeding abundant. SGD HUPERPLEONAZO.2

    (5251) ψπερψυοω, huperupsoo [hoop-er-oop-so'-o]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and ψυοω - hupsoo ψυοω; to elevate above others, i.e. raise to the highest position:--highly exalt. SGD HUPERUPSOO.2

    (5252) ψπερφρονεω, huperphroneo [hoop-er-fron-eh'-o]

    from ψπερ - huper ψπερ and φρονεω - phroneo φρονεω; to esteem oneself overmuch, i.e. be vain or arrogant:--think more highly. SGD HUPERPHRONEO.2

    (5253) ψπερωον, huperoion [hoop-er-o'-on]

    neuter of a derivative of ψπερ - huper ψπερ; a higher part of the house, i.e. apartment in the third story:--upper chamber (room). SGD HUPEROION.2

    (5254) ψπεχω, hupecho [hoop-ekh'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and εχω - echo εχω; to hold oneself under, i.e. endure with patience:--suffer. SGD HUPECHO.2

    (5255) ψπηκοος, hupekoos [hoop-ay'-ko-os]

    from ψπακοψω - hupakouo ψπακοψω; attentively listening, i.e. (by implication) submissive:--obedient. SGD HUPEKOOS.2

    (5256) ψπηρετεω, hupereteo [hoop-ay-ret-eh'-o]

    from ψπερητης - huperetes ψπερητης; to be a subordinate, i.e. (by implication) subserve:--minister (unto), serve. SGD HUPERETEO.2

    (5257) ψπερητης, huperetes [hoop-ay-ret'-ace]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and a derivative of eresso (to row); an under-oarsman, i.e. (generally) subordinate (assistant, sexton, constable):--minister, officer, servant. SGD HUPERETES.2

    (5258) ψπνος, hupnos [hoop'-nos]

    from an obsolete primary (perhaps akin to ψπο - hupo ψπο through the idea of subsilience); sleep, i.e. (figuratively) spiritual torpor:--sleep. SGD HUPNOS.2

    (5259) ψπο, hupo [hoop-o']

    a primary preposition; under, i.e. (with the genitive case) of place (beneath), or with verbs (the agency or means, through); (with the accusative case) of place (whither (underneath) or where (below) or time (when (at)):--among, by, from, in, of, under, with. In the comparative, it retains the same general applications, especially of inferior position or condition, and specially, covertly or moderately. SGD HUPO.2

    (5260) ψποβαλλω, hupoballo [hoop-ob-al'-lo]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and βαλλω - ballo βαλλω; to throw in stealthily, i.e. introduce by collusion:--suborn. SGD HUPOBALLO.2

    (5261) ψπογραμμος, hupogrammos [hoop-og-ram-mos']

    from a compound of ψπο - hupo ψπο and γραφω - grapho γραφω; an underwriting, i.e. copy for imitation (figuratively):--example. SGD HUPOGRAMMOS.2

    (5262) ψποδειγμα, hupodeigma [hoop-od'-igue-mah]

    from ψποδεικνψμι - hupodeiknumi ψποδεικνψμι; an exhibit for imitation or warning (figuratively, specimen, adumbration):--en-(ex-)ample, pattern. SGD HUPODEIGMA.2

    (5263) ψποδεικνψμι, hupodeiknumi [hoop-od-ike'-noo-mee]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and δεικνψω - deiknuo δεικνψω; to exhibit under the eyes, i.e. (figuratively) to exemplify (instruct, admonish):--show, (fore-)warn. SGD HUPODEIKNUMI.2

    (5264) ψποδεχομαι, hupodechomai [hoop-od-ekh'-om-ahee]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and δεχομαι - dechomai δεχομαι; to admit under one's roof, i.e. entertain hospitably:--receive. SGD HUPODECHOMAI.2

    (5265) ψποδεω, hupodeo [hoop-od-eh'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and δεω - deo δεω; to bind under one's feet, i.e. put on shoes or sandals:--bind on, (be) shod. SGD HUPODEO.2

    (5266) ψποδημα, hupodema [hoop-od'-ay-mah]

    from ψποδεω - hupodeo ψποδεω; something bound under the feet, i.e. a shoe or sandal:--shoe. SGD HUPODEMA.2

    (5267) ψποδικος, hupodikos [hoop-od'-ee-kos]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and δικη - dike δικη; under sentence, i.e. (by implication) condemned:--guilty. SGD HUPODIKOS.2

    (5268) ψποζψγιον, hupozugion [hoop-od-zoog'-ee-on]

    neuter of a compound of ψπο - hupo ψπο and ζψγος - zugos ζψγος; an animal under the yoke (draught-beast), i.e. (specially), a donkey:--ass. SGD HUPOZUGION.2

    (5269) ψποζωννψμι, hupozonnumi [hoop-od-zone'-noo-mee]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and ζωννψμι - zonnumi ζωννψμι; to gird under, i.e. frap (a vessel with cables across the keel, sides and deck):--undergirt. SGD HUPOZONNUMI.2

    (5270) ψποκατω, hupokato [hoop-ok-at'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and κατω - kato κατω; down under, i.e. beneath:--under. SGD HUPOKATO.2

    (5271) ψποκρινομαι, hupokrinomai [hoop-ok-rin'-om-ahee]

    middle voice from ψπο - hupo ψπο and κρινω - krino κρινω; to decide (speak or act) under a false part, i.e. (figuratively) dissemble (pretend):--feign. SGD HUPOKRINOMAI.2

