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    UNDECK, v.t. To divest of ornaments.

    UNDECKED, pp.

    1. Deprived of ornaments.NWAD UNDECKED.2

    2. a. Not decked; not adorned.NWAD UNDECKED.3

    UNDECLARED, a. Not declared; not avowed.


    1. That cannot be declined.NWAD UNDECLINABLE.2

    2. Not to be avoided.NWAD UNDECLINABLE.3


    1. Not deviating; not turned from the right way.NWAD UNDECLINED.2

    2. Not varied in termination; as a noun undeclined.NWAD UNDECLINED.3

    UNDECOMPOSABLE, a. s as z. Not admitting decomposition; that cannot be decomposed.

    UNDECOMPOSED, a. s as z. Not decomposed; not separated; as constituent particles.

    UNDECOMPOUNDED, a. Not decompounded.

    UNDECORATED, a. Not adorned; not embellished; plain.

    To leave the character of Christ undecorated, to make its own impression.NWAD UNDECORATED.2


    1. Not dedicated; not consecrated.NWAD UNDEDICATED.2

    2. Not inscribed to a patron.NWAD UNDEDICATED.3

    UNDEEDED, a.

    1. Not signalized by any great action.NWAD UNDEEDED.2

    2. Not transferred by deed; as undeeded land. [Local.]NWAD UNDEEDED.3

    UNDEFACEABLE, a. That cannot be defaced.

    UNDEFACED, a. Not deprived of its form; not disfigured; as an undefaced statue.

    UNDEFEASIBLE, a. s as z. Not defeasible. [But indefeasible is chiefly used.]


    1. Not defended; not protected.NWAD UNDEFENDED.2

    2. Not vindicated.NWAD UNDEFENDED.3

    3. Open to assault; being without works of defense.NWAD UNDEFENDED.4

    UNDEFIED, a. Not set at defiance; not challenged.

    UNDEFILED, a. Not defiled; not polluted; not vitiated.


    1. Not definable; not capable of being described or limited; as the undefinable bounds of space.NWAD UNDEFINABLE.2

    2. That cannot be described by interpretation or definition.NWAD UNDEFINABLE.3

    Simple ideas are undefinable.NWAD UNDEFINABLE.4

    UNDEFINABLENESS, n. The quality or state of being undefinable.


    1. Not defined; not described by definition or explanation.NWAD UNDEFINED.2

    2. Not having its limits described.NWAD UNDEFINED.3

    UNDEFLOURED, a. Not debauched; not vitiated.

    UNDEFORMED, a. Not deformed; not disfigured.

    UNDEFRAUDED, a. Not defrauded.

    UNDEFRAYED, a. Not defrayed; not paid.

    UNDEGRADED, a. Not degraded.

    UNDEIFY, v.t. To reduce from the state of Deity.

    UNDELEGATED, a. Not delegated; not deputed; not granted; as undelegated authority; undelegated powers.

    UNDELIBERATED, a. Not carefully considered; as an undeliberated measure. [Not correct.]

    UNDELIBERATING, a. Not deliberating; not hesitating; hasty; prompt.

    UNDELIGHTED, a. Not delighted; not well pleased.

    UNDELIGHTFUL, a. Not giving delight or great pleasure.

    UNDELIVERED, a. Not delivered; not communicated.

    UNDEMANDED, a. Not demanded; not required.


    1. Not demolished; not pulled down.NWAD UNDEMOLISHED.2

    2. Not destroyed.NWAD UNDEMOLISHED.3


    1. Not capable of fuller evidence.NWAD UNDEMONSTRABLE.2

    2. Not capable of demonstration.NWAD UNDEMONSTRABLE.3

    UNDENIABLE, a. That cannot be denied; as undeniable evidence.

    UNDENIABLY, adv. So plainly as to admit no contradiction or denial.

    UNDEPENDING, a. Not dependent.

    UNDEPLORED, a. Not lamented.

    UNDEPOSABLE, a. s as z. That cannot be deposed from office.

    UNDEPRAVED, a. Not corrupted; not vitiated.

    UNDEPRECATED, a. Not deprecated.

    UNDEPRECIATED, a. Not depreciated; not lowered in value.

    UNDEPRIVED, a. Not deprived; not divested of by authority; not stripped of any possession.

    UNDER, prep.

    1. Beneath; below; so as to have something over or above. He stood under a tree; the carriage is under cover. We may see things under water; we have a cellar under the whole house.NWAD UNDER.2

    2. In a state of pupilage or subjection; as a youth under a tutor; a ward under a guardian; colonies under the British government.NWAD UNDER.3

    I also am a man under authority, having soldiers under me. Matthew 8:9.NWAD UNDER.4

    3. In a less degree than. The effect of medicine is sometimes under and sometimes above or over its natural strength.NWAD UNDER.5

    4. For less than. He would not sell the horse under forty pounds.NWAD UNDER.6

    5. Less than; below. There are parishes in England under forty pounds a year.NWAD UNDER.7

    6. With the pretense of; with the cover or pretext of. He does this under the name of love. This argument is not to be evaded under some plausible distinction.NWAD UNDER.8

