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    UNSHOCKED, a. Not shocked; not disgusted; not astonished.

    UNSHOD, a. Not shod; having no shoes.

    UNSHOOK, a. Not shakes; not agitated.

    UNSHORN, a. Not shorn; not sheared; not clipped; as unshorn locks.

    UNSHOT, a.

    1. Not hit by shot.NWAD UNSHOT.2

    2. Not shot; not discharged.NWAD UNSHOT.3

    UNSHOUT, v.t. To retract a shout. [Not in use.]

    UNSHOWERED, a. Not watered or sprinkled by showers; as unshowered grass.

    UNSHRINKING, a. Not shrinking; not withdrawing from danger or toil; not recoiling; as unshrinking firmness.

    UNSHRUNK, a. Not shrunk; not contracted.

    UNSHUNNABLE, a. That cannot be shunned; inevitable. [Not in use.]

    UNSHUNNED, a. Not shunned; not avoided.

    UNSHUT, a. Not shut; open; unclosed.

    UNSIFTED, a.

    1. Not sifted; not separated by a sieve.NWAD UNSIFTED.2

    2. Not critically examined; untried.NWAD UNSIFTED.3

    Unsight unseen, a vulgar phrase, denoting unseeing unseen, or unseen repeated; as, to buy a thing unsight unseen, that is, without seeing it.NWAD UNSIFTED.4

    UNSIGHTED, a. Not seen; invisible. Obs.

    UNSIGHTLINESS, n. Disagreeableness to the sight; deformity; ugliness.

    UNSIGHTLY, a. Disagreeable to the eye; ugly; deformed.

    UNSIGNALIZED, a. Not signalized or distinguished.

    UNSIGNIFICANT, a. Having no meaning. Obs. [See Insignificant.]

    UNSILVERED, a. Not covered with quicksilver; as an unsilvered mirror.


    1. Not sincere; hypocritical. [See Insincere.]NWAD UNSINCERE.2

    2. Not genuine; adulterated.NWAD UNSINCERE.3

    3. Not sound; not solid.NWAD UNSINCERE.4

    [Obsolete in the two last significations, and for the first, insincere is generally used. See Insincerity.]NWAD UNSINCERE.5

    UNSINEW, v.t. To deprive of strength.

    UNSINEWED, pp. or a. Deprived of strength or force; weak; nerveless.

    UNSINEWING, ppr. Depriving of strength; enfeebling.

    UNSINGED, a. Not singed; not scorched.

    UNSINGLED, a. Not singled; not separated.

    UNSINKING, a. Not sinking; not failing.

    UNSINNING, a. Committing no sin; impeccable; untainted with sin; as unsinning obedience.

    UNSIZABLE, a. Not being of the proper size, magnitude or bulk.

    UNSIZED, a. Not sized; as unsized paper.


    1. Wanting skill; destitute of readiness or dexterity in performance.NWAD UNSKILLED.2

    2. Destitute of practical knowledge.NWAD UNSKILLED.3

    UNSKILLFUL, a. Not skillful; wanting the knowledge and dexterity which are acquired by observation, use and experience; as an unskillful surgeon; an unskillful mechanic; an unskillful logician.

    UNSKILLFULLY, adv. Without skill, knowledge or dexterity; clumsily.

    UNSKILLFULNESS, n. Want of art or knowledge; want of that readiness in action or execution, which is acquired by use, experience and observation.

    UNSLAIN, a. Not slain; not killed.

    UNSLAKED, a. Not slaked; unquenched; as unslaked thirst.

    UNSLAKED, a. Not saturated with water; as unslaked lime.

    UNSLEEPING, a. Not sleeping; ever wakeful.

    UNSLING, v.t. In seamen’s language, to take off the slings of a yard, a cask, etc.

    UNSLIPPING, a. Not slipping; not liable to slip.

    UNSLOW, a. Not slow. [Not in use.]

    UNSLUMBERING, a. Never sleeping or slumbering; always watching or vigilant.

    UNSMIRCHED, a. Not stained; not soiled or blacked.

    UNSMOKED, a.

    1. Not smoked; not dried in smoke.NWAD UNSMOKED.2

    2. Not used in smoking, as a pipe.NWAD UNSMOKED.3

    UNSMOOTH, Not smooth; not even; rough.

    UNSOBER, a. Not sober. [Not used.]


    1. Not suitable to society; not having the qualities which are proper for society, and which render it agreeable; as an unsociable temper.NWAD UNSOCIABLE.2

    2. Not apt to converse; not free in conversation; reserved.NWAD UNSOCIABLE.3

    UNSOCIABLY, adv.

    1. Not kindly.NWAD UNSOCIABLY.2

    2. With reserve.NWAD UNSOCIABLY.3

    UNSOCIAL, a. Not adapted to society; not beneficial to society.

    UNSOCKET, v.t. To loose or take from a socket.

    UNSOFT, a. Not soft; hard. [Not used.]

    UNSOFT, adv. Not with softness. Obs.

    UNSOILED, a.

    1. Not soiled; not stained; unpolluted.NWAD UNSOILED.2

    2. Not disgraced; not tainted; as character.NWAD UNSOILED.3

    UNSOLD, a. Not sold; not transferred for a consideration.

    UNSOLDIERED, a. Not having the qualities of a soldier. [Not in use.]

    UNSOLDIERLIKE, UNSOLDIERLY, a. [See Soldier.] Unbecoming a soldier.


    1. Not solicited; not requested; unmasked.NWAD UNSOLICITED.2

    2. Not asked for; as an unsolicited favor.NWAD UNSOLICITED.3

    UNSOLICITOUS, a. Not solicitous; not anxious; not very desirous.

    UNSOLID, a.

    1. Not solid; not firm; not substantial; as unsolid arguments or reasoning; an unsolid foundation.NWAD UNSOLID.2

    2. Fluid.NWAD UNSOLID.3

    UNSOLVABLE, a. That cannot be solved; inexplicable.

    UNSOLVED, a. Not solved; not explained.

    UNSONABLE, a. That cannot be sounded. Obs.

    UNSOOT, for unsweet. Obs.

    UNSOPHISTICATED, a. Not adulterated by mixture; not counterfeit; pure; as unsophisticated drugs; unsophisticated arguments.

    UNSORROWED, a. Not lamented; not bewailed.

    UNSORTED, a. Not separated into sorts; not distributed according to kinds or classes; as unsorted types; unsorted ideas.

    UNSOUGHT, a. unsaut’.

    1. Not sought; not searched for.NWAD UNSOUGHT.2

    2. Had without searching; as unsought honor; unsought ideas.NWAD UNSOUGHT.3

    UNSOUL, v.t. To deprive of mind or understanding.

    UNSOUND, a.

    1. Not sound; defective; as unsound timber.NWAD UNSOUND.2

    2. Infirm; sickly; as unsound in health; an unsound constitution.NWAD UNSOUND.3

    3. Not orthodox; defective; as unsound in faith; unsound doctrine.NWAD UNSOUND.4

    4. Not sound in character; not honest; not faithful; not to be trusted; defective; deceitful.NWAD UNSOUND.5

    5. Not true; not solid; not real; not substantial; as unsound pleasures; unsound delights.NWAD UNSOUND.6

    6. Not close; not compact; as unsound cheese.NWAD UNSOUND.7

    7. Not sincere; not faithful; as unsound love.NWAD UNSOUND.8

    8. Not solid; not material.NWAD UNSOUND.9

    9. Erroneous; wrong; deceitful; sophistical; as unsound arguments.NWAD UNSOUND.10

    10. Not strong; as unsound ice.NWAD UNSOUND.11

    11. Not fast; not calm; as unsound sleep.NWAD UNSOUND.12

    12. Not well established; defective; questionable; as unsound credit.NWAD UNSOUND.13

    UNSOUNDED, a. Not sounded; not tried with the lead.

    UNSOUNDLY, adv. Not with soundness; as, he reasons unsoundly; he sleeps unsoundly.


    1. Defectiveness; as the unsoundness of timber.NWAD UNSOUNDNESS.2

    2. Defectiveness of faith; want of orthodoxy.NWAD UNSOUNDNESS.3

    3. Corruptness; want of solidity; as the unsoundness of principles.NWAD UNSOUNDNESS.4

    4. Defectiveness; as the unsoundness of fruit.NWAD UNSOUNDNESS.5

    5. Infirmity; weakness; as of body; as the unsoundness of the body or constitution.NWAD UNSOUNDNESS.6

    UNSOURED, a.

