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    UNMARSHALED, a. Not disposed or arranged in due order.

    UNMASCULATE, v.t. To emasculate.

    UNMASCULINE, a. Not masculine or manly; feeble; effeminate.

    UNMASK, v.t. To strip of a mask or of any disguise; to lay open what is concealed.

    UNMASK, v.i. To put off a mask.

    UNMASKED, pp.

    1. Stripped of a mask or disguise.NWAD UNMASKED.2

    2. a. Open; exposed to view.NWAD UNMASKED.3

    UNMASTERABLE, a. That cannot be mastered or subdued. [Not in use.]


    1. Not subdued; not conquered.NWAD UNMASTERED.2

    2. Not conquerable.NWAD UNMASTERED.3

    He cannot his unmaster’d grief sustain.NWAD UNMASTERED.4

    UNMATCHABLE, a. That cannot be matched; that cannot be equaled; unparalleled.

    UNMATCHED, a. Matchless; having no match or equal.


    1. Having no meaning or signification; as unmeaning words.NWAD UNMEANING.2

    2. Not expressive; not indicating intelligence; as an unmeaning face.NWAD UNMEANING.3

    There pride sits blazon’d on the’ unmeaning brow.NWAD UNMEANING.4

    UNMEANT, a. unment’. Not meant; not intended.

    UNMEASURABLE, a. unmezh’urable. That cannot be measured; unbounded; boundless.

    [For this, immeasurable is generally used.]NWAD UNMEASURABLE.2

    UNMEASURABLY, adv. Beyond all measure.


    1. Not measured; plentiful beyond measure.NWAD UNMEASURED.2

    2. Immense; infinite; as unmeasured space.NWAD UNMEASURED.3

    UNMECHANICAL, a. Not mechanical; not according to the laws or principles of mechanics.

    Unmeddled with, not meddled with; not touched; not altered.NWAD UNMECHANICAL.2

    UNMEDDLING, a. Not meddling; not interfering with the concerns of others; not officious.

    UNMEDDLINGNESS, n. Forbearance of interposition. [Not in use.]

    UNMEDITATED, a. Not meditated; not prepared by previous thought.

    UNMEET, a. Not fit; not proper; not worthy or suitable.

    UNMEETLY, adv. Not fitly; not properly; not suitably.

    UNMEETNESS, n. Unfitness; unsuitableness.

    UNMELLOWED, a. Not mellowed; not fully matured.

    UNMELODIOUS, a. Not melodious; wanting melody; harsh.

    UNMELTED, a.

    1. Undissolved; not melted.NWAD UNMELTED.2

    2. Not softened.NWAD UNMELTED.3

    UNMENTIONED, a. Not mentioned; not named.

    UNMERCANTILE, a. Not according to the customs and rules of commerce.

    UNMERCHANTABLE, a. Not merchantable; not of a quality fit for the market.


    1. Not merciful; cruel; inhuman to such beings as are in one’s power; not disposed to spare or forgive.NWAD UNMERCIFUL.2

    2. Unconscionable; exorbitant; as unmerciful demands.NWAD UNMERCIFUL.3

    UNMERCIFULLY, adv. Without mercy or tenderness; cruelly.

    UNMERCIFULNESS, n. Want of mercy; want of tenderness and compassion towards those who are in one’s power; cruelty in the exercise of power or punishment.

    UNMERITABLE, a. Having no merit or desert. [Not in use.]


    1. Not merited; not deserved; obtained without service or equivalent; as unmerited promotion.NWAD UNMERITED.2

    2. Not deserved; cruel; unjust; as unmerited sufferings or injuries.NWAD UNMERITED.3

    UNMERITEDNESS, n. State of being unmerited.

    UNMET, a. Not met.

    UNMETALLIC, a. Not metallic; not having the properties of metal; not belonging to metals.

    UNMIGHTY, a. Not mighty; not powerful.

    UNMILD, a. Not mild; harsh; severe; fierce.

    UNMILDNESS, n. Want of mildness; harshness.

    UNMILITARY, a. Not according to military rules or customs.

    UNMILDED, a. Not milked.

    UNMILLED, a. Not milled; not indented or grained; as unmilled coin.

    UNMINDED, a. Not minded; not heeded.

    UNMINDFUL, a. Not mindful; not heedful; not attentive; regardless; as unmindful of laws; unmindful of health or of duty.

    UNMINDFULLY, adv. Carelessly; heedlessly.

    UNMINDFULNESS, n. Heedlessness; inattention; carelessness.

    UNMINGLE, v.t. To separate things mixed.

    UNMINGLEABLE, a. That cannot be mixed. [Not in use.]


    1. Not mingled; not mixed; pure.NWAD UNMINGLED.2

    2. Pure; not vitiated or alloyed by foreign admixture; as unmingled joy.NWAD UNMINGLED.3

    UNMINISTERIAL, a. Not ministerial

    UNMIRY, a. Not miry; not muddy; not foul with dirt.

    UNMISSED, a. Not missed; not perceived to be gone or lost.

    UNMISTAKEABLE, a. That cannot be mistaken. [Little used.]

    UNMISTAKEN, a. Not mistaken; sure.

    UNMISTRUSTING, a. Not mistrusting; not suspecting; unsuspicious.

