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    UNACCURATENESS, n. Want of correctness. [But we now use inaccurateness, or inaccuracy.]

    UNACCUSED, a. s as z. Not accused; not charged with a crime or fault.


    1. Not accustomed; not used; not made familiar; not habituated; as a bullock unaccustomed to the yoke. Jeremiah 31:18.NWAD UNACCUSTOMED.2

    2. New; not usual; not made familiar; as unaccustomed air; unaccustomed ideas.NWAD UNACCUSTOMED.3

    UNACHIEVABLE, a. That cannot be done or accomplished.

    UNACHIEVED, a. Not achieved; not accomplished or performed.


    1. Not acknowledged; not recognized; as an unacknowledged agent or consul.NWAD UNACKNOWLEDGED.2

    2. Not owned; not confessed; not avowed; as an unacknowledged crime or fault.NWAD UNACKNOWLEDGED.3

    UNACQUAINTANCE, n. Want of acquaintance or familiarity; want of knowledge; followed by with; as an utter unacquaintance with his design.


    1. Not well known; unusual.NWAD UNACQUAINTED.2

    And th’ unacquainted light began to fear. [Not in use.]NWAD UNACQUAINTED.3

    2. Not having familiar knowledge; followed by with.NWAD UNACQUAINTED.4

    My ears are unacquainted with such bold truths.NWAD UNACQUAINTED.5

    UNACQUAINTEDNESS, n. Want of acquaintance.

    UNACQUIRED, a. Not acquired; not gained.

    UNACQUITTED, a. Not acquitted, not declared innocent.

    UNACTED, a. Not acted; not performed; not executed.

    UNACTIVE, a.

    1. Not active; not brisk. [We now use inactive.]NWAD UNACTIVE.2

    2. Having no employment.NWAD UNACTIVE.3

    3. Not busy; not diligent; idle.NWAD UNACTIVE.4

    4. Having no action or efficacy. [See Inactive.]NWAD UNACTIVE.5

    UNACTUATED, a. Not actuated; not moved.

    UNADAPTED, a. Not adapted; not suited.

    UNADDICTED, a. Not addicted; not given or devoted.

    UNADJUDGED, a. Not adjudged; not judicially decided.


    1. Not adjusted; not settled; not regulated; as differences unadjusted.NWAD UNADJUSTED.2

    2. Not settled; not liquidated; as unadjusted accounts.NWAD UNADJUSTED.3

    UNADMINISTERED, a. Not administered.

    UNADMIRED, a. Not admired; not regarded with great affection or respect.

    UNADMIRING, a. Not admiring.

    UNADMONISHED, a. Not admonished; not cautioned, warned or advised.

    UNADOPTED, a. Not adopted; not received as one’s own.

    UNADORED, a. Not adored; not worshiped.

    UNADORNED, a. Not adorned; not decorated; not embellished.

    UNADULTERATED, a. Not adulterated; genuine; pure.

    UNADULTEROUS, a. Not guilty of adultery.

    UNADULTEROUSLY, adv. Without being guilty of adultery.

    UNADVENTUROUS, a. Not adventurous; not bold or resolute.

    UNADVISABLE, a. s as z. Not advisable; not to be recommended; not expedient; not prudent.

    UNADVISED, a. s as z.

    1. Not prudent; not discrete.NWAD UNADVISED.2

    2. Done without due consideration; rash; as an unadvised measure or proceeding.NWAD UNADVISED.3

    UNADVISEDLY, adv. s as z. Imprudently; indiscreetly; rashly; without due consideration.

    UNADVISEDNESS, n. s as z. Imprudence; rashness.

    UNAERATED, a. Not combined with carbonic acid.

    UNAFFABLE, a. Not affable; not free to converse; reserved.


    1. Not affected; plain; natural; not labored or artificial; simple; as unaffected ease and grace.NWAD UNAFFECTED.2

    2. Real; not hypocritical; sincere; as unaffected sorrow.NWAD UNAFFECTED.3

    3. Not moved; not having the heart or passions touched. Men often remain unaffected under all the solemn monitions of Providence.NWAD UNAFFECTED.4

    UNAFFECTEDLY, adv. Really; in sincerity; without disguise; without attempting to produce false appearances. He was unaffectedly cheerful.

    UNAFFECTING, a. Not pathetic; not adapted to move the passions.

    UNAFFECTIONATE, a. Not affectionate; wanting affection.

    UNAFFIRMED, a. Not affirmed; not confirmed.

    UNAFFLICTED, a. Not afflicted; free from trouble.

    UNAFFRIGHTED, a. Not frightened.

    UNAGGRAVATED, a. Not aggravated.

    UNAGITATED, a. Not agitated; calm.

    UNAGREEABLE, a. Not consistent; unsuitable.

    UNAGREEABLENESS, n. Unsuitableness; inconsistency with.

    UNAIDABLE, a. Not to be aided or assisted. [Not used.]

    UNAIDED, a. Not aided; not assisted.

    UNAIMING, a. Having no particular aim or direction.

    UNAKING, a. Not aking; not giving or feeling pain.

    UNALARMED, a. Not alarmed; not disturbed with fear.

    UNALIENABLE, a. Not alienable; that cannot be alienated; that may not be transferred; as unalienable rights.

    UNALIENABLY, adv. In a manner that admits of no alienation; as property unalienable vested.

    UNALIENATED, a. Not alienated; not transferred; not estranged.


    1. Not allayed; not appeased or quieted.NWAD UNALLAYED.2

    2. For unalloyed.NWAD UNALLAYED.3

    UNALLEVIATED, a. Not alleviated; not mitigated.

    UNALLIABLE, a. That cannot be allied or connected in amity.

    UNALLIED, a.

    1. Having no alliance or connection, either by nature, marriage or treaty; as unallied families or nations, or substances.NWAD UNALLIED.2

    2. Having no powerful relation.NWAD UNALLIED.3

    UNALLOWED, a. Not allowed; not permitted.

    UNALLOYED, a. Not alloyed; not reduced by foreign admixture; as metals unalloyed.

    I enjoyed unalloyed satisfaction in his company.NWAD UNALLOYED.2

    UNALLURED, a. Not allured; not enticed.

    UNALLURING, a. Not alluring; not tempting.

    UNALMSED, a. unamzed. Not having received alms.

    UNALTERABLE, a. Not alterable; unchangeable; immutable.

    UNALTERABLENESS, n. Unchangeableness; immutability.

    UNALTERABLY, adv. Unchangeably; immutably.

    UNALTERED, a. Not altered or changed.

    UNAMAZED, a. Not amazed; free from astonishment.

    UNAMBIGUOUS, a. Not ambiguous; not of doubtful meaning; plain; clear; certain.

    UNAMBIGUOUSLY, adv. In a clear, explicit manner.

    UNAMBIGUOUSNESS, n. Clearness; explicitness.


    1. Not ambitious; free from ambition.NWAD UNAMBITIOUS.2

    2. Not affecting show; not showy or prominent; as unambitious ornaments.NWAD UNAMBITIOUS.3

    UNAMBITIOUSNESS, n. Freedom from ambition.

    UNAMENDABLE, a. Not capable of emendation.

    UNAMENDED, a. Not capable of emendation.

    UNAMIABLE, a. Not amiable; not conciliating love; not adapted to gain affection.

    UNAMIABLENESS, n. Want of amiableness.

    UNAMUSED, a. s as z. Not amused; not entertained.

    UNAMUSING, a. s as z. Not amusing; not affording entertainment.

    UNAMUSIVE, a. Not affording amusement.

    UNANALOGICAL, a. Not analogical.

    UNANALOGOUS, a. Not analogous; not agreeable to.

    UNANALYSED, a. s as z. Not analysed; not resolved into simple parts.

    UNANCHORED, a. Not anchored; not moored.

    UNANELED, a. Not having received extreme unction. [See Anneal.]

    UNANGULAR, a. Having no angles.

    UNANIMALIZED, a. Not formed into animal matter.


    1. Not animated; not possessed of life.NWAD UNANIMATED.2

    2. Not enlivened; not having spirit; dull.NWAD UNANIMATED.3

    UNANIMATING, a. Not animating; dull.

    UNANIMITY, n. [L. unus, one, and animus, mind.]

    Agreement of a number of persons in opinion or determination; as, there was perfect unanimity among the members of the council.NWAD UNANIMITY.2


    1. Being of one mind; agreeing in opinion or determination; as, the house of assembly was unanimous; the members of the council were unanimous.NWAD UNANIMOUS.2

    2. Formed by unanimity; as a unanimous vote.NWAD UNANIMOUS.3

    UNANIMOUSLY, adv. With entire agreement of minds.


    1. The state of being of one mind.NWAD UNANIMOUSNESS.2

    2. Proceeding from unanimity; as the unanimousness of a vote.NWAD UNANIMOUSNESS.3

    UNANNEALED, a. Not annealed; not tempered by heat; suddenly cooled.

    UNANNEXED, a. Not annexed; not joined.

    UNANNOYED, a. Not annoyed or incommoded.


    1. Not anointed.NWAD UNANOINTED.2

    2. Not having received extreme unction.NWAD UNANOINTED.3

    UNANSWERABLE, a. Not to be satisfactorily answered; not capable of refutation; as an unanswerable argument.

    UNANSWERABLENESS, n. The state of being unanswerable.

    UNANSWERABLY, adv. In a manner not to be answered; beyond refutation.


    1. Not answered; not opposed by a reply.NWAD UNANSWERED.2

    2. Not refuted.NWAD UNANSWERED.3

    3. Not suitably returned.NWAD UNANSWERED.4

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