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    (3076) λψπεω, lupeo [loo-peh'-o]

    from λψπη - lupe λψπη; to distress; reflexively or passively, to be sad:--cause grief, grieve, be in heaviness, (be) sorrow(-ful), be (make) sorry. SGD LUPEO.2

    (3077) λψπη, lupe [loo'-pay]

    apparently a primary word; sadness:--grief, grievous, + grudgingly, heaviness, sorrow. SGD LUPE.2

    (3078) Λψσανιας, Lusanias [loo-san-ee'-as]

    from λψσις - lusis λψσις and ania (trouble); grief-dispelling; Lysanias, a governor of Abilene:--Lysanias. SGD LUSANIAS.2

    (3079) Λψσιας, Lusias [loo-see'-as]

    of uncertain affinity; Lysias, a Roman:--Lysias. SGD LUSIAS.2

    (3080) λψσις, lusis [loo'-sis]

    from λψω - luo λψω; a loosening, i.e. (specially), divorce:--to be loosed. SGD LUSIS.2

    (3081) λψσιτελει, lusitelei [loo-sit-el-i']

    third person singular present indicative active of a derivative of a compound of λψσις - lusis λψσις and τελος - telos τελος; impersonally, it answers the purpose, i.e. is advantageous:--it is better. SGD LUSITELEI.2

    (3082) Λψστρα, Lustra [loos'-trah]

    of uncertain origin; Lystra, a place in Asia Minor:--Lystra. SGD LUSTRA.2

    (3083) λψτρον, lutron [loo'-tron]

    from λψω - luo λψω; something to loosen with, i.e. a redemption price (figuratively, atonement):--ransom. SGD LUTRON.2

    (3084) λψτροω, lutroo [loo-tro'-o]

    from λψτρον - lutron λψτρον; to ransom (literally or figuratively):--redeem. SGD LUTROO.2

    (3085) λψτρωσις, lutrosis [loo'-tro-sis]

    from λψτροω - lutroo λψτροω; a ransoming (figuratively):--+ redeemed, redemption. SGD LUTROSIS.2

    (3086) λψτρωτης, lutrotes [loo-tro-tace']

    from λψτροω - lutroo λψτροω; a redeemer (figuratively):--deliverer. SGD LUTROTES.2

    (3087) λψχνια, luchnia [lookh-nee'-ah]

    from λψχνος - luchnos λψχνος; a lamp-stand (literally or figuratively):--candlestick. SGD LUCHNIA.2

    (3088) λψχνος, luchnos [lookh'-nos]

    from the base of λεψκος - leukos λεψκος; a portable lamp or other illuminator (literally or figuratively):--candle, light. SGD LUCHNOS.2

    (3089) λψω, luo [loo'-o]

    a primary verb; to "loosen" (literally or figuratively):--break (up), destroy, dissolve, (un-)loose, melt, put off. Compare ρηγνψμι - rhegnumi ρηγνψμι. SGD LUO.2

    (3090) Λωις, Lois [lo-ece']

    of uncertain origin; Lois, a Christian woman:--Lois. SGD LOIS.2

    (3091) Λωτ, Lot [lote]

    of Hebrew origin (Lowt Lowt); Lot, a patriarch:--Lot. SGD LOT.2

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