    (5272) ψποκρισις, hupokrisis [hoop-ok'-ree-sis]

    from ψποκρινομαι - hupokrinomai ψποκρινομαι; acting under a feigned part, i.e. (figuratively) deceit ("hypocrisy"):--condemnation, dissimulation, hypocrisy. SGD HUPOKRISIS.2

    (5273) ψποκριτης, hupokrites [hoop-ok-ree-tace']

    from ψποκρινομαι - hupokrinomai ψποκρινομαι; an actor under an assumed character (stage-player), i.e. (figuratively) a dissembler ("hypocrite":--hypocrite. SGD HUPOKRITES.2

    (5274) ψπολαμβανω, hupolambano [hoop-ol-am-ban'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and λαμβανω - lambano λαμβανω; to take from below, i.e. carry upward; figuratively, to take up, i.e. continue a discourse or topic; mentally, to assume (presume):--answer, receive, suppose. SGD HUPOLAMBANO.2

    (5275) ψπολειπω, hupoleipo [hoop-ol-i'-po]

    from ψποτρεχω - hupotrecho ψποτρεχω and λειπω - leipo λειπω; to leave under (behind), i.e. (passively) to remain (survive):--be left. SGD HUPOLEIPO.2

    (5276) ψποληνιον, hupolenion [hoop-ol-ay'-nee-on]

    neuter of a presumed compound of ψπο - hupo ψπο and ληνος - lenos ληνος; vessel or receptacle under the press, i.e. lower wine-vat:--winefat. SGD HUPOLENION.2

    (5277) ψπολιμπανω, hupolimpano [hoop-ol-im-pan'-o]

    a prolonged form for ψπολειπω - hupoleipo ψπολειπω; to leave behind, i.e. bequeath:--leave. SGD HUPOLIMPANO.2

    (5278) ψπομενω, hupomeno [hoop-om-en'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and μενω - meno μενω; to stay under (behind), i.e. remain; figuratively, to undergo, i.e. bear (trials), have fortitude, persevere:--abide, endure, (take) patient(-ly), suffer, tarry behind. SGD HUPOMENO.2

    (5279) ψπομιμνησκω, hupomimnesko [hoop-om-im-nace'-ko]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and μιμνησκω - mimnesko μιμνησκω; to remind quietly, i.e. suggest to the (middle voice, one's own) memory:--put in mind, remember, bring to (put in) remembrance. SGD HUPOMIMNESKO.2

    (5280) ψπομνησις, hupomnesis [hoop-om'-nay-sis]

    from ψπομιμνησκω - hupomimnesko ψπομιμνησκω; a reminding or (reflexively) recollection:--remembrance. SGD HUPOMNESIS.2

    (5281) ψπομονη, hupomone [hoop-om-on-ay']

    from ψπομενω - hupomeno ψπομενω; cheerful (or hopeful) endurance, constancy:--enduring, patience, patient continuance (waiting). SGD HUPOMONE.2

    (5282) ψπονοεω, huponoeo [hoop-on-o-eh'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and νοιεω - noieo νοιεω; to think under (privately), i.e. to surmise or conjecture:--think, suppose, deem. SGD HUPONOEO.2

    (5283) ψπονοια, huponoia [hoop-on'-oy-ah]

    from ψπονοεω - huponoeo ψπονοεω; suspicion:--surmising. SGD HUPONOIA.2

    (5284) ψποπλεω, hupopleo [hoop-op-leh'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and πλεω - pleo πλεω; to sail under the lee of:--sail under. SGD HUPOPLEO.2

    (5285) ψποπνεω, hupopneo [hoop-op-neh'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and πνεω - pneo πνεω; to breathe gently, i.e. breeze:--blow softly. SGD HUPOPNEO.2

    (5286) ψποποδιον, hupopodion [hoop-op-od'-ee-on]

    neuter of a compound of ψπο - hupo ψπο and ποψς - pous ποψς; something under the feet, i.e. a foot-rest (figuratively):--footstool. SGD HUPOPODION.2

    (5287) ψποστασις, hupostasis [hoop-os'-tas-is]

    from a compound of ψπο - hupo ψπο and ιστημι - histemi ιστημι; a setting under (support), i.e. (figuratively) concretely, essence, or abstractly, assurance (objectively or subjectively):--confidence, confident, person, substance. SGD HUPOSTASIS.2

    (5288) ψποστελλω, hupostello [hoop-os-tel'-lo]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and στελλω - stello στελλω; to withhold under (out of sight), i.e. (reflexively) to cower or shrink, (figuratively) to conceal (reserve):--draw (keep) back, shun, withdraw. SGD HUPOSTELLO.2

    (5289) ψποστολη, hupostole [hoop-os-tol-ay']

    from ψποστελλω - hupostello ψποστελλω; shrinkage (timidity), i.e. (by implication) apostasy:--draw back. SGD HUPOSTOLE.2

    (5290) ψποστρεφω, hupostrepho [hoop-os-tref'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and στρεφω - strepho στρεφω; to turn under (behind), i.e. to return (literally or figuratively):--come again, return (again, back again), turn back (again). SGD HUPOSTREPHO.2

    (5291) ψποστρωννψμι, hupostronnumi [hoop-os-trone'-noo-mee]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and στρωννψμι - stronnumi στρωννψμι; to strew underneath (the feet as a carpet):--spread. SGD HUPOSTRONNUMI.2

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