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    (5292) ψποταγη, hupotage [hoop-ot-ag-ay']

    from ψποτασσω - hupotasso ψποτασσω; subordination:--subjection. SGD HUPOTAGE.2

    (5293) ψποτασσω, hupotasso [hoop-ot-as'-so]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and τασσω - tasso τασσω; to subordinate; reflexively, to obey:--be under obedience (obedient), put under, subdue unto, (be, make) subject (to, unto), be (put) in subjection (to, under), submit self unto. SGD HUPOTASSO.2

    (5294) ψποτιθημι, hupotithemi [hoop-ot-ith'-ay-mee]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and τιθημι - tithemi τιθημι; to place underneath, i.e. (figuratively) to hazard, (reflexively) to suggest:--lay down, put in remembrance. SGD HUPOTITHEMI.2

    (5295) ψποτρεχω, hupotrecho [hoop-ot-rekh'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and τρεχω - trecho τρεχω (including its alternate); to run under, i.e. (specially), to sail past:--run under. SGD HUPOTRECHO.2

    (5296) ψποτψπωσις, hupotuposis [hoop-ot-oop'-o-sis]

    from a compound of ψπο - hupo ψπο and a derivative of τψπος - tupos τψπος; typification under (after), i.e. (concretely) a sketch (figuratively) for imitation:--form, pattern. SGD HUPOTUPOSIS.2

    (5297) ψποφερω, hupophero [hoop-of-er'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and φερω - phero φερω; to bear from underneath, i.e. (figuratively) to undergo hardship:--bear, endure. SGD HUPOPHERO.2

    (5298) ψποχωρεω, hupochoreo [hoop-okh-o-reh'-o]

    from ψπο - hupo ψπο and χωρεω - choreo χωρεω; to vacate down, i.e. retire quietly:--go aside, withdraw self. SGD HUPOCHOREO.2

    (5299) ψπωπιαζω, hupopiazo [hoop-o-pee-ad'-zo]

    from a compound of ψπο - hupo ψπο and a derivative of οπτανομαι - optanomai οπτανομαι; to hit under the eye (buffet or disable an antagonist as a pugilist), i.e. (figuratively) to tease or annoy (into compliance), subdue (one's passions):--keep under, weary. SGD HUPOPIAZO.2

    (5300) ψς, hus [hoos]

    apparently a primary word; a hog ("swine"):--sow. SGD HUS.2

    (5301) ψσσωπος, hussopos [hoos'-so-pos]

    of foreign origin ('ezowb 'ezowb); "hyssop":--hyssop. SGD HUSSOPOS.2

    (5302) ψστερεω, hustereo [hoos-ter-eh'-o]

    from ψστερος - husteros ψστερος; to be later, i.e. (by implication) to be inferior; generally, to fall short (be deficient):--come behind (short), be destitute, fail, lack, suffer need, (be in) want, be the worse. SGD HUSTEREO.2

    (5303) ψστερημα, husterema [hoos-ter'-ay-mah]

    from ψστερεω - hustereo ψστερεω; a deficit; specially, poverty:--that which is behind, (that which was) lack(-ing), penury, want. SGD HUSTEREMA.2

    (5304) ψστερησις, husteresis [hoos-ter'-ay-sis]

    a falling short, i.e. (specially), penury:--want. SGD HUSTERESIS.2

    (5305) ψστερον, husteron [hoos'-ter-on]

    neuter of ψστερος - husteros ψστερος as adverb; more lately, i.e. eventually:--afterward, (at the) last (of all). SGD HUSTERON.2

    (5306) ψστερος, husteros [hoos'-ter-os]

    comparative from ψπο - hupo ψπο (in the sense of behind); later:--latter. SGD HUSTEROS.2

    (5307) ψφαντος, huphantos [hoo-fan-tos']

    from huphaino to weave; woven, i.e. (perhaps) knitted:--woven. SGD HUPHANTOS.2

    (5308) ψυηλος, hupselos [hoop-say-los']

    from ψυος - hupsos ψυος; lofty (in place or character):--high(-er, -ly) (esteemed). SGD HUPSELOS.2

    (5309) ψυηλοφρονεω, hupselophroneo [hoop-say-lo-fron-eh'-o]

    from a compound of ψυηλος - hupselos ψυηλος and φρην - phren φρην; to be lofty in mind, i.e. arrogant:--be highminded. SGD HUPSELOPHRONEO.2

    (5310) ψυιστος, hupsistos [hoop'-sis-tos]

    superlative from the base of ψυος - hupsos ψυος; highest, i.e. (masculine singular) the Supreme (God), or (neuter plural) the heavens:--most high, highest. SGD HUPSISTOS.2

    (5311) ψυος, hupsos [hoop'-sos]

    from a derivative of ψπερ - huper ψπερ; elevation, i.e. (abstractly) altitude, (specially), the sky, or (figuratively) dignity:--be exalted, height, (on) high. SGD HUPSOS.2

    (5312) ψυοω, hupsoo [hoop-so'-o]

    from ψυος - hupsos ψυος; to elevate (literally or figuratively):--exalt, lift up. SGD HUPSOO.2

    (5313) ψυωμα, hupsoma [hoop'-so-mah]

    from ψυοω - hupsoo ψυοω; an elevated place or thing, i.e. (abstractly) altitude, or (by implication) a barrier (figuratively):-- height, high thing. SGD HUPSOMA.2

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