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    UNEXCUSABLENESS, n. Inexcusableness, which see.


    1. Not performed; not done; as a task, business or project unexecuted.NWAD UNEXECUTED.2

    2. Not signed or sealed; not having the proper attestations or forms that give validity; as a contract or deed unexecuted.NWAD UNEXECUTED.3

    UNEXEMPLARY, a. Not exemplary; not according to example.

    UNEXEMPLIFIED, a. Not exemplified; not illustrated by example.

    UNEXEMPT, a. Not exempt; not free by privilege.

    UNEXERCISED, a. s as z. Not exercised; not practiced; not disciplined; not experienced.

    UNEXERTED, a. Not called into action; not exerted.


    1. Not exhausted; not drained to the bottom, or to the last article.NWAD UNEXHAUSTED.2

    2. Not spent; as unexhausted patience or strength.NWAD UNEXHAUSTED.3

    UNEXISTENT, a. Not existing.

    UNEXORCISED, a. s as z. Not exorcised; not cast out by exorcism.

    UNEXPANDED, a. Not expanded not spread out.

    UNEXPECTATION, n. Want of foresight. [Not in use.]

    UNEXPECTED, a. Not expected; not looked for; sudden; not provided against.

    UNEXPECTEDLY, adv. At a time or in a manner not expected or looked for; suddenly.

    UNEXPECTEDNESS, n. The quality of being unexpected, or of coming suddenly and by surprise.

    UNEXPECTORATING, a. Not expectorating; not discharging from the throat or lungs.

    UNEXPEDIENT, a. Not expedient. [But inexpedient is the word now used.]

    UNEXPENDED, a. Not expended; not laid out. There is an unexpended balance of the appropriation.

    UNEXPENSIVE, a. Not expensive; not costly.


    1. Not experienced; not versed; not acquainted by trial or practice.NWAD UNEXPERIENCED.2

    2. Untried; applied to things. [Unusual.]NWAD UNEXPERIENCED.3

    UNEXPERT, a. Wanting skill; not ready or dextrous in performance.

    UNEXPIRED, a. Not expired; not ended.

    UNEXPLAINABLE, a. That cannot be explained.


    1. Not explored; not searched or examined by the eye; unknown.NWAD UNEXPLORED.2

    2. Not examined intellectually.NWAD UNEXPLORED.3

    UNEXPOSED, a. s as z.

    1. Not laid open to view; concealed.NWAD UNEXPOSED.2

    2. Not laid open to censure.NWAD UNEXPOSED.3

    UNEXPOUNDED, a. Not expounded; not explained.

    UNEXPRESSED, a. Not expressed; not mentioned or named; not exhibited.

    UNEXPRESSIBLE, a. That cannot be expressed. [But inexpressible is the word now used.]


    1. Not having the power of expressing.NWAD UNEXPRESSIVE.2

    2. Inexpressible; unutterable.NWAD UNEXPRESSIVE.3

    UNEXTENDED, a. Occupying no assignable space; having no dimensions; as a spiritual, an unextended substance.

    UNEXTINCT, a. Not extinct; not being destroyed; not having perished.


    1. That cannot be extinguished; unquenchable; as unextinguishable fire.NWAD UNEXTINGUISHABLE.2

    2. That cannot be annihilated or repressed; as an unextinguishable thirst for knowledge. [But inextinguishable is more generally used.]NWAD UNEXTINGUISHABLE.3

    UNEXTINGUISHABLY, adv. In a manner or degree that precludes extinction.

    UNEXTINGUISHED, a. Not extinguished; not quenched; not entirely repressed.

    UNEXTIRPATED, a. Not extirpated; not rooted out.

    UNEXTORTED, a. Not extorted; not wrested.

    UNEXTRACTED, a. Not extracted or drawn out.

    UNFADED, a.

    1. Not faded; not having lost its strength of color.NWAD UNFADED.2

    2. Unwithered; as a plant.NWAD UNFADED.3

    UNFADING, a.

    1. Not liable to lose strength or freshness of coloring.NWAD UNFADING.2

    2. Not liable to wither; as unfading laurels.NWAD UNFADING.3

    UNFADINGNESS, n. The state or quality of being unfading.

