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    UNDULL, v.t. To remove dullness or obscurity; to clear; to purify. [Not used.]

    UNDULY, adv.

    1. Not according to duty or propriety.NWAD UNDULY.2

    2. Not in proper proportion; excessively. His strength was unduly exerted.NWAD UNDULY.3

    UNDURABLE, a. Not durable; not lasting. [Not in use.]

    UNDUST, v.t. To free from dust. [Not in use.]

    UNDUTEOUS, a. Not performing duty to parents and superiors; not obedient; as an unduteous child, apprentice or servant.

    UNDUTIFUL, a. Not obedient; not performing duty; as an undutiful son or subject.

    UNDUTIFULLY, adv. Not according to duty; in a disobedient manner.

    UNDUTIFULNESS, n. Want of respect; violation of duty; disobedience; as the undutifulness of children or subjects.

    UNDYING, a.

    1. Not dying; not perishing.NWAD UNDYING.2

    2. Not subject to death; immortal; as the undying souls of men.NWAD UNDYING.3

    UNEARNED, a. unern’ed. Not merited by labor or services.

    Hoping heaven will bless thy slighted fruits, and give thee bread unearn’d.NWAD UNEARNED.2

    UNEARTHED, a. unerth’ed. Driven from a den, cavern or burrow.

    UNEARTHLY, a. unerth’ly. Not terrestrial.

    UNEASILY, adv. s as z.

    1. With uneasiness or pain.NWAD UNEASILY.2

    He lives uneasily under the burden.NWAD UNEASILY.3

    2. With difficulty; not readily.NWAD UNEASILY.4


    1. A moderate degree of pain; restlessness; want of ease; disquiet.NWAD UNEASINESS.2

    2. Unquietness of mind; moderate anxiety or perturbation; disquietude.NWAD UNEASINESS.3

    3. That which makes uneasy or gives trouble; ruggedness; as the uneasiness of the road. [Unusual.]NWAD UNEASINESS.4

    UNEASY, a. s as z.

    1. Feeling some degree of pain; restless; disturbed; unquiet. The patient is uneasy.NWAD UNEASY.2

    2. Giving some pain; as an uneasy garment.NWAD UNEASY.3

    3. Disturbed in mind; somewhat anxious; unquiet. He is uneasy respecting the success of his project.NWAD UNEASY.4

    The soul, uneasy and confin’d from home, rests and expatiates in a life to come.NWAD UNEASY.5

    4. Constraining; cramping; as uneasy rules.NWAD UNEASY.6

    5. Constrained; stiff; not graceful; not easy; as an uneasy deportment.NWAD UNEASY.7

    6. Giving some pain to others; disagreeable; unpleasing.NWAD UNEASY.8

    A sour, untractable nature makes him uneasy to those who approach him.NWAD UNEASY.9

    7. Difficult.NWAD UNEASY.10

    Things - so uneasy to be satisfactorily understood. [Not in use.]NWAD UNEASY.11

    UNEATABLE, a. Not eatable; not fit to be eaten.

    UNEATEN, a. Not eaten; not devoured.

    UNEATH, adv.

    1. Not easily. [Not in use.]NWAD UNEATH.2

    2. Beneath; below. [Not in use. See Neither and Beneath.]NWAD UNEATH.3

    UNECLIPSED, a. Not eclipsed; not obscured.

    UNEDIFYING, a. Not edifying; not improving to the mind.

    UNEDUCATED, a. Not educated; illiterate.

    UNEFFACED, a. Not effaced; not obliterated.

    UNEFFECTUAL, a. Ineffectual. [The latter is the word now used.]

    UNELASTIC, a. Not elastic; not having the property of recovering its original state, when bent or forced out of its form.

    UNELATED, a. Not elated; not puffed up.

    UNELBOWED, a. Not attended by any at the elbow.

    UNELECTED, a. Not elected; not chosen; not preferred.

    UNELEGANT, a. Not elegant. [Not used. See Inelegant.]

    UNELIGIBLE, a. Not proper to be chosen; ineligible. [The latter is the word now used.]

    UNEMANCIPATED, n. Not emancipated or liberated from slavery.

    UNEMBALMED, a. Not embalmed.


    1. Not embarrassed; not perplexed in mind; not confused. The speaker appeared unembarrassed.NWAD UNEMBARRASSED.2

    2. Free from pecuniary difficulties or incumbrances. He or his property is unembarrassed.NWAD UNEMBARRASSED.3

    3. Free from perplexing connection; as, the question comes before the court unembarrassed with irrelevant matter.NWAD UNEMBARRASSED.4

    UNEMBITTERED, a. Not embittered; not aggravated.


