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    UNDID, pret. of undo.

    UNDIGENOUS, a. [L. unda, wave and Gr. kind.] Generated by water.

    UNDIGESTED, a. Not digested; not subdued by the stomach; crude.

    UNDIGHT, v.t. To put off. Obs.

    UNDIGNIFIED, a. Not dignified; common; mean.

    UNDIMINISHABLE, a. Not capable of diminution.

    UNDIMINISHED, a. Not diminished; not lessened; unimpaired.

    UNDIMINISHING, a. Not diminishing; not becoming less.

    UNDINTED, a. Not impressed by a blow.

    UNDIPLOMATIC, a. Not according to the rules of diplomatic bodies.

    UNDIPPED, a. Not dipped; not plunged.


    1. Not directed; not guided; left without direction.NWAD UNDIRECTED.2

    2. Not addressed; not superscribed; as a letter.NWAD UNDIRECTED.3

    UNDISAPPOINTED, a. Not disappointed.

    UNDISCERNED, a. Not discerned; not seen; not observed; not descried; not discovered; as truths undiscerned.

    UNDISCERNEDLY, adv. In such a manner as not to be discovered or seen.

    UNDISCERNIBLE, a. That cannot be discerned, seen or discovered; invisible; as undiscernible objects or distinctions.

    UNDISCERNIBLENESS, n. The state or quality of being undiscernible.

    UNDISCERNIBLY, adv. In a way not to be discovered or seen; invisibly; imperceptibly.

    UNDISCERNING, a. Not discerning; not making just distinctions; wanting judgment or the power of discrimination.

    UNDISCERNING, n. Want of discernment.


    1. Not disciplined; not duly exercised and taught; not subdued to regularity and order; raw; as undisciplined troops; undisciplined valor.NWAD UNDISCIPLINED.2

    2. Not instructed; untaught; as undisciplined minds.NWAD UNDISCIPLINED.3

    UNDISCLOSE, v.t. undisclo’ze. Not to discover. [A bad word.]

    UNDISCLOSED, a. Not disclosed; not revealed.

    UNDISCOLORED, a. Not discolored; not stained.

    UNDISCORDING, a. Not disagreeing; not jarring in music; harmonious; as undiscording voices.

    UNDISCOVERABLE, a. That cannot be discovered or found out; as a undiscoverable principles.

    UNDISCOVERABLY, adv. In a manner not to be discovered.

    UNDISCOVERED, a. Not discovered; not seen; not descried.

    UNDISCRETE, a. Not discrete; not prudent or wise. [Instead of this, indiscrete is used.]

    UNDISCRETELY, adv. Indiscretely. [See Indiscretely.]

    UNDISCUSSED, a. Not discussed; not argued or debated.

    UNDISGRACED, a. Not disgraced or dishonored.

    UNDISGUISED, a. [See Guise.]

    1. Not disguised; not covered with a mask, or with a false appearance.NWAD UNDISGUISED.2

    2. Open; frank; candid; plain; artless.NWAD UNDISGUISED.3

    UNDISHONORED, n. [See Honor.] Not dishonored; not disgraced.

    UNDISMAYED, a. Not dismayed; not disheartened by fear; not discouraged; as troops undismayed.

    UNDISOBLIGING, a. Inoffensive. [Little used.]

    UNDISORDERED, a. s as z. Not disordered; not disturbed.


    1. Not dispensed.NWAD UNDISPENSED.2

    2. Not freed from obligation.NWAD UNDISPENSED.3

    UNDISPENSING, a. Not allowing to be dispensed with.

    UNDISPERSED, a. Not dispersed; not scattered.

    UNDISPLAYED, a. Not displayed; not unfolded.

    UNDISPUTABLE, a. Not disputable. [But the word now used is indisputable.]

    UNDISPUTED, a. Not disputed; not contested; not called in question; as an undisputed title; undisputed truth.

    UNDISQUIETED, a. Not disquieted; not disturbed.

    UNDISSEMBLED, a. Not dissembled; open; undisguised; unfeigned; as undissembled friendship or piety.

    UNDISSEMBLING, a. Not dissembling; not exhibiting a false appearance; not false.

    UNDISSIPATED, a. Not dissipated; not scattered.

    UNDISSOLVABLE, a. [See Dissolve.]

    1. That cannot be dissolved or melted.NWAD UNDISSOLVABLE.2

    2. That may not be loosened or broken; as the undissolvable ties of friendship.NWAD UNDISSOLVABLE.3

    UNDISSOLVED, a. Not dissolved; not melted.

    UNDISSOLVING, a. Not dissolving; not melting; as the undissolving ice of the Alps.


    1. Not diseased; free from malady.NWAD UNDISTEMPERED.2

    2. Free from perturbation.NWAD UNDISTEMPERED.3

    UNDISTENDED, a. Not distended; not enlarged.

    UNDISTILLED, a. Not distilled.


    1. That cannot be distinguished by the eye; not to be distinctly seen.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHABLE.2

    2. Not to be known or distinguished by the intellect, by any peculiar property.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHABLE.3

    UNDISTINGUISHABLY, adv. Without distinction; so as not to be known from each other, or to be separately seen.


    1. Not distinguished; not so marked as to be distinctly known from each other.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHED.2

    Undistinguish’d seeds of good and ill.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHED.3

    2. Not separately seen or descried.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHED.4

    3. Not plainly discerned.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHED.5

    4. Having no intervenient space.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHED.6

    5. Not marked by any particular property.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHED.7

    6. Not treated with any particular respect.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHED.8

    7. Not distinguished by any particular eminence.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHED.9

    UNDISTINGUISHING, a. Making no difference; not discriminating; as undistinguishing favor.

    Undistinguishing distribution of good and evil.NWAD UNDISTINGUISHING.2

    UNDISTORTED, a. Not distorted; not perverted.

    UNDISTRACTED, a. Not perplexed by contrariety or confusion of thought, desires or concerns.

    UNDISTRACTEDLY, adv. Without disturbance from contrariety of thoughts or multiplicity of concerns.

    UNDISTRACTEDNESS, n. Freedom from disturbance or interruption from contrariety or multiplicity of thoughts and concerns.

    UNDISTRIBUTED, a. Not distributed or allotted.


    1. Free from interruption; not molested or hindered; as undisturbed with company or noise.NWAD UNDISTURBED.2

    2. Free from perturbation of mind; calm; tranquil; placid; serene; not agitated. To be undisturbed by danger, by perplexities, by injuries received, is a most desirable object.NWAD UNDISTURBED.3

    3. Not agitated; not stirred; not moved; as the surface of water undisturbed.NWAD UNDISTURBED.4

    UNDISTURBEDLY, adv. Calmly; peacefully.

    UNDISTURBEDNESS, n. Calmness; tranquillity; freedom from molestation or agitation.

    UNDIVERSIFIED, a. Not diversified; not varied; uniform.


    1. Not diverted; not turned aside.NWAD UNDIVERTED.2

    2. Not amused; not entertained or pleased.NWAD UNDIVERTED.3

    UNDIVIDABLE, a. That cannot be divided; not separable; as an undividable scene.


    1. Not divided; not separated or disunited; unbroken; whole; as undivided attention or affections.NWAD UNDIVIDED.2

    2. In botany, not lobed, cleft or branched.NWAD UNDIVIDED.3

    UNDIVIDEDLY, adv. So as not to be parted.

    UNDIVORCED, a. Not divorced; not separated.

    UNDIVULGED, a. Not divulged; not revealed or disclosed; secret.

    UNDO, v.t. pret. undid; pp. undone.

    1. To reverse what has been done; to annul; to bring to naught any transaction. We can undo many kinds of work; but we cannot undo crimes, errors or faults.NWAD UNDO.2

    Tomorrow ere the setting sun, she’d all undo what she had done.NWAD UNDO.3

    2. To loose; to open; to take to pieces; to unravel; to unfasten; to untie; as, to undo a knot.NWAD UNDO.4

    3. To ruin; to bring to poverty; to impoverish. Many are undone by unavoidable losses; but more undo themselves by vices and dissipation, or by indolence.NWAD UNDO.5

    4. To ruin, in a moral sense; to bring to everlasting destruction and misery.NWAD UNDO.6

    5. To ruin in reputation.NWAD UNDO.7

    UNDOCK, v.t. To take out of dock; as, to undock a ship.

    UNDOER, n. One who undoes or brings destruction; one who reverses what has been done; one who ruins the reputation of another.

    UNDOING, ppr. Reversing what has been done; ruining.

    UNDOING, n.

    1. The reversal of what has been done.NWAD UNDOING.3

    2. Ruin; destruction.NWAD UNDOING.4

    UNDONE, pp.

    1. Reversed; annulled.NWAD UNDONE.2

    2. Ruined; destroyed.NWAD UNDONE.3

    When the legislature is corrupted, the people are undone.NWAD UNDONE.4

    3. a. Not done; not performed; not executed. We are apt to leave undone what we ought to do.NWAD UNDONE.5

    UNDOUBTED, a. undout’ed. Not doubted; not called in question; indubitable; indisputable; as undoubted proof; undoubted truth.

    UNDOUBTEDLY, adv. undout’edly. Without doubt; without question; indubitably.

    UNDOUBTFUL, a. undout’ful. Not doubtful; not ambiguous; plain; evident.

    UNDOUBTING, a. undout’ing. Not doubting; not hesitating respecting facts; not fluctuating in uncertainty; as an undoubting believer; an undoubting faith.

    UNDRAINED, a. Not drained; not freed from water.

    UNDRAMATIC, UNDRAMATICAL, a. Not dramatic; not according to the rules of the drama, or not suited to the drama.

    UNDRAWN, a.

    1. Not drawn; not pulled by an external force.NWAD UNDRAWN.2

    2. Not allured by motives or persuasion.NWAD UNDRAWN.3

    3. Not taken from the box; as an undrawn ticket.NWAD UNDRAWN.4

    UNDREADED, a. undred’ed. Not dreaded; not feared.

    UNDREAMED, a. Not dreamed; not thought of.

    UNDRESS, v.t.

    1. To divest of clothes; to strip.NWAD UNDRESS.2

    2. To divest of ornaments, or the attire of ostentation; to disrobe.NWAD UNDRESS.3

    UNDRESS, n. A loose negligent dress.

    UNDRESSED, pp.

    1. Divested of dress; disrobed.NWAD UNDRESSED.2

    2. a. Not dressed; not attired.NWAD UNDRESSED.3

    3. Not prepared; as meat undressed.NWAD UNDRESSED.4

    4. Not pruned; not trimmed; not put in order; as an undressed vineyard.NWAD UNDRESSED.5

    UNDRIED, a.

    1. Not dried; wet; moist; as undried cloth.NWAD UNDRIED.2

    2. Not dried; green; as undried hay; undried hops.NWAD UNDRIED.3

    UNDRIVEN, a. Not driven; not impelled.

    UNDROOPING, a. Not drooping; not sinking; not despairing.

    UNDROSSY, a. Free from dross or recrement.

    UNDROWNED, a. Not drowned.

    UNDUBITABLE, a. Not to be doubted; unquestionable. [But the word now used is indubitable.]

    UNDUE, a.

    1. Not due; not yet demandable of right; as a debt, note or bond undue.NWAD UNDUE.2

    2. Not right; not legal; improper; as an undue proceeding.NWAD UNDUE.3

    3. Not agreeable to a rule or standard, or to duty; not proportioned; excessive; as an undue regard to the externals of religion; an undue attachment to forms; an undue rigor in the execution of law.NWAD UNDUE.4

    UNDUKE, v.t. To deprive of dukedom.

    UNDULARY, a. [L. undula, a little wave.] Playing like waves; waving.

    UNDULATE, UNDULATED, a. Wavy; waved obtusely up and down, near the margin, as a leaf or corol.

    UNDULATE, v.t. [L. undula, a little wave; unda, a wave; Low L. undulo.]

    To move back and forth, or up and down, as waves; to cause to vibrate.NWAD UNDULATE.3

    Breath vocalized, that is, vibrated and undulated -NWAD UNDULATE.4

    UNDULATE, v.i. To vibrate; to move back and forth; to wave; as undulating air.

    UNDULATING, ppr.

    1. Waving; vibrating.NWAD UNDULATING.2

    2. a. Wary; rising and falling.NWAD UNDULATING.3

    UNDULATINGLY, adv. In the form of waves.

    UNDULATION, n. [from undulate.]

    1. A waving motion or vibration; as the undulations of a fluid, of water or air; the undulations of sound. The undulations of a fluid are propagated in concentric circles.NWAD UNDULATION.2

    2. In medicine, a particular uneasy sensation of an undulatory motion in the heart.NWAD UNDULATION.3

    3. In music, a rattling or jarring of sounds, as when discordant notes are sounded together. It is called also beat.NWAD UNDULATION.4

    4. In surgery, a certain motion of the matter of an abscess when pressed, which indicates its maturity or fitness for opening.NWAD UNDULATION.5

    UNDULATORY, a. [from undulate. Moving in the manner of waves; or resembling the motion of waves, which successively rise or swell and fall. We speak of the undulatory motion of water, of air or other fluid, and this undulatory motion of air is supposed to be the cause of sounds. This is sometimes called vibratory; but undulatory seems to be most correct.]

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