    7. With less than.NWAD UNDER.9

    Several young men could never leave the pulpit under half a dozen conceits.NWAD UNDER.10

    8. In a degree, state or rank inferior to.NWAD UNDER.11

    It was too great an honor for any man under a duke.NWAD UNDER.12

    9. In a state of being loaded; in a state of bearing or being burdened; as, to travel under a heavy load; to live under extreme oppression.NWAD UNDER.13

    10. In a state of oppression or subjection to, the state in which a person is considered as bearing or having any thing laid upon him; as, to have fortitude under the evils of life; to have patience under pain, or under misfortunes; to behave like a christian under reproaches and injuries.NWAD UNDER.14

    11. In a state of liability or obligation. No man shall trespass but under the pains and penalties of the law. Attend to the conditions under which you enter upon your office. We are under the necessity of obeying the laws. Nuns are under vows of chastity. We all lie under the curse of the law, until redeemed by Christ.NWAD UNDER.15

    12. In the state of bearing and being known by; as men trading under the firm of Wright & Co.NWAD UNDER.16

    13. In the state of; in the enjoyment or possession of. We live under the gospel dispensation.NWAD UNDER.17

    14. During the time of. The American revolution commenced under the administration of lord North.NWAD UNDER.18

    15. Not having reached or arrived to; below. He left three sons under age.NWAD UNDER.19

    16. Represented by; in the form of. Morpheus is represented under the figure of a boy asleep. [But morph, in Ethiopic, signifies cessation, rest.]NWAD UNDER.20

    17. In the state of protection or defense. Under favor of the prince, our author was promoted. The enemy landed under cover of their batteries.NWAD UNDER.21

    18. As bearing a particular character.NWAD UNDER.22

    The duke may be mentioned under the double capacity of a poet and a divine.NWAD UNDER.23

    19. Being contained or comprehended in.NWAD UNDER.24

    Under this head may be mentioned the contests between the popes and the secular princes.NWAD UNDER.25

    20. Attested by; signed by. Here is a deed under his hand and seal.NWAD UNDER.26

    He has left us evidence under his own hand.NWAD UNDER.27

    21. In a state of being handled, treated or discussed, or of being the subject of. The bill is now under discussion. We shall have the subject under consideration next week.NWAD UNDER.28

    22. In subordination to. Under God, this is our only safety.NWAD UNDER.29

    23. In subjection or bondage to; ruled or influenced by; in a moral sense; within the dominion of.NWAD UNDER.30

    They are all under sin. Romans 3:9.NWAD UNDER.31

    Under a signature, bearing, as a name or title.NWAD UNDER.32

    Under way, in seamen’s language, moving; in a condition to make progress.NWAD UNDER.33

    To keep under, to hold in subjection or control; to restrain.NWAD UNDER.34

    I keep under my body. 1 Corinthians 9:27.NWAD UNDER.35

    UNDER, a. Lower in degree; subject; subordinate; as an under officer; under sheriff.

    Under is much used in composition. For the etymologies, see the principal words.NWAD UNDER.37

    UNDERACTION, n. Subordinate action; action not essential to the main story.

    The least episodes or underactions - are parts necessary to the main design.NWAD UNDERACTION.2

    UNDERAGENT, n. A subordinate agent.

    UNDERBEAR, v.t.

    1. To support; to endure.NWAD UNDERBEAR.2

    2. To line; to guard; as cloth of gold underborne with blue tinsel. Obs.NWAD UNDERBEAR.3

    UNDERBEARER, n. In funerals, one who sustains the corpse.

    UNDERBID, v.t. To bid or offer less than another; as in auctions, when a contract or service is set up to the lowest bidder.

    UNDERBRED, a. Of inferior breeding or manners.

    UNDERBRUSH, n. Shrubs and small trees in a wood or forest, growing under large trees.

    UNDERBUY, v.t. To buy at less than a thing is worth. [Not used.]

    UNDERCHAMBERLAIN, n. A deputy chamberlain of the exchequer.

    UNDERCLERK, n. A clerk subordinate to the principal clerk.

    UNDERCROFT, n. A vault under the choir or chancel of a church; also, a vault or secret walk under ground.

    UNDERCURRENT, n. A current below the surface of the water.

    UNDERDITCH, v.t. To form a deep ditch or trench to drain the surface of land.

    UNDERDO, v.i.

    1. To act below one’s abilities.NWAD UNDERDO.2

    2. To do less than is requisite.NWAD UNDERDO.3

    UNDERDOSE, n. A quantity less than a dose.

    UNDERDOSE, v.i. To take small doses.

    UNDERDRAIN, n. A drain or trench below the surface of the ground.

    UNDERDRAIN, v.t. To drain by cutting a deep channel below the surface.

    UNDERFACTION, n. A subordinate faction.

    UNDERFARMER, n. A subordinate farmer.

    UNDERFELLOW, n. A mean sorry wretch.

    UNDERFILLING, n. The lower part of a building.

    UNDERFONG, v.t. To take in hand. Obs.

    UNDERFOOT, adv. Beneath.

    UNDERFOOT, a. Low; base; abject; trodden down.