    1. Free from a corporeal body; as unembodied spirits.NWAD UNEMBODIED.2

    2. Not embodied; not collected into a body; as embodied militia.NWAD UNEMBODIED.3

    UNEMPHATIC, a. Having no emphasis.


    1. Not employed; not occupied; not busy; at leisure; not engaged.NWAD UNEMPLOYED.2

    2. Not being in use; as unemployed capital or money.NWAD UNEMPLOYED.3

    UNEMPOWERED, a. Not empowered or authorized.

    UNEMPTIABLE, a. Not to be emptied; inexhaustible. [Not in use.]

    UNEMULATING, a. Not emulating; not striving to excel.

    UNENCHANTED, a. Not enchanted; that cannot be enchanted.

    UNENCUMBER, v.t. To free from incumbrance.


    1. Disengaged from incumbrance.NWAD UNENCUMBERED.2

    2. a. Not encumbered; not burdened.NWAD UNENCUMBERED.3


    1. Not endowed; not furnished; not invested; as a man unendowed with virtues.NWAD UNENDOWED.2

    2. Not furnished with funds; as an unendowed college or hospital.NWAD UNENDOWED.3

    UNENDURING, a. Not lasting; of temporary duration.

    UNENERVATED, a. Not enervated or weakened.


    1. Not engaged; not bound by covenant or promise; free from obligation to a particular person; as, a lady is unengaged.NWAD UNENGAGED.2

    2. Free from attachment that binds; as, her affections are unengaged.NWAD UNENGAGED.3

    3. Unemployed; unoccupied; not busy.NWAD UNENGAGED.4

    4. Not appropriated; as unengaged revenues. [We generally say, unappropriated revenue or money.]NWAD UNENGAGED.5

    UNENGAGING, a. Not adapted to engage or win the attention or affections; not inviting.

    UNENJOYED, a. Not enjoyed; not obtained; not possessed.

    UNENJOYING, a. Not using; having no fruition.

    UNENLARGED, a. Not enlarged; narrow.

    UNENLIGHTENED, a. Not enlightened; not illuminated.

    UNENSLAVED, a. Not enslaved; free.

    UNENTANGLE, v.t. To free from complication or perplexity; to disentangle.


    1. Disentangled;NWAD UNENTANGLED.2

    2. a. Not entangled; not complicated; not perplexed.NWAD UNENTANGLED.3

    UNENTERPRISING, a. Not enterprising; not adventurous.

    UNENTERTAINING, a. Not entertaining or amusing; giving no delight.

    UNENTERTAININGNESS, n. The quality of being unentertaining or dull.

    UNENTHRALLED, a. Not enslaved; not reduced to thralldom.

    UNENTOMBED, a. Not buried; not interred.

    UNENVIED, a. Not envied; exempt from the envy of others.

    UNENVIOUS, a. Not envious; free from envy.

    UNEPITAPHED, a. Having no epitaph.

    UNEQUABLE, a. Different from itself; different at different times; not uniform; diverse; as unequable motions; unequable months or seasons.

    UNEQUAL, a. [L. inaequalis.]

    1. Not equal; not even; not of the same size, length, breadth, quantity, etc.; as men of unequal stature; houses of unequal dimensions.NWAD UNEQUAL.2

    2. Not equal in strength, talents, acquirements, etc.; inferior.NWAD UNEQUAL.3

    3. Not equal in age or station; inferior.NWAD UNEQUAL.4

    4. Insufficient; inadequate. His strength is unequal to the task.NWAD UNEQUAL.5

    5. Partial; unjust; not furnishing equivalents to the different parties; as an unequal peace; an unequal bargain.NWAD UNEQUAL.6

    6. Disproportioned; ill matched.NWAD UNEQUAL.7

    Against unequal arms to fight in pain.NWAD UNEQUAL.8

    7. Not regular; not uniform; as unequal pulsations.NWAD UNEQUAL.9

    8. In botany, having the parts not corresponding in size, but in proportion only, as a corol; rugged, not even or smooth, as the surface of a leaf or stem.NWAD UNEQUAL.10

    An unequal leaf, is when the two halves separated by the mid-rib, are unequal in dimensions, and their bases not parallel; called also an oblique leaf.NWAD UNEQUAL.11

    UNEQUALABLE, a. Not to be equaled.