    1. Not made sour.NWAD UNSOURED.2

    2. Not made morose or crabbed.NWAD UNSOURED.3


    1. Not sown; not sowed; as unsown or unsowed ground.NWAD UNSOWED.2

    2. Not scattered on land for seed; as seed unsown.NWAD UNSOWED.3

    3. Not propagated by seed scattered; as unsown flowers.NWAD UNSOWED.4

    UNSPARED, a. Not spared.


    1. Not parsimonious; liberal; profuse.NWAD UNSPARING.2

    2. Not merciful or forgiving.NWAD UNSPARING.3

    UNSPARINGNESS, n. The quality of being liberal or profuse.

    UNSPEAK, v.t. To recant; to retract what has been spoken.

    UNSPEAKABLE, a. That cannot be uttered; that cannot be expressed; unuterable; as unspeakable grief or rage. 2 Corinthians 12:4.

    Joy unspeakable and full of glory. 1 Peter 1:8.NWAD UNSPEAKABLE.2

    UNSPEAKABLY, adv. In a manner or degree that cannot be expressed; inexpressibly; unutterably.

    UNSPECIFIED, a. Not specified; not particularly mentioned.

    UNSPECIOUS, a. Not specious; not plausible.

    UNSPECULATIVE, a. Not speculative or theoretical.

    UNSPED, a. Not performed; not dispatched. Obs.

    UNSPENT, a.

    1. Not spent; not used or wasted; as water in a cistern unspent.NWAD UNSPENT.2

    2. Not exhausted; as strength or force unspent.NWAD UNSPENT.3

    3. Not having lost its force or impulse; as an unspent ball.NWAD UNSPENT.4

    UNSPHERE, v.t. To remove from its orb.

    UNSPIED, a.

    1. Not searched; not explored.NWAD UNSPIED.2

    2. Not seen; not discovered.NWAD UNSPIED.3

    UNSPILT, a.

    1. Not spilt; not shed.NWAD UNSPILT.2

    2. Not spoiled. [Not in use.]NWAD UNSPILT.3

    UNSPIRIT, v.t. To depress in spirits; to dispirit; to dishearten. [Little used. The word used is dispirit.]

    UNSPIRITED, pp. Dispirited.

    UNSPIRITUAL, a. Not spiritual; carnal; worldly.

    UNSPIRITUALIZE, v.t. To deprive of spirituality.

    UNSPLIT, a. Not split; as, unsplit wood will not season.


    1. Not spoiled; not corrupted; not ruined; not rendered useless.NWAD UNSPOILED.2

    2. Not plundered; not pillaged.NWAD UNSPOILED.3


    1. Not stained; free from spot.NWAD UNSPOTTED.2

    2. Free from moral stain; untainted with guilt; unblemished; immaculate; as unspotted reputation.NWAD UNSPOTTED.3

    UNSPOTTEDNESS, n. State of being free from stain or guilt.


    1. Not made square; as unsquared timber.NWAD UNSQUARED.2

    2. Not regular’ not formed.NWAD UNSQUARED.3

    UNSQUIRE, v.t. To divest of the title or privilege of an esquire.

    UNSTABLE, a. [L. instabilis.]

    1. Not stable; not fixed.NWAD UNSTABLE.2

    2. Not steady; inconstant; irresolute; wavering. James 1:8.NWAD UNSTABLE.3

    UNSTABLENESS, n. Instability.

    UNSTAID, a. not steady; mutable; not settled in judgment; volatile; fickle; as unstaid youth.


    1. Unfixed or volatile state or disposition; mutability; fickleness; indiscretion.NWAD UNSTAIDNESS.2

    2. Uncertain motion; unsteadiness.NWAD UNSTAIDNESS.3


    1. Not stained; not dyed.NWAD UNSTAINED.2

    2. Not polluted; not tarnished; not dishonored; as an unstained character.NWAD UNSTAINED.3

    UNSTANCHED, a. Not stanched; not stopped; as blood.

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