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    UNSTATE, v.t. To deprive of dignity.

    UNSTATUTABLE, a. Contrary to statute; not warranted by statute.

    UNSTEADFAST, a. unsted’fast.

    1. Not fixed; not standing or being firm.NWAD UNSTEADFAST.2

    2. Not firmly adhering to a purpose.NWAD UNSTEADFAST.3

    UNSTEADFASTNESS, n. unsted’fastness. Want of steadfastness; instability; inconstancy.

    UNSTEADILY, adv. unsted’ily.

    1. Without steadiness; in a wavering, vacillating manner.NWAD UNSTEADILY.2

    2. Inconstantly; in a fickle manner.NWAD UNSTEADILY.3

    3. Not in the same manner at different times; variously.NWAD UNSTEADILY.4

    UNSTEADINESS, n. unsted’iness.

    1. Unstableness; inconstancy; want of firmness; irresolution; mutableness of opinion or purpose.NWAD UNSTEADINESS.2

    2. Frequent change of place; vacillation.NWAD UNSTEADINESS.3

    UNSTEADY, a. unsted’y.

    1. Not steady; not constant; irresolute.NWAD UNSTEADY.2

    2. Mutable; variable; changeable; as unsteady winds.NWAD UNSTEADY.3

    3. Not adhering constantly to any fixed plan or business.NWAD UNSTEADY.4

    UNSTEEPED, a. Not steeped; not soaked.

    UNSTIMULATED, a. Not stimulated; not excited; as unstimulated nature.

    UNSTIMULATING, a. Not exciting motion or action.

    UNSTING, v.t. To disarm of a sting.

    Elegant dissertations on virtue and vice - will not unsting calamity.NWAD UNSTING.2

    UNSTINGED, pp. Deprived of its sting.

    UNSTINTED, a. Not stinted; not limited.

    UNSTIRRED, a. unstur’red. Not stirred; not agitated.

    UNSTITCH, v.t. To open by picking out stitches.

    UNSTITCHED, a. Not stitched.

    UNSTOOPING, a. Not stooping; not bending; not yielding; as unstooping firmness.

    UNSTOP, v.t.

    1. To free from a stopple, as a bottle or cask.NWAD UNSTOP.2

    2. To free from any obstruction; to open.NWAD UNSTOP.3

    UNSTOPPED, pp.

    1. Opened.NWAD UNSTOPPED.2

    2. a. Not meeting any resistance.NWAD UNSTOPPED.3

    UNSTOPPING, ppr. Taking out a stopper; opening; freeing from obstruction.

    UNSTORED, a.

    1. Not stored; not laid up in store; not warehoused.NWAD UNSTORED.2

    2. Not supplied with stores; as a fort unstored with provisions.NWAD UNSTORED.3

    UNSTORMED, a. Not assaulted; not taken by assault.


    1. Not strained; as unstrained oil.NWAD UNSTRAINED.2

    2. Easy; not forced; natural; as an unstrained derivation.NWAD UNSTRAINED.3

    UNSTRAITENED, a. Not straitened; not contracted.

    UNSTRATIFIED, a. Not stratified; not formed or being in strata or layers.

    UNSTRENGTHENED, a. Not strengthened; not supported; not assisted.

    UNSTRING, v.t.

    1. To relax tension; to loosen; as, to unstring the nerves.NWAD UNSTRING.2

    2. To deprive of strings; as, to unstring a harp.NWAD UNSTRING.3

    3. To loose; to untie.NWAD UNSTRING.4

    4. To take from a string; as, to unstring beads.NWAD UNSTRING.5

    UNSTRUCK, a. Not struck; not impressed; not affected; as unstruck with horror.


    1. Not studied; not premeditated.NWAD UNSTUDIED.2

    2. Not labored; easy; natural; as an unstudied style.NWAD UNSTUDIED.3

    UNSTUDIOUS, a. Not studious; not diligent in study.

    UNSTUFFED, a. Not stuffed; not filled; not crowded.

