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    UNHEARD, a.

    1. Not heard; not perceived by the ear.NWAD UNHEARD.2

    2. Not admitted to audience.NWAD UNHEARD.3

    What pangs I feel, unpitied and unheard!NWAD UNHEARD.4

    3. Not known in fame; not celebrated.NWAD UNHEARD.5

    Nor was his name unheard.NWAD UNHEARD.6

    4. Unheard of; obscure; not known by fame.NWAD UNHEARD.7

    Unheard of, new; unprecedented.NWAD UNHEARD.8

    UNHEART, v.t. To discourage; to depress; to dishearten. [Not in use.]

    UNHEATED, a. Not heated; not made hot.

    UNHEDGED, a. Not hedged; not surrounded by a hedge.

    UNHEEDED, a. Not heeded; disregarded; neglected.

    The world’s great victor passed unheeded by.NWAD UNHEEDED.2

    UNHEEDFUL, a. Not cautious; inattentive; careless.

    UNHEEDING, a. Not heeding; careless; negligent.

    UNHEEDY, a. Precipitate; sudden.

    UNHELE, v.t. To uncover. [Not in use.]

    UNHELMED, a. Having no helm.

    UNHELPED, a. Unassisted; having no aid or auxiliary; unsupported.

    UNHELPFUL, a. Affording no aid.

    UNHESITATING, a. Not hesitating; not remaining in doubt; prompt; ready.

    UNHESITATINGLY, adv. Without hesitation or doubt.

    UNHEWN, a. Not hewn; rough.

    UNHIDEBOUND, a. Lax of maw; capacious. [Not in use.]

    UNHINDERED, a. Not hindered; not opposed; exerting itself freely.

    UNHINGE, v.t. unhinj’.

    1. To take from the hinges; as, to unhinge a door.NWAD UNHINGE.2

    2. To displace; to unfix by violence.NWAD UNHINGE.3

    3. To unfix; to loosen; to render unstable or wavering; as, to unhinge the mind; to unhinge opinions.NWAD UNHINGE.4

    UNHOARD, v.t. To steal from a hoard; to scatter.


    1. Want of holiness; an unsanctified state of the heart.NWAD UNHOLINESS.2

    2. Impiety; wickedness; profaneness.NWAD UNHOLINESS.3

    UNHOLY, a.

    1. Not holy; not renewed and sanctified. 2 Timothy 3:2.NWAD UNHOLY.2

    2. Profane; not hallowed; not consecrated; common. Hebrews 10:29.NWAD UNHOLY.3

    3. Impious; wicked.NWAD UNHOLY.4

    4. Not ceremonially purified. Leviticus 10:10.NWAD UNHOLY.5

    UNHONEST, a. [See Honest.] Dishonest; dishonorable. Obs.

    UNHONORED, a. [See Honor.] Not honored; not regarded with veneration; not celebrated.

    UNHOOK, v.t. To loose from a hook.

    UNHOOP, v.t. To strip of hoops.

    UNHOPED, a. Not hoped for; not so probable as to excite hope.

    With unhop’d success.NWAD UNHOPED.2

    Unhoped for, unhoped, as above.NWAD UNHOPED.3

    UNHOPEFUL, a. Such as leaves no room to hope.

    UNHORNED, a. Having no horns.

    UNHORSE, v.t. unhors’. To throw from a horse; to cause to dismount.

    UNHORSED, pp. Throwing from a horse; to cause to dismount.

    UNHORSING, ppr. Throwing from a horse; dismounting.

    UNHOSITABLE, a. Not kind to strangers. [But inhospitable is the word now used.]

    UNHOSTILE, a. Not belonging to a public enemy.

    UNHOUSE, v.t. unhouz’.

    1. To drive from the house or habitation; to dislodge.NWAD UNHOUSE.2

    2. To deprive of shelter.NWAD UNHOUSE.3

    UNHOUSED, pp.

    1. Driven from a house or habitation.NWAD UNHOUSED.2

    2. a. Wanting a house; homeless.NWAD UNHOUSED.3

    3. Having no settled habitation.NWAD UNHOUSED.4

    4. Destitute of shelter or cover. Cattle in severe weather should not be left unhoused.NWAD UNHOUSED.5

    UNHOUSELED, a. s as z. Not having received the sacrament.

    UNHUMAN, a. Inhuman. [But inhuman is the word used.]

    UNHUMANIZE, v.t. To render inhuman or barbarous.


    1. Not humbled; not affected with shame or confusion; not contrite in spirit.NWAD UNHUMBLED.2

    2. In theology, not having the will and the natural enmity of the heart to God and his law, subdued.NWAD UNHUMBLED.3

    UNHURT, a. Not hurt; not harmed; free from wound or injury.

    UNHURTFUL, a. Not hurtful; harmless; innoxious.

    UNHURTFULLY, adv. Without harm; harmlessly.

    UNHUSBANDED, a. s as z.

    1. Deprived of support; neglected.NWAD UNHUSBANDED.2

    2. Not managed with frugality.NWAD UNHUSBANDED.3

    UNHUSKED, a. Not being stripped of husks.

    UNICAPSULAR, a. [L. unus, one, and capsula, chest.]

    Having one capsule to each flower, as a pericarp.NWAD UNICAPSULAR.2

    UNICORN, n. [L. unicornis; unus, one, and cornu, horn.]

    1. an animal with one horn; the monoceros. this name is often applied to the rhinoceros.NWAD UNICORN.2

    2. The sea unicorn is a fish of the whale kind, called narwal, remarkable for a horn growing out at his nose.NWAD UNICORN.3

    3. A fowl.NWAD UNICORN.4

    Fossil unicorn, or fossil unicorn’s horn, a substance used in medicine, a terrene crustaceous spar.NWAD UNICORN.5

    UNICORNOUS, a. Having only one horn.

    UNIDEAL, a. Not ideal; real.

    UNIFLOROUS, a. [L. unus, one, and flos, flower.]

    Bearing one flower only; as a uniflorous peduncle.NWAD UNIFLOROUS.2

    UNIFORM, a. [L. uniformis; unus, one, and forma, form.]

    1. Having always the same form or manner; not variable. Thus we say, the dress of the Asiatics is uniform, or has been uniform from early ages. so we say, it is the uty of a christian to observe a uniform course of piety and religion.NWAD UNIFORM.2

    2. Consistent with itself; not different; as, one’s opinions on a particular subject have been uniform.NWAD UNIFORM.3

    3. Of the same form with others; consonant; agreeing with each other; conforming to one rule or mode.NWAD UNIFORM.4

    How far churches are bound to be uniform in their ceremonies, is doubted.NWAD UNIFORM.5

    4. Having the same degree or state; as uniform temperature.NWAD UNIFORM.6

    Uniform motion. the motion of a body is uniform, when it passes over equal spaces in equal times.NWAD UNIFORM.7

    Uniform matter, is that which is all of the same kind and texture.NWAD UNIFORM.8

    UNIFORM, n. the particular dress of soldiers, by which one regiment or company is distinguished from another, or a soldier from another person. we say, the uniform of a company of militia, the uniform of the artillery or matross companies, the uniform of a regiment, etc. This dress is called a uniform, because it is alike among all the soldiers.


    1. resemblance to itself at all times; even tenor; as the uniformity of design in a poem.NWAD UNIFORMITY.2

    2. consistency; sameness; as the uniformity of a man’s opinions.NWAD UNIFORMITY.3

    3. Conformity to a pattern or rule; resemblance, consonance or agreement; as the uniformity of different churches in ceremonies or rites.NWAD UNIFORMITY.4

    4. Similitude between the parts of a whole; as the uniformity of sides in a regular figure. Beauty is said to consist in uniformity with variety.NWAD UNIFORMITY.5

    5. Continued or unvaried sameness or likeness.NWAD UNIFORMITY.6

    Uniformity must tire at last, though it is a uniformity of excellence.NWAD UNIFORMITY.7

    Act of uniformity, in England, the act of parliament by which the form of public prayers, administration of sacraments and other rites, is prescribed to be observed in all the churches.NWAD UNIFORMITY.8

    UNIFORMLY, adv.

    1. With even tenor; without variation; as a temper uniformly mild.NWAD UNIFORMLY.2

    2. Without diversity of one from another.NWAD UNIFORMLY.3

    UNIGENITURE, n. [L. unigenitus; unus and genitus.]

    The state of being the only begotten.NWAD UNIGENITURE.2

    UNIGENOUS, a. [L. unigena.] Of one kind; of the same genus.

    UNILABIATE, a. In botany, having one lip only, as a corol.

    UNILATERAL, a. [L. unus, one, and latus, side.]

    1. Being on one side or party only. [Unusual.]NWAD UNILATERAL.2

    2. Having one side.NWAD UNILATERAL.3

    A unilateral raceme, is when the flowers grow only on one side of the common peduncle.NWAD UNILATERAL.4

    UNILITERAL, a. [L. unus, one, and litera, letter.] Consisting of one letter only.


    1. Not illuminated; not enlightened; dark.NWAD UNILLUMINATED.2

    2. Ignorant.NWAD UNILLUMINATED.3

    UNILLUSTRATED, a. Not illustrated; not made plain.

    UNILOCULAR, a. [L. unus, one, and loculus, cell.]

    Having one cell only; as a unilocular pericarp.NWAD UNILOCULAR.2

    UNIMAGINABLE, a. Not to be imagined; not to be conceived.

    UNIMAGINABLY, adv. To a degree not to be imagined.