    UNFAILABLE, a. That cannot fail. [Not in use.]

    UNFAILABLENESS, n. The quality of being unfailable. [Not in use.]


    1. Not liable to fail; not capable of being exhausted; as an unfailing spring; unfailing sources of supply.NWAD UNFAILING.2

    2. That does not fail; certain; as an unfailing promise.NWAD UNFAILING.3

    UNFAILINGNESS, n. The state of being unfailing.

    UNFAINTING, a. Not fainting; not sinking; not failing under toil.

    UNFAIR, a.

    1. Not honest; not impartial; disingenuous; using trick or artifice; as an unfair dealer.NWAD UNFAIR.2

    2. Not honest; not just; not equal; as unfair practices.NWAD UNFAIR.3

    3. Proceeding from trick or dishonesty; as unfair advantages.NWAD UNFAIR.4

    UNFAIRLY, adv. Not in a just or equitable manner.


    1. Dishonest or disingenuous conduct or practice; use of trick or artifice; applied to persons. He is noted for his unfairness in dealing.NWAD UNFAIRNESS.2

    2. Injustice; want of equitableness; as the unfairness of a proceeding.NWAD UNFAIRNESS.3


    1. Not observant of promises, vows, allegiance or duty; violating trust or confidence; treacherous; perfidious; as an unfaithful subject; an unfaithful husband or wife; an unfaithful servant; an unfaithful bailee or agent.NWAD UNFAITHFUL.2

    2. Not performing the proper duty.NWAD UNFAITHFUL.3

    My feet through wine unfaithful to their weight -NWAD UNFAITHFUL.4

    3. Impious; infidel.NWAD UNFAITHFUL.5

    4. Negligent of duty; as an unfaithful workman.NWAD UNFAITHFUL.6


    1. In violation of promises, vows or duty; treacherously; perfidiously.NWAD UNFAITHFULLY.2

    2. Negligently; imperfectly; as work unfaithfully done.NWAD UNFAITHFULLY.3

    UNFAITHFULNESS, n. Neglect or violation of vows, promises, allegiance or other duty; breach of confidence or trust reposed; perfidiousness; treachery; as the unfaithfulness of a subject to his prince or the state; the unfaithfulness of a husband to his wife, or of a wife to her husband; the unfaithfulness of an agent, servant or officer.

    UNFALCATED, a. Not curtailed; having no deductions.

    UNFALLEN, a. Not fallen.

    UNFALLOWED, a. Not fallowed.

    UNFAMILIAR, a. Not accustomed; not common; not rendered agreeable by frequent use.

    UNFAMILIARITY, n. Want of familiarity.


    1. Not fashionable; not according to the prevailing mode; as unfashionable dress or language.NWAD UNFASHIONABLE.2

    2. Not regulating dress or manners according to the reigning custom; as an unfashionable man.NWAD UNFASHIONABLE.3

    UNFASHIONABLENESS, n. Neglect of the prevailing mode; deviation from reigning custom.

    UNFASHIONABLY, adv. Not according to the fashion; as, to be unfashionably dressed.

    UNFASHIONED, a. Not modified by art; amorphous; shapeless; not having a regular form; as a lifeless lump unfashioned.

    UNFAST, a. Not safe; not secure.

    UNFASTEN, v.t. To loose; to unfix; to unbind; to untie.

    UNFASTENED, pp. Loosed; untied; unfixed.

    UNFATHERED, a. Fatherless.

    UNFATHERLY, a. Not becoming a father; unkind.


    1. That cannot be sounded by a line; as an unfathomable lake.NWAD UNFATHOMABLE.2

    2. So deep or remote that the limit or extent cannot be found. The designs of Providence are often unfathomable.NWAD UNFATHOMABLE.3

    UNFATHOMABLENESS, n. The state of being unfathomable.

    UNFATHOMABLY, adv. So as not to be capable of being sounded.

    UNFATHOMED, a. Not sounded; not to be sounded.

    UNFATIGUED, a. unfatee’ged. Not wearied; not tired.