    UNMITIGATED, a. Not mitigated; not lessened; not softened in severity or harshness.

    UNMITIGATED, a. Not mitigated; not lessened; not softened in severity or harshness.


    1. Not mixed; not mingled; pure; unadulterated; unvitiated by foreign admixture.NWAD UNMIXED.2

    2. Pure; unalloyed; as unmixed pleasure.NWAD UNMIXED.3

    UNMOANED, a. Not lamented.

    UNMODIFIABLE, a. That cannot be modified or altered in form; that cannot be reduced to a more acceptable or desired form.

    UNMODIFIED, a. Not modified; not altered in form; not qualified in meaning.

    UNMODISH, a. Not modish; not according to custom.

    UNMOIST, a. Not moist; not humid; dry.

    UNMOISTENED, a. Not made moist or humid.

    UNMOLD, v.t. To change the form; to reduce from any form.

    UNMOLDED, pp.

    1. Not changed in form.NWAD UNMOLDED.2

    2. a. Not molded; not shaped or formed.NWAD UNMOLDED.3

    UNMOLESTED, a. Not molested; not disturbed; free from disturbance.

    UNMONEYED, a. Not having money.

    UNMONOPOLIZE, v.t. To recover from being monopolized. [Not in use.]

    UNMONOPLIZED, a. Not monopolized.

    UNMOOR, v.t.

    1. In sea language, to bring to the state of riding with a single anchor, after having been moored by two or more cables.NWAD UNMOOR.2

    2. To loose from anchorage.NWAD UNMOOR.3

    UNMOORED, pp. Loosed from anchorage, or brought to ride with a single anchor.

    UNMOORING, ppr. Loosing from anchorage, or bringing to ride with a single anchor.

    UNMORALIZED, a. Untutored by morality; not conformed to good morals.

    UNMORTGAGED, a. [See Mortgage.] Not mortgaged; not pledged.


    1. Not mortified; not shamed.NWAD UNMORTIFIED.2

    2. Not subdued by sorrow; as unmortified sin.NWAD UNMORTIFIED.3

    UNMOUNTED, a. Not mounted. Unmounted dragoons are such as have not horses.

    UNMOURNED, a. Not lamented.

    UNMOVABLE, a. That cannot be moved or shaken; firm; fixed.

    [Immovable is more generally used.]NWAD UNMOVABLE.2

    UNMOVED, a.

    1. Not moved; not transferred from one place to another.NWAD UNMOVED.2

    2. Not changed in purpose; unshaken; firm.NWAD UNMOVED.3

    3. Not affected; not having the passions excited; not touched or impressed.NWAD UNMOVED.4

    4. Not altered by passion or emotion.NWAD UNMOVED.5

    UNMOVING, a.

    1. Having no motion.NWAD UNMOVING.2

    2. Not exciting emotion; having no power to affect the passions.NWAD UNMOVING.3

    UNMUFFLE, v.t.

    1. To take a covering from the face.NWAD UNMUFFLE.2

    2. To remove the muffling of a drum.NWAD UNMUFFLE.3

    UNMURMURED, a. Not murmured at.

    UNMURMURING, a. Not murmuring; not complaining; as unmurmuring patience.

    UNMUSICAL, a. s as z.

    1. Not musical; not harmonious or melodious.NWAD UNMUSICAL.2

    2. Harsh; not pleasing to the ear.NWAD UNMUSICAL.3

    UNMUTILATED, a. Not mutilated; not deprived of a member or part; entire.

    UNMUZZLE, v.t. To loose from a muzzle.

    UNNAMED, a. Not named; not mentioned.

    UNNATIVE, a. Not native; not natural; forced.


    1. Contrary to the laws of nature; contrary to the natural feelings.NWAD UNNATURAL.2

    2. Acting without the affections of our common nature; as an unnatural father or son.NWAD UNNATURAL.3

    3. Not in conformity to nature; not agreeable to the real state of persons or things not representing nature; as affected and unnatural thoughts; unnatural images or descriptions.NWAD UNNATURAL.4

    UNNATURALIZE, v.t. To divest of natural feelings.


    1. Divested of natural feelings.NWAD UNNATURALIZED.2

    2. a. Not naturalized; not made a citizen by authority.NWAD UNNATURALIZED.3

    UNNATURALLY, adv. In opposition to natural feelings and sentiments.

    UNNATURALNESS, n. Contrariety to nature.

    UNNAVIGABLE, a. Not navigable. [But innavigable is more generally used.]

    UNNAVIGATED, a. Not navigated; not passed over in ships or other vessels.

    UNNECESSARILY, adv. Without necessity; needlessly.

    UNNECESSARINESS, n. The state of being unnecessary; needlessness.

    UNNECESSARY, a. Not necessary; needless; not required by the circumstances of the case; useless; as unnecessary labor or care; unnecessary rigor.

    UNNECESSITATED, a. Not required by necessity.

    UNNEEDFUL, a. Not needful; not wanted; needless.

    UNNEIGHBORLY, a. Not suitable to the duties of a neighbor; not becoming persons living near each other; not kind and friendly.

    UNNEIGHBORLY, adv. In a manner not suitable to a neighbor; in a manner contrary to the kindness and friendship which should subsist among neighbors.

    UNNERVATE, a. Not strong; feeble. [Not in use.]

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