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    UNRAVELMENT, n. the development of the plot in a play.

    UNRAZORED, a. Unshaven.

    UNREACHED, a. Not reached; not attained to.

    UNREAD, a. unred’.

    1. Not read; not recited; not perused.NWAD UNREAD.2

    2. Untaught; not learned in books.NWAD UNREAD.3

    UNREADINESS, n. unred’iness.

    1. Want of readiness, want of promptness or dexterity.NWAD UNREADINESS.2

    2. Want of preparation.NWAD UNREADINESS.3

    UNREADY, a. unred’y.

    1. Not ready; not prepared; not fit.NWAD UNREADY.2

    2. Not prompt; not quick.NWAD UNREADY.3

    3. Awkward; ungainly.NWAD UNREADY.4

    UNREAL, a. not real; not substantial; having appearance only.

    UNREALITY, n. want of reality or real existence.

    UNREAPED, a. Not reaped; as unreaped wheat; an unreaped field.

    UNREASONABLE, a. s as z.

    1. Not agreeable to reason.NWAD UNREASONABLE.2

    2. Exceeding the bounds of reason; claiming or insisting on more than is fit; as an unreasonable demand.NWAD UNREASONABLE.3

    3. Immoderate; exorbitant; as an unreasonable love of life or of money.NWAD UNREASONABLE.4

    4. Irrational. [In this sense, see Irrational.]NWAD UNREASONABLE.5


    1. Inconsistency with reason; as the unreasonableness of sinners.NWAD UNREASONABLENESS.2

    2. Exorbitance; excess of demand, claim, passion and the like; as the unreasonableness of a proposal.NWAD UNREASONABLENESS.3


    1. In a manner contrary to reason.NWAD UNREASONABLY.2

    2. Excessively; immoderately; more than enough.NWAD UNREASONABLY.3

    UNREASONED, a. Not reasoned.

    UNREAVE, v.t. [See Reave, Unreeve and Ravel.]

    1. To unwind; to disentangle; to loose.NWAD UNREAVE.2

    2. Not to rive; not to tear asunder; not to unroof. [Not in use.]NWAD UNREAVE.3

    UNREBATED, a. Not blunted.

    UNREBUKABLE, a. Not deserving rebuke; not obnoxious to censure. 1 Timothy 6:14.


    1. Not received; not taken; as sacraments unreceived.NWAD UNRECEIVED.2

    2. Not come into possession; as a letter unreceived.NWAD UNRECEIVED.3

    3. Not adopted; not embraced; as opinions unreceived.NWAD UNRECEIVED.4

    UNRECKONED, a. Not reckoned or enumerated.

    UNRECLAIMABLE, a. That cannot be reclaimed, reformed or domesticated.


    1. Not reclaimed; not brought to a domestic state; not tamed; as a wild beast unreclaimed.NWAD UNRECLAIMED.2

    2. Not reformed; not called back from vice to virtue.NWAD UNRECLAIMED.3

    UNRECOMPENSED, a. Not recompensaed; not rewarded.


    1. That cannot be reconciled; that cannot be made consistent with; as two unreconcilable propositions. [In this sense, irreconcilable is generally used.]NWAD UNRECONCILABLE.2

    2. Not reconcilable; not capable of being appeased; implacable.NWAD UNRECONCILABLE.3

    3. That cannot be persuaded to lay aside enmity or opposition, and to become friendly or favorable; as unreconcilable neighbors.NWAD UNRECONCILABLE.4

    [Irreconcilable is generally used.]NWAD UNRECONCILABLE.5


    1. Not reconciled; not made consistent.NWAD UNRECONCILED.2

    2. Not appeased; not having become favorