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    1. Not chastised; not punished.NWAD UNCHASTISED.2

    2. Not corrected; not restrained.NWAD UNCHASTISED.3

    UNCHASTITY, n. Incontinence; lewdness; unlawful indulgence of the sexual appetite.


    1. Not checked; not restrained; not hindered.NWAD UNCHECKED.2

    2. Not contradicted.NWAD UNCHECKED.3

    UNCHEERFUL, a. Not cheerful; sad.

    UNCHEERFULNESS, n. Want of cheerfulness; sadness.

    UNCHEERY, a. Dull; not enlivening.

    UNCHEWED, a. Not chewed or masticated.

    UNCHILD, v.t. To bereave of children. [Not in use.]


    1. Contrary to the laws of christianity; as an unchristian reflection; unchristian temper or conduct.NWAD UNCHRISTIAN.2

    2. Not evangelized; not converted to the christian faith; infidel.NWAD UNCHRISTIAN.3

    UNCHRISTIAN, v.t. To deprive of the constituent qualities of christianity.

    UNCHRISTIANIZE, v.t. to turn from the christian faith; to cause to degenerate from the belief and profession of christianity.

    UNCHRISTIANLY, a. Contrary to the laws of christianity; unbecoming christians.

    UNCHRISTIANLY, adv. In a manner contrary to christian principles.

    UNCHRISTIANNESS, n. Contrariety to christianity.

    UNCHURCH, v.t. To expel from a church; to deprive of the character and rights of a church.

    UNCHURCHED, pp. Expelled from a church.

    UNCHURCHING, ppr. Expelling from a church.

    UNCIAL, a. [L. uncialis.] Pertaining to letters of a large size, used in ancient manuscripts.

    UNCIAL, n. An uncial letter.

    UNCINATE, a. [L. uncinatus, from uncus, a hook.] In botany, hooked at the end.

    UNCIRCUMCISED, a. s as z. Not circumcised.

    UNCIRCUMCISION, n. Absence or want of circumcision.

    UNCIRCUMSCRIBED, a. Not circumscribed; not bounded; not limited.

    Where the prince is uncircumscribed, obedience ought to be unlimited.NWAD UNCIRCUMSCRIBED.2

    UNCIRCUMSPECT, a. Not circumspect; not cautious.

    UNCIRCUMSTANTIAL, a. Not important. [Not in use.]

    UNCIVIL, a.

    1. Not civil; not complaisant; not courteous in manners; applied to persons.NWAD UNCIVIL.2

    2. Not polite; rude; applied to manners; as uncivil behavior.NWAD UNCIVIL.3

    UNCIVILIZATION, n. A state of savageness; rude state.


    1. Not reclaimed from savage life; as the uncivilized inhabitants of Canada or New Zealand.NWAD UNCIVILIZED.2

    2. Coarse; indecent; as he most uncivilized words in our language. [Not in use.]NWAD UNCIVILIZED.3

    UNCIVILLY, adv. Not complaisantly; not courteously; rudely.

    UNCLAD, a. Not clad; not clothed.

    UNCLAIMED, a. Not claimed; not demanded; not called for; as unclaimed dividends of a bank.

    UNCLARIFIED, a. Not purified; not fined; not departed by a separation of feculent or foreign matter.

    UNCLASP, v.t. To loose a clasp; to open what is fastened with a clasp; as, to unclasp a book.

    UNCLASPING, ppr. Loosing a clasp.


    1. Not classic; not according to the best models of writing.NWAD UNCLASSIC.2

    2. Not pertaining to the classic writers; as unclassic ground.NWAD UNCLASSIC.3

    UNCLE, n. [L. avunculus.] The brother of one’s father or mother.

    UNCLEAN, a.

    1. Not clean; foul; dirty; filthy.NWAD UNCLEAN.2

    2. In the Jewish law, ceremonially impure; not cleansed by ritual practices. Numbers 19:11; Leviticus 11:4; Romans 14:14.NWAD UNCLEAN.3

    3. Foul with sin. Matthew 10:1.NWAD UNCLEAN.4

    That holy place where no unclean thing shall enter.NWAD UNCLEAN.5

    4. Not in covenant with God. 1 Corinthians 7:14.NWAD UNCLEAN.6

    5. Lewd; unchaste.NWAD UNCLEAN.7

    Adultery of the heart, consisting of inordinate and unclean affections.NWAD UNCLEAN.8

    No unclean person - hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Ephesians 5:5.NWAD UNCLEAN.9

    UNCLEANABLE, a. That cannot be cleansed.

    UNCLEANLINESS, n. unclen’liness. Want of cleanliness; filthiness.

    UNCLEANLY, a. unclen’ly.

    1. Foul; filthy; dirty.NWAD UNCLEANLY.2

    2. Indecent; unchaste; obscene.NWAD UNCLEANLY.3

    It is a pity that these harmonious writers have indulged any thing uncleanly or impure to defile their paper.NWAD UNCLEANLY.4


    1. Foulness; dirtiness; filthiness.NWAD UNCLEANNESS.2

    Be not troublesome to thyself or to others by uncleanness.NWAD UNCLEANNESS.3

    2. Want of ritual or ceremonial purity. Leviticus 15:2.NWAD UNCLEANNESS.4

    3. Moral impurity; defilement by sin; sinfulness.NWAD UNCLEANNESS.5

    I will save you from all your uncleanness. Ezekiel 36:29.NWAD UNCLEANNESS.6

    4. Lewdness; incontinence. Colossians 3:5; 2 Peter 2:10.NWAD UNCLEANNESS.7

    UNCLEANSED, a. unclenz’ed. Not cleansed; not purified.

    UNCLENCH, v.t. To open the closed hand; as, to unclench the fist.

    UNCLENCHED, pp. Opened; unclosed.

    UNCLEW, v.t. To undo; to unwind, unfold or untie.

    UNCLIPPED, a. Not clipped; not out; not diminished or shortened by clipping; as unclipped money; unclipped hair.

    UNCLOG, v.t. To disencumber of difficulties and obstructions; to free from incumbrances, or any thing that retards motion.

    UNCLOGGED, pp. or a. Disencumbered; set free from obstructions.

    UNCLOGGING, ppr. Disencumbering.

    UNCLOISTER, v.t. To release from a cloister or from confinement; to set at liberty.

    UNCLOISTERED, pp. Released from a cloister or from confinement.

    UNCLOISTERING, ppr. Releasing from confinement.

    UNCLOSE, v.t. s as z.

    1. To open; to break the seal of; as, to unclose a letter.NWAD UNCLOSE.2

    2. To disclose; to lay open.NWAD UNCLOSE.3

    UNCLOSED, pp.

    1. Opened.NWAD UNCLOSED.2

    2. a. Not separated by inclosures; open.NWAD UNCLOSED.3

    3. Not finished; not concluded.NWAD UNCLOSED.4

    4. Not closed; not sealed.NWAD UNCLOSED.5

    UNCLOSING, ppr. Opening; breaking the seal of.

    UNCLOTHE, v.t. To strip of clothes; to make naked; to divest.

    To have a distinct knowledge of things, we must unclothe them.NWAD UNCLOTHE.2

    UNCLOTHED, pp. Stripped of clothing or covering.

    Nor for that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon. 2 Corinthians 5:4.NWAD UNCLOTHED.2

    UNCLOTHEDLY, adv. Without clothing

    UNCLOTHING, ppr. Stripping of clothing.

    UNCLOUD, v.t. To unvail; to clear from obscurity or clouds.


    1. Not cloudy; free from clouds; clear; as an unclouded sky.NWAD UNCLOUDED.2

    2. Not darkened; not obscured.NWAD UNCLOUDED.3


    1. Freedom from clouds; clearness.NWAD UNCLOUDEDNESS.2

    2. Freedom from obscurity or gloom.NWAD UNCLOUDEDNESS.3

    UNCLOUDING, ppr. Clearing from clouds or obscurity.

    UNCLOUDY, a. Not cloudy; clear; free from clouds, obscurity or gloom.

    UNCLUTCH, v.t. To open something closely shut.

    Unclutch his griping hand.NWAD UNCLUTCH.2

    UNCOAGULABLE, a. That cannot be coagulated.

    UNCOAGULATED, a. Not coagulated or concreted.

    UNCOATED, a. Not coated; not covered with a coat.

    UNCOCKED, a.

    1. Not cocked, as a gun.NWAD UNCOCKED.2

    2. Not made into cocks, as hay.NWAD UNCOCKED.3

    3. Not set up, as the brim of a hat.NWAD UNCOCKED.4

    UNCOIF, v.t. To pull the cap off.

    UNCOIFED, a. Not wearing a coif.

    UNCOIL, v.t. To unwind or open, as the turns of a rope or other line.

    UNCOILED, pp. Opened; unwound.

    UNCOINED, a. Not coined; as uncoined silver.


    1. Not collected; not received; as uncollected taxes; debts uncollected.NWAD UNCOLLECTED.2

    2. Not collected; not recovered from confusion, distraction or wandering; as the mind yet uncollected.NWAD UNCOLLECTED.3

    UNCOLLECTIBLE, a. Not collectible; that cannot be collected or levied, or paid by the debtor; as uncollectible taxes; uncollectible debts.


    1. Not colored; not stained or dyed.NWAD UNCOLORED.2

    2. Not heightened in description.NWAD UNCOLORED.3

    UNCOMBED, a. Not combed; not dressed with a comb.

    UNCOMBINABLE, a. Not capable of being combined.

    UNCOMBINED, a. Not combined; separate; simple.

    UNCOMELINESS, n. Want of comeliness; want of beauty or grace; as uncomeliness of person, of dress or behavior.

    UNCOMELY, a.

    1. Not comely; wanting grace; as an uncomely person; uncomely dress; uncomely manners.NWAD UNCOMELY.2

    2. Unseemly; unbecoming; unsuitable.NWAD UNCOMELY.3


    1. Affording no comfort; gloomy.NWAD UNCOMFORTABLE.2

    Christmas - the most uncomfortable time of the year.NWAD UNCOMFORTABLE.3

    2. Giving uneasiness; as an uncomfortable seat or condition.NWAD UNCOMFORTABLE.4


    1. Want of comfort or cheerfulness.NWAD UNCOMFORTABLENESS.2


    UNCOMFORTABLY, adv. In an uncomfortable manner; without comfort or cheerfulness; in an uneasy state.

    UNCOMMANDED, a. Not commanded; not required by precept, order or law; as uncommanded austerities.

    UNCOMMENDABLE, a. Not commendable; not worthy of commendation; laudable.

    UNCOMMENDED, a. Not praised; not commended.

    UNCOMMERCIAL, a. Not commercial; not carrying on commerce.

    UNCOMMISERATED, a. Not commiserated; not pitied.

    UNCOMMISSIONED, a. Not commissioned; not having a commission.

    UNCOMMITTED, a. Not committed.

    UNCOMMON, a.

    1. Not common; not usual; rare; as an uncommon season; an uncommon degree of cold or heat; uncommon courage.NWAD UNCOMMON.2

    2. Not frequent; not often seen or known; as an uncommon production.NWAD UNCOMMON.3

    UNCOMMONLY, adv.

    1. Rarely; not usually.NWAD UNCOMMONLY.2

    2. To an uncommon degree.NWAD UNCOMMONLY.3

    UNCOMMONNESS, n. Rareness of occurrence; infrequency. the uncommonness of a thing often renders it valuable.


    1. Not communicated; not disclosed or delivered to others.NWAD UNCOMMUNICATED.2

    2. Not imparted to or from another; as the uncommunicated perfections of God.NWAD UNCOMMUNICATED.3

    UNCOMMUNICATIVE, a. Not communicative; not free to communicate to others; reserved.

    UNCOMPACT, a. Not compact; not firm; not of close texture; loose.

    UNCOMPACTED, a. Not compact; not firm.

    UNCOMPANIED, a. Having no companion. [Unaccompanied is mostly used.]

    UNCOMPASSIONATE, a. Not compassionate; having no pity.

    UNCOMPASSIONED, a. Not pitied.

    UNCOMPELLABLE, a. Not compellable; that cannot be forced or compelled.

    UNCOMPELLED, a. Not forced; free from compulsion.

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