    UNDERFURNISH, v.t. To supply with less than enough.

    UNDERFURNISHED, pp. Supplied with less than enough.

    UNDERFURNISHING, ppr. Furnishing with less than enough.

    UNDERFURROW, adv. In agriculture, to sow underforrow, is to plow in seed. This phrase is applied to other operations, in which something is covered by the furrow-slice.

    UNDERGIRD, v.t. [See Gird.] To bind below; to gird round the bottom. Acts 27:17.

    UNDERGO, v.t.

    1. To suffer; to endure something burdensome or painful to the body or the mind; as, to undergo toil and fatigue; to undergo pain; to undergo grief or anxiety; to undergo the operation of amputation.NWAD UNDERGO.2

    2. To pass through. Bread in the stomach undergoes the process of digestion; it undergoes a material alteration.NWAD UNDERGO.3

    3. To sustain without fainting, yielding or sinking. Can you undergo the operation, or the fatigue?NWAD UNDERGO.4

    4. To be the bearer of; to possess.NWAD UNDERGO.5

    Virtues - as infinite as man may undergo. [Not in use.]NWAD UNDERGO.6

    5. To support; to hazard.NWAD UNDERGO.7

    I have mov’d certain Romans to undergo with me an enterprise.NWAD UNDERGO.8

    6. To be subject to.NWAD UNDERGO.9

    Claudio undergoes my challenge. Obs.NWAD UNDERGO.10

    UNDERGOING, ppr. Suffering; enduring.

    UNDERGONE, pp. undergawn’. Borne; suffered; sustained; endured. Who can tell how many evils and pains he has undergone?

    UNDERGRADUATE, n. A student or member of a university or college, who has not taken his first degree.

    UNDERGROUND, n. A place or space beneath the surface of the ground.

    UNDERGROUND, a. Being below the surface of the ground; as an underground story or apartment.

    UNDERGROUND, adv. Beneath the surface of the earth.

    UNDERGROWTH, n. That which grows under trees; shrubs or small trees growing among large ones.

    UNDERHAND, adv.

    1. By secret means; in a clandestine manner.NWAD UNDERHAND.2

    2. By fraud; by fraudulent means.NWAD UNDERHAND.3

    UNDERHAND, a. Secret; clandestine; usually implying meanness or fraud, or both. He obtained the place by underhand practices.

    UNDERHANDED, a. Underhand; clandestine. [This is the word in more general use in the United States.]

    UNDERIVED, a. Not derived; not borrowed; not received from a foreign source.

    UNDERKEEPER, n. A subordinate keeper.

    UNDERLABORER, n. A subordinate workman

    UNDERLAID, pp. or a. [from underlay.] Having something lying or laid beneath; as sand underlaid with clay.

    UNDERLAY, v.t. To lay beneath; to support by something laid under.

    UNDERLEAF, n. A sort of apple good for cider.

    UNDERLET, v.t.

    1. To let below the value.NWAD UNDERLET.2

    2. To let or lease, as a lessee or tenant; to let under a lease.NWAD UNDERLET.3

    It is a matter of much importance - that the tenant should have power to underlet his farms.NWAD UNDERLET.4

    UNDERLETTER, n. A tenant who leases.

    UNDERLETTING, ppr. Letting or leasing under a lease or by a lessee.

    UNDERLETTING, n. The act or practice of letting lands by lessees or tenants. [This is called also subletting.]

    UNDERLINE, v.t.

    1. To mark with a line below the words; sometimes called scoring.NWAD UNDERLINE.2

    2. To influence secretly. [Not used.]NWAD UNDERLINE.3

    UNDERLINED, pp. Marked with a line underneath.

    UNDERLING, n. An inferior person or agent; a mean sorry fellow.

    UNDERLINING, ppr. Marking with a line below.

    UNDERLOCK, n. A lock of wool hanging under the belly of a sheep.

    UNDERMASTER, n. A master subordinate to the principal master.

    UNDERMEAL, n. A repast before dinner.

    UNDERMINE, v.t.

    1. To sap; to excavate the earth beneath, for the purpose of suffering to fall, or of blowing up; as, to undermine a wall.NWAD UNDERMINE.2

    2. To excavate the earth beneath. Rapid streams often undermine their banks and the trees growing upon them.NWAD UNDERMINE.3

    3. To remove the foundation or support of any thing by clandestine means; as, to undermine reputation; to undermine the constitution of the state.NWAD UNDERMINE.4

    He should be warned who are like to undermine him.NWAD UNDERMINE.5

    UNDERMINED, pp. Sapped; having the foundation removed.


    1. One that saps, or excavates the earth beneath any thing.NWAD UNDERMINER.2

    2. One that clandestinely removes the foundation or support; one that secretly overthrows; as an underminer of the church.NWAD UNDERMINER.3

    UNDERMINING, ppr. Sapping; digging away the earth beneath; clandestinely removing the supports of.


    1. Lowest in place beneath others.NWAD UNDERMOST.2

    2. Lowest in state or condition.NWAD UNDERMOST.3

    The party that is undermost.NWAD UNDERMOST.4

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