    UNEQUALED, a. Not to be equaled; unparalleled; unrivaled; in a good or bad sense; as unequaled excellence; unequaled ingratitude or baseness.

    UNEQUALLY, adv.

    1. Not equally; in different degrees; in disproportion to each other.NWAD UNEQUALLY.2

    2. Not with like sentiments, temper or religious opinions or habits. 2 Corinthians 6:14.NWAD UNEQUALLY.3

    UNEQUALNESS, n. State of being unequal; inequality.


    1. Not equitable; not just.NWAD UNEQUITABLE.2

    2. Not impartial. [Inequitable is generally used.]NWAD UNEQUITABLE.3


    1. Not equivocal; not doubtful; clear; evident; as unequivocal evidence.NWAD UNEQUIVOCAL.2

    2. Not ambiguous; not of doubtful signification; not admitting different interpretations; as unequivocal words or expressions.NWAD UNEQUIVOCAL.3

    UNEQUIVOCALLY, adv. Without doubt; without room to doubt; plainly; with full evidence.

    UNERRABLE, a. Incapable of erring; infallible.

    UNERRABLENESS, n. Incapacity of error.

    UNERRING, a.

    1. Committing no mistake; incapable of error; as, the unerring wisdom of God.NWAD UNERRING.2

    2. Incapable of failure; certain. He takes unerring aim.NWAD UNERRING.3

    UNERRINGLY, adv. Without mistake.

    UNESCHEWABLE, a. Unavoidable. [Not in use.]

    UNESPIED, a. Not espied; not discovered; not seen.

    UNESSAYED, a. Not essayed; unattempted.


    1. Not essential; not absolutely necessary; not of prime importance.NWAD UNESSENTIAL.2

    2. Not constituting the essence.NWAD UNESSENTIAL.3

    3. Void of real being; as unessential night.NWAD UNESSENTIAL.4

    UNESSENTIAL, n. Something not constituting essence, or not of absolute necessity. Forms are among the unessentials of religion.

    UNESTABLISH, v.t. To unfix; to deprive of establishment. [Little used.]

    UNESTABLISHED, a. Not established; not permanently fixed.

    UNEVANGELICAL, a. Not orthodox; not according to the gospel.

    UNEVEN, a. une’vn.

    1. Not even; not level; as an uneven road or way; uneven ground.NWAD UNEVEN.2

    2. Not equal; not of equal length.NWAD UNEVEN.3

    Hebrew verse consists of uneven feet.NWAD UNEVEN.4

    3. Not uniform; as an uneven temper.NWAD UNEVEN.5

    UNEVENLY, adv. In an uneven manner.


    1. Surface not level; inequality of surface; as the unevenness of ground or of roads.NWAD UNEVENNESS.2

    2. Turbulence; change; want of uniformity; as the unevenness of king Edward’s reign. [Unusual.]NWAD UNEVENNESS.3

    3. Want of uniformity; as unevenness of temper.NWAD UNEVENNESS.4

    4. Want of smoothness.NWAD UNEVENNESS.5

    UNEVITABLE, a. Not to be escaped; unavoidable. [The word now used is inevitable.]

    UNEXACT, a. Not exact. [See Inexact, which is generally used.]

    UNEXACTED, a. Not exacted; not taken by force.

    UNEXAGGERATED, a. Not exaggerated.

    UNEXAGGERATING, a. Not enlarging in description.

    UNEXAMINABLE, a. Not to be examined or inquired into.


    1. Not examined; not interrogated strictly; as a witness.NWAD UNEXAMINED.2

    2. Not inquired into; not investigated; as a question.NWAD UNEXAMINED.3

    3. Not discussed; not debated.NWAD UNEXAMINED.4

    UNEXAMPLED, a. Having no example or similar case; having no precedent; unprecedented; unparalleled; as the unexampled love and sufferings of our Savior.

    UNEXCEPTIONABLE, a. Not liable to any exception or objection; unobjectionable; as unexceptionable conduct; unexceptionable testimony.

    UNEXCEPTIONABLENESS, n. State or quality of being unexceptionable.

    UNEXCEPTIONABLY, adv. In a manner liable to no objection; as a point unexceptionably proved.

    UNEXCISED, a. s as z. Not charged with the duty of excise.

    UNEXCITED, a. Not excited; not roused.

    UNEXCOGITABLE, a. Not to be found out. [Not in use.]

    UNEXCOMMUNICATED, a. Not excommunicated.

    UNEXCUSABLE, a. s as z. Not excusable. [We now use inexcusable.]

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