    UNIMAGINED, a. Not imagined; not conceived.

    UNIMBUED, a. Not imbued; not tinctured.

    UNIMITABLE, a. That cannot be imitated. [But the word now used is inimitable.]

    UNIMITATED, a. Not imitated.

    UNIMMORTAL, a. Not immortal; perishable.

    UNIMPAIRABLE, a. Not liable to waste or diminution.

    UMINPAIRED, a. Not impaired; not diminished; not enfeebled by time or injury; as an unimpaired constitution.


    1. Not endowed with passion.NWAD UNIMPASSIONED.2

    2. Free from passion; calm; not violent; as an unimpassioned address.NWAD UNIMPASSIONED.3


    1. That cannot be impeached; that cannot be accused; free from stain, guilt or fault; as an unimpeachable reputation.NWAD UNIMPEACHABLE.2

    2. That cannot be called in question; as an unimpeachable claim or testimony.NWAD UNIMPEACHABLE.3


    1. Not impeached not charged or accused; fair; as an unimpeached character.NWAD UNIMPEACHED.2

    2. Not called in question; as testimony unimpeached.NWAD UNIMPEACHED.3

    UNIMPEDED, a. Not impeded; not hindered.

    UNIMPLICATED, a. Not implicated; not involved.

    UNIMPLIED, a. Not implied; not included by fair inference.

    UNIMPLORED, a. Not implored; not solicited.


    1. Not important; not of great moment.NWAD UNIMPORTANT.2

    2. Not assuming airs of dignity.NWAD UNIMPORTANT.3

    UNIMPORTUNED, a. Not importuned; not solicited.

    UNIMPOSING, a. s as z.

    1. Not imposing; not commanding respect.NWAD UNIMPOSING.2

    2. Not enjoining as obligatory; voluntary.NWAD UNIMPOSING.3

    UNIMPREGNATED, a. Not impregnated.

    UNIMPRESSIVE, a. Not impressive; not forcible; not adapted to affect or awaken the passions.


    1. Not capable of improvement, melioration or advancement to a better condition.NWAD UNIMPROVABLE.2

    2. Incapable of being cultivated or tiled.NWAD UNIMPROVABLE.3

    UNIMPROVABLENESS, n. The quality of being not improvable.


    1. Not improved; not made better or wiser; not advanced in knowledge, manners or excellence.NWAD UNIMPROVED.2

    2. Not used for a valuable purpose. How many advantages unimproved have we to regret!NWAD UNIMPROVED.3

    3. Not used; not employed.NWAD UNIMPROVED.4

    4. Not tilled; not cultivated; as unimproved land or soil; unimproved lots of ground.NWAD UNIMPROVED.5

    5. Uncensured; not disapproved. [This sense, from the L. improbo, is entirely obsolete.]NWAD UNIMPROVED.6

    UNIMPROVING, a. Not improving; not tending to advance or instruct.

    UNIMPUTABLE, a. Not imputable or chargeable to.

    UNINCHANTED, a. Not enchanted; not affected by magic or enchantment; not haunted. [Usually unenchanted.]

    UNINCREASABLE, a. Admitting no increase. [Not in use.]


    1. Not incumbered; not burdened.NWAD UNINCUMBERED.2

    2. Free from any temporary estate or interest, or from mortgage, or other charge or debt; as an estate unincumbered with dower.NWAD UNINCUMBERED.3


    1. Not indebted.NWAD UNINDEBTED.2

    2. Not borrowed. [Unusual.]NWAD UNINDEBTED.3

    UNINDIFFERENT, a. Not indifferent; not unbiased; partial; leaning to one party.

    UNINDORSED, a. Not indorsed; not assigned; as an unindorsed note or bill.

    UNINDUSTRIOUS, a. Not industrious; not diligent in labor, study or other pursuit.


    1. Not infected; not contaminated or affected by foul infectious air.NWAD UNINFECTED.2

    2. Not corrupted.NWAD UNINFECTED.3

    UNINFECTIOUS, a. Not infectious; not foul; not capable of communicating disease.


    1. Not inflamed; not set on fire.NWAD UNINFLAMED.2

    2. Not highly provoked.NWAD UNINFLAMED.3

    UNINFLAMMABLE, a. Not inflammable; not capable of being set on fire.


    1. Not influenced; not persuaded or moved by others, or by foreign considerations; not biased; acting freely.NWAD UNINFLUENCED.2

    2. Not proceeding from influence, bias or prejudice; as uninfluenced conduct or actions.NWAD UNINFLUENCED.3


    1. Not informed; not instructed; untaught.NWAD UNINFORMED.2

    2. unanimated; not enlivened.NWAD UNINFORMED.3

    UNINFORMING, a. Not furnishing information; uninstructive.

    UNINGENIOUS, a. Not ingenious; dull.

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