    UNSUBDUED, a. Not subdued; not brought into subjection; not conquered; as nations or passions unsubdued.

    UNSUBJECT, a. Not subject; not liable; not obnoxious.

    UNSUBJECTED, a. Not subjected; not subdued.

    UNSUBMISSIVE, a. Not submissive; disobedient.

    UNSUBMITTING, a. Not submitting; not obsequious; not readily yielding.

    UNSUBORDINATED, a. Not subordinated or reduced to subjection.

    UNSUBORNED, a. Not suborned; not procured by secret collusion.

    UNSUBSIDIZED, a. Not engaged in another’s service by receiving subsidies.


    1. Not substantial; not solid.NWAD UNSUBSTANTIAL.2

    2. Not real; not having substance.NWAD UNSUBSTANTIAL.3

    UNSUCCEEDED, a. Not succeeded; not followed.

    UNSUCCESSFUL, a. Not successful; not producing the desired event; not fortunate.

    UNSUCCESSFULLY, adv. Without success; without a favorable issue; unfortunately.

    UNSUCCESSFULNESS, n. Want of success or favorable issue.

    UNSUCCESSIVE, a. Not proceeding by a flux of parts or by regular succession.

    UNSUCKED, a. Not having the breasts drawn.

    UNSUFFERABLE, a. Not sufferable; not to be endured; intolerable. [But the word now used is insufferable.]

    UNSUFFERABLY, adv. So as not to be endured. [For this, insufferably is chiefly used.]

    UNSUFFERING, a. Not suffering; not tolerating.

    UNSUFFICIENCE, n. Inability to answer the end proposed. [For this, insufficiency is used.]

    UNSUFFICIENT, a. Not sufficient; inadequate. [For this, insufficient is now used.]

    UNSUGARED, a. UNSHOOGARED. Not sweetened with sugar.


    1. Not suitable; unfit; not adapted; as timber unsuitable for a bridge.NWAD UNSUITABLE.2

    2. Unbecoming; improper; as a dress unsuitable for a clergyman; unsuitable returns for favors.NWAD UNSUITABLE.3

    UNSUITABLENESS, n. Unfitness; incongruity; impropriety.

    UNSUITABLY, adv.

    1. In a manner unbecoming or improper.NWAD UNSUITABLY.2

    2. Incongruously; as a man and wife unsuitably matched.NWAD UNSUITABLY.3

    UNSUITED, a. Not suited; not fitted; not adapted; not accommodated.

    UNSUITING, a. Not fitting; not becoming.


    1. Not sullied; not stained; not tarnished.NWAD UNSULLIED.2

    2. Not disgraced; free from imputation of evil.NWAD UNSULLIED.3

    UNSUNG, a. Not sung; not celebrated in verse; not recited in verse.

    UNSUNNED, a. Not having been exposed to the sun.

    UNSUPERFLUOUS, a. Not more than enough.

    UNSUPPLANTED, a. Not supplanted; not overthrown by secret means or stratagem.

    UNSUPPLIED, a. Not supplied; not furnished with things necessary.

    UNSUPPORTABLE, a. That cannot be supported; intolerable. [But insupportable is generally used.]

    UNSUPPORTABLENESS, n. Insupportableness. [The latter is chiefly used.]

    UNSUPPORTABLY, adv. Insupportably. [The latter is generally used.]


    1. Not supported; not upheld; not sustained.NWAD UNSUPPORTED.2

    2. Not countenanced; not assisted.NWAD UNSUPPORTED.3

    UNSUPPRESSED, a. Not suppressed; not subdued; not extinguished.

    UNSURE, a. [See Sure.] Not fixed; not certain.

    UNSURMOUNTABLE, a. That cannot be surmounted or overcome; insuperable.

    UNSURPASSED, a. Not surpassed; not exceeded.

    UNSUSCEPTIBLE, a. Not susceptible; not capable of admitting or receiving; as a heart unsusceptible of impressions a substance unsusceptible of change or of permanent colors.

    UNSUSPECT, for unsuspected, is not in use.

    UNSUSPECTED, a. Not suspected; not considered as likely to have done an evil act, or to have a disposition to evil.

    UNSUSPECTEDLY, adv. In a manner to avoid suspicion.

    UNSUSPECTING, a. Not imagining that any ill is designed; free from suspicion.


    1. Having no suspicion; not indulging the imagination of evil in others; as an unsuspicious youth.NWAD UNSUSPICIOUS.2

    2. Not to be suspected; as unsuspicious testimony.NWAD UNSUSPICIOUS.3

    UNSUSPICIOUSLY, adv. Without suspicion.

    UNSUSTAINABLE, a. Not sustainable; that cannot be maintained or supported; as unsustainable pain; a suit in law unsustainable.

    UNSUSTAINED, a. Not sustained; not supported; not seconded.

    UNSWATHE, v.t. To take a swathe from; to relieve from a bandage.

    UNSWAYABLE, That cannot be swayed, governed or influenced by another. [Little used.]

    UNSWAYED, a.

    1. Not swayed; not wielded; as a scepter.NWAD UNSWAYED.2

    2. Not biased; not controlled or influenced.NWAD UNSWAYED.3

    UNSWEAR, v.t. To recant or recall an oath.

    UNSWEAT, v.t. unswet’. To ease or cool after exercise or toil. [A bad word and not used.]

    UNSWEATING, a. unswet’ing. Not sweating.

    UNSWEET, a. Not sweet. [Little used.]

    UNSWEPT, a. Not cleaned with a broom; not swept; not brushed.

    UNSWORN, a. Not sworn; not bound by an oath; not having taken an oath; as, the witness is unsworn.

    UNSYMMETRICAL, a. Wanting symmetry or due proportion of parts.

    UNSYSTEMATIC, UNSYSTEMATICAL, a. Not systematic; not having regular order, distribution or arrangement of parts.

    UNSYSTEMIZED, a. Not systemized; not arranged in due order; not formed into system.

    UNTACK, v.t. To separate what is tacked; to disjoin; to loosen what is fast.


    1. Not rendered impure by admixture; not impregnated with foul matter; as untainted air.NWAD UNTAINTED.2

    2. Not sullied; not stained; unblemished; as untainted virtue or reputation.NWAD UNTAINTED.3

    3. Not rendered unsavory by putrescence; as untainted meat.NWAD UNTAINTED.4

    4. Not charged with a crime; not accused; as, he lived untainted.NWAD UNTAINTED.5

    UNTAINTEDLY, adv. Without spot; without blemish; without imputation of crime.

    UNTAINTEDNESS, n. State or quality of being untainted; purity.

    UNTAKEN, a. unta’kn.

    1. Not taken; not seized; not apprehended; as a thief untaken.NWAD UNTAKEN.2

    2. Not reduced; not subdued; as untaken Troy.NWAD UNTAKEN.3

    3. Not swallowed.NWAD UNTAKEN.4

    Untaken away, not removed. 2 Corinthians 3:14.NWAD UNTAKEN.5

    Untaken up, not occupied; not filled.NWAD UNTAKEN.6

    Untalked of, not talked of; not made the subject of conversation.NWAD UNTAKEN.7


    1. That cannot be tamed or domesticated; that cannot be reclaimed from a wild state.NWAD UNTAMABLE.2

    2. Not to be subdued or reduced to control.NWAD UNTAMABLE.3

    UNTAMED, a.

    1. Not reclaimed from wildness; not domesticated; not made familiar with man; as an untamed beast.NWAD UNTAMED.2

    2. Not subdued; not brought under control; as a turbulent, untamed mind.NWAD UNTAMED.3

    3. Not softened or rendered mild by culture; as an untamed people.NWAD UNTAMED.4

    UNTANGLE, v.t. To disentangle; to loose from tangles or intricacy; as, to untangle thread.

    Untangle this cruel chain.NWAD UNTANGLE.2

    UNTANGLED, pp. Disentangled.

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