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    IRRADIATED, pp. Illuminated; enlightened; made luminous or bright; decorated with rays of light or with something shining.

    IRRADIATING, ppr. Illuminating; decorating with beams of light.

    IRRADIATION, n. The act of emitting beams of light.

    1. Illumination; brightness.NWAD IRRADIATION.2

    2. Intellectual light.NWAD IRRADIATION.3

    3. The act of emitting minute particles or effluvia from some substance.NWAD IRRADIATION.4

    IRRATIONAL, a. [L. irrationalis; in and rationalis, from ratio.]

    1. Not rational; void of reason or understanding. Brutes are irrational animals.NWAD IRRATIONAL.2

    2. Not according to the dictates of reason; contrary to reason; absurd. To pursue a course of life which destroys happiness, is irrational.NWAD IRRATIONAL.3

    IRRATIONALITY, n. Want of reason or the powers of understanding.

    IRRATIONALLY, adv. Without reason; in a manner contrary to reason; absurdly.

    IRRECLAIMABLE, a. [in and reclaimable.]

    1. Not to be reclaimed; that cannot be recalled from error or vice; that cannot be brought to reform.NWAD IRRECLAIMABLE.2

    2. That cannot be tamed.NWAD IRRECLAIMABLE.3

    IRRECLAIMABLY, adv. So as not to admit of reformation.

    IRRECONCILABLE, a. [in and reconcilable.]

    1. Not to be recalled to amity, or a state of friendship and kindness; retaining enmity that cannot be appeased or subdued; as an irreconcilable enemy or faction.NWAD IRRECONCILABLE.2

    2. That cannot be appeased or subdued; as irreconcilable enmity or hatred.NWAD IRRECONCILABLE.3

    3. That cannot be made to agree or be consistent; incongruous; incompatible; as irreconcilable absurdities. It is followed by with or to. A man’s conduct may be irreconcilable to or with his avowed principles.NWAD IRRECONCILABLE.4

    IRRECONCILABLENESS, n. The quality of being irreconcilable; incongruity; incompatibility.

    IRRECONCILABLY, adv. In a manner that precludes reconciliation. Men may be irreconcilably opposed to each other.

    IRRECONCILE, v.t. To prevent from being reconciled.

    IRRECONCILED, a. [in and reconciled.]

    1. Not reconciled.NWAD IRRECONCILED.2

    2. Not atoned for.NWAD IRRECONCILED.3

    IRRECONCILEMENT, n. Want of reconciliation; disagreement.

    IRRECONCILIATION, n. Want of reconciliation.

    IRRECOVERABLE, a. [in and recoverable.]

    1. Not to be recovered or repaired; as an irrecoverable loss.NWAD IRRECOVERABLE.2

    2. That cannot be regained. Time past is irrecoverable.NWAD IRRECOVERABLE.3

    3. That cannot be obtained by demand or suit; as a debt.NWAD IRRECOVERABLE.4

    4. Not be remedied; as irrecoverable misery.NWAD IRRECOVERABLE.5

    IRRECOVERABLENESS, n. The state of being irrecoverable.

    IRRECOVERABLY, adv. Beyond recovery; beyond the possibility of being regained, repaired or remedied. Happiness may be irrecoverably lost.

    1. Beyond the possibility of being reclaimed. A profligate may be irrecoverably abandoned to vice.NWAD IRRECOVERABLY.2

    A profligate may be irrecoverably abandoned to vice.NWAD IRRECOVERABLY.3

    IRRECUPERABLE, a. [L. in and recupero, to recover.]

    Irrecoverable. [Not used.]NWAD IRRECUPERABLE.2

    IRRECUPERABLY, adv. Irrecoverably. [Not used.]

    IRREDEEMABLE, a. [in and redeemable.]

    1. That cannot be redeemed.NWAD IRREDEEMABLE.2

    2. Not subject to be paid at the pleasure of government; as irredeemable debts; irredeemable certificates or stock.NWAD IRREDEEMABLE.3

    IRREDEEMABLENESS, IRREDEEMABILITY, n. The quality of being not redeemable.

    IRREDUCIBLE, a. [in and reducible.] Not to be reduced; that cannot be brought back to a former state.

    1. That cannot be reduced or changed to a different state; as corpuscles of air irreducible into water.NWAD IRREDUCIBLE.2

    IRREDUCIBLENESS, n. The quality of being irreducible.

    IRREFRAGABLE, a. [in and refragable, L. refragor; re and the root of frango, to break.]

    That cannot be refuted or overthrown; incontestable; undeniable; as an irrefragable argument; irrefragable reason or evidence.NWAD IRREFRAGABLE.2

    IRREFRAGABLENESS, IRREFRAGABILITY, n. The quality of being irrefragable or incapable of refutation.

    IRREFRAGABLY, adv. With force or strength that cannot be overthrown; with certainty beyond refutation. We say, the point in debate was irrefragably proved.

    IRREFUTABLE, a. [Low L. irrefutabilis. See Refute.]

    That cannot be refuted or disproved.NWAD IRREFUTABLE.2

    IRREFUTABLY, adv. Beyond the possibility of refutation.

    IRREGENERACY, n. Unregeneracy.

    IRREGULAR, a. [L. irregularis; in and regularis, regula. See Regular.]

    1. Not regular; not according to common form or rules; as an irregular building or fortification.NWAD IRREGULAR.2

    2. Not according to established principles or customs; deviating from usage; as the irregular proceedings of a legislative body.NWAD IRREGULAR.3

    3. Not conformable to nature or the usual operation of natural laws; as an irregular action of the heart and arteries.NWAD IRREGULAR.4

    4. Not according to the rules of art; immethodical; as irregular verse; an irregular discourse.NWAD IRREGULAR.5

    5. Not in conformity to laws, human or divine; deviating from the rules of moral rectitude; vicious; as irregular conduct or propensities.NWAD IRREGULAR.6

    6. Not straight; as an irregular line or course.NWAD IRREGULAR.7

    7. Not uniform; as irregular motion.NWAD IRREGULAR.8

    8. In grammar, an irregular noun or verb is one which deviates from the common rules in its inflections.NWAD IRREGULAR.9

    IRREGULAR, n. A soldier not in regular service.


    1. Deviation from a straight line or from any common or established rule; deviation from method or order; as the irregularity of proceedings.NWAD IRREGULARITY.2

    2. Deviation from law, human, or divine, or from moral rectitude; inordinate practice; vice. It is a favorable symptom when a profligate man becomes ashamed of his irregularities.NWAD IRREGULARITY.3

    IRREGULARLY, adv. Without rule, method or order.

    IRREGULATE, v.t. To make irregular; to disorder. [Not in use.]

    IRRELATIVE, a. [in and relative.] Not relative; unconnected.

    Irrelative chords, in music, have no common sound.NWAD IRRELATIVE.2

    IRRELATIVELY, adv. Unconnectedly.

    IRRELEVANCY, n. [from irrelevant.] Inapplicability; the quality of not being applicable, or of not serving to aid and support; as the irrelevancy of an argument or of testimony to a case in question.

    IRRELEVANT, a. [L. elevo, levo, to raise.] Not relevant; not applicable or pertinent; not serving to support. We call evidence, testimony and arguments irrelevant to a cause, when they are inapplicable to it, or do not serve so support it.

    IRRELEVANTLY, adv. Without being to the purpose.

    IRRELIEVABLE, a. Not admitting relief.

    IRRELIGION, n. Want of religion, or contempt of it; impiety.

    IRRELIGIONIST, n. One who is destitute of religious principles; a despiser of religion.

    IRRELIGIOUS, a. Destitute of religious principles; condemning religion; impious; ungodly.