    UNFAULTY, a. Free from fault; innocent.


    1. Not favorable; not propitious; not disposed or adapted to countenance or support. We found the minister’s opinion unfavorable to our project. The committee made a report unfavorable to the petitioner.NWAD UNFAVORABLE.2

    2. Not propitious; not adapted to promote any object; as weather unfavorable for harvest.NWAD UNFAVORABLE.3

    3. Not kind; not obliging.NWAD UNFAVORABLE.4

    4. Discouraging; as unfavorable prospects.NWAD UNFAVORABLE.5

    UNFAVORABLENESS, n. Unpropitiousness; unkindness; want of disposition to countenance or promote.

    UNFAVORABLY, adv. Unpropitiously; unkindly; so as not to countenance, support or promote; in a manner to discourage.

    UNFAVORED, a. Not favored; not assisted.

    UNFEARED, a.

    1. Not affrighted; not daunted. [Not in use.]NWAD UNFEARED.2

    2. Not feared; not dreaded.NWAD UNFEARED.3

    UNFEASIBLE, a. s as z. That cannot be done; impracticable.

    UNFEATHERED, UNFETHERED, a. Having no feathers; unfledged; implumous; naked of feathers.

    UNFEATURED, a. Wanting regular features; deformed.

    Visage rough, deform’d, unfeatur’d.NWAD UNFEATURED.2

    UNFED, a. Not fed; not supplied with food.

    UNFEED, a.

    1. Not feed; not retained by a fee.NWAD UNFEED.2

    2. Unpaid; as an unfeed lawyer.NWAD UNFEED.3


    1. Insensible; void of sensibility.NWAD UNFEELING.2

    2. Cruel; hard.NWAD UNFEELING.3

    UNFEELINGLY, adv. In an unfeeling or cruel manner.

    UNFEELINGNESS, n. Insensibility; harness of heart; cruelty.

    UNFEIGNED, a. Not feigned; not counterfeit; not hypocritical; real; sincere; as unfeigned piety to God; unfeigned love to man.

    UNFEIGNEDLY, adv. Without hypocrisy; really; sincerely.

    He pardoneth all them that truly repent, and unfeignedly believe his holy gospel.NWAD UNFEIGNEDLY.2

    UNFELICITATING, a. Not producing felicity. [Unusual.]

    UNFELLOWED, a. Not matched.

    UNFELT, a. Not felt; not perceived.

    UNFENCE, v.t. unfens’. To strip of fence; to remove a fence from.

    UNFENCED, pp.

    1. Deprived of a fence.NWAD UNFENCED.2

    2. a. Not fenced; not inclosed; defenseless; as a tract of land unfenced.NWAD UNFENCED.3


    1. Not fermented; not having undergone the process of fermentation; as liquor.NWAD UNFERMENTED.2

    2. Not leavened; as bread.NWAD UNFERMENTED.3


    1. Not fertile; not rich; not having the qualities necessary to the production of good crops.NWAD UNFERTILE.2

    2. Barren; unfruitful; bare; waste.NWAD UNFERTILE.3

    3. Not prolific.NWAD UNFERTILE.4

    [This word is not obsolete, but infertile is much used instead of it.]NWAD UNFERTILE.5

    UNFETTER, v.t.

    1. To loose from fetters; to unchain; to unshackle.NWAD UNFETTER.2

    2. To free from restraint; to set at liberty; as, to unfetter the mind.NWAD UNFETTER.3


    1. Unchained; unshackled; freed from restraint.NWAD UNFETTERED.2

    2. a. Not restrained.NWAD UNFETTERED.3

    UNFETTERING, ppr. Unchaining; setting free from restraint.

    UNFIGURED, a. Representing no animal form.

    UNFILIAL, a. Unsuitable to a son or child; undutiful; not becoming a child.

    UNFILLED, a. Not filled; not fully supplied.

    UNFINISHED, a. Not finished; not complete; not brought to an end; imperfect; wanting the last hand or touch; as an unfinished house; an unfinished painting.

    UNFIRED, a. Not fired; not inflamed.

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