    Shame and reproach are generally the portion of the impious and irreligious.NWAD IRRELIGIOUS.2

    1. Contrary to religion; profane; impious; wicked; as an irreligious speech; irreligious conduct.NWAD IRRELIGIOUS.3

    IRRELIGIOUSLY, adv. With impiety; wickedly.

    IRRELIGIOUSNESS, n. Want of religious principles or practices; ungodliness.

    IRREMEABLE, a. [L. irremeabilis; in and remeo, to return; re and meo, to pass.] Admitting no return; as an irremeable way.


    1. Not to be remedied; that cannot be cured; as an irremediable disease or evil.NWAD IRREMEDIABLE.2

    2. Not to be corrected or redressed; as irremediable error or mischief.NWAD IRREMEDIABLE.3

    IRREMEDIABLENESS, n. State of being irremediable.

    IRREMEDIABLY, adv. In a manner or degree that precludes remedy, cure or correction.

    IRREMISSIBLE, a. [L. remitto. See Remit.]

    Not to be pardoned; that cannot be forgiven or remitted.NWAD IRREMISSIBLE.2

    IRREMISSIBLENESS, n. The quality of being unpardonable.

    IRREMISSIBLY, adv. So as not to be pardoned.

    IRREMOVABILITY, n. [See Irremovable.] The quality or state of being irremovable, or not removable from office.

    IRREMOVABLE, a. [in and removable.]

    1. That cannot be moved or changed.NWAD IRREMOVABLE.2

    2. That cannot be legally or constitutionally removed from office.NWAD IRREMOVABLE.3

    IRREMUNERABLE, a. [in and remunerable.] That cannot be rewarded.

    IRRENOWNED, a. Not renowned; not celebrated.

    IRREPARABILITY, n. [See Irreparable.] The quality or state of being irreparable, or beyond repair or recovery.

    IRREPARABLE, a. [L. irreparabilis. See Repair.]

    1. That cannot be repaired or mended; as an irreparable breach.NWAD IRREPARABLE.2

    2. That cannot be recovered or regained; as an irreparable loss.NWAD IRREPARABLE.3

    IRREPARABLY, adv. In a manner or degree that precludes recovery or repair.

    IRREPEALABILITY, n. [from irrepealable.]

    The quality of being irrepealable.NWAD IRREPEALABILITY.2

    IRREPEALABLE, a. [in and repealable. See Repeal.]

    That cannot be legally repealed or annulled.NWAD IRREPEALABLE.2

    IRREPEALABLENESS, n. Irrepealability.

    IRREPEALABLY, adv. Beyond the power of repeal.

    IRREPENTANCE, n. Want of repentance; impenitence.

    IRREPLEVIABLE, a. [in and repleviable.] That cannot be replevied.

    IRREPLEVISABLE, a. [in and replevisable.]

    That cannot be replevied.NWAD IRREPLEVISABLE.2

    IRREPREHENSIBLE, a. [in and reprehensible.]

    Not reprehensible; not to be blamed or censured; free from fault.NWAD IRREPREHENSIBLE.2

    IRREPREHENSIBLENESS, n. The quality of being irreprehensible.

    IRREPREHENSIBLY, adv. In a manner not to incur blame; without blame.

    IRREPRESENTABLE, a. [in and represent.] Not to be represented; that cannot be figured or represented by any image.

    IRREPRESSIBLE, a. [in and repressible.] That cannot be repressed.

    IRREPROACHABLE, a. [in and reproachable.] That cannot be justly reproached; free from blame; upright; innocent. An irreproachable life is the highest honor of a rational being.

    IRREPROACHABLENESS, n. The quality or state of being not reproachable.

    IRREPROACHABLY, adv. In a manner not to deserve reproach; blamelessly; as deportment irreproachably upright.

    IRREPROVALBE, a. [in and reprovably.] That cannot be justly reproved; blameless; upright.

    IRREPROVABLY, adv. So as not to be liable to reproof or blame.

    IRRESISTANCE, n. s as z. [in and resistance.]

    Forbearance to resist; non-resistance; passive submission.NWAD IRRESISTANCE.2

    IRRESISTIBILITY, IRRESISTIBLENESS, n. [from irresistible.] The quality of being irresistible; power or force beyond resistance or opposition.

    IRRESISTIBLE, a. That cannot be successfully resisted or opposed; superior to opposition.

    An irresistible law of our nature impels us to seek happiness.NWAD IRRESISTIBLE.2

    IRRESISTIBLY, adv. With a power that cannot be successfully resisted or opposed.

    IRRESOLUBLE, a. s as z. [L. in and resolvo.]

    Not to be dissolved; incapable of dissolution.NWAD IRRESOLUBLE.2

    IRRESOLUBLENESS, n. The quality of being indissoluble; resistance to separation of parts by heat.

    IRRESOLUTE, a. s as z. [in and resolute.] Not firm or constant in purpose; not decided; not determined; wavering; given to doubt. Irresolute men either resolve not at all, or resolve and re-resolve.

    IRRESOLUTELY, adv. Without firmness of mind; without decision.

    IRRESOLUTENESS, n. Want of firm determination or purpose; vacillation of mind.

    IRRESOLUTION, n. Want of resolution; want of decision in purpose; a fluctuation of mind, as in doubt, or between hope and fear.

    IRRESOLVEDLY, adv. s as z. [in and resolved.]

    Without settled determination. [Little used.]NWAD IRRESOLVEDLY.2

    IRRESPECTIVE, a. [in and respective.]

    Not regarding circumstances.NWAD IRRESPECTIVE.2

    According to this doctrine, it must be resolved wholly into the absolute, irrespective will of God.NWAD IRRESPECTIVE.3

    IRRESPECTIVELY, adv. Without regard to circumstances, or not taking them into consideration.

    IRRESPIRABLE, a. [in and respirable.] Unfit for respiration; not having the qualities which support animal life; as irrespirable air.

    IRRESPONSIBILITY, n. Want of responsibility.

    IRRESPONSIBLE, a. [in and responsible.] Not responsible; not liable or able to answer for consequences; not answerable.

    IRRETENTIVE, a. Not retentive or apt to retain.

    IRRETRIEVABLE, a. [in and retrievable, from retrieve.]

    Not to be recovered or repaired; irrecoverable; irreparable; as an irretrievable loss.NWAD IRRETRIEVABLE.2

    IRRETRIEVABLENESS, n. The state of being irretrievable.

    IRRETRIEVABLY, adv. Irreparably; irrecoverably; in a manner not to be regained.

    IRRETURNABLE, a. Not to be returned.

    IRREVERENCE, n. [L. irreverentia; in and reverentia. See Reverence.]

    1. Want of reverence, or want of veneration; want of due regard to the authority and character of the Supreme Being. Irreverence toward God is analogous to disrespect toward man.NWAD IRREVERENCE.2

    2. The state of being disregarded; applied to men. But this word is appropriately applicable to the Supreme Being and to his laws and institutions.NWAD IRREVERENCE.3


    1. Wanting in reverence and veneration; not entertaining or manifesting due regard to the Supreme Being.NWAD IRREVERENT.2

    2. Proceeding from irreverence; expressive of a want of veneration; as an irreverent thought, word or phrase.NWAD IRREVERENT.3

    3. Wanting in respect to superiors.NWAD IRREVERENT.4

    IRREVERENTLY, adv. Without due regard to the authority and character of the Supreme being; in an irreverent manner.

    1. Without due respect to superiors.NWAD IRREVERENTLY.2

    IRREVERSIBLE, a. [in and reversible.] That cannot be reversed; that cannot be recalled, repealed or annulled; as an irreversible decree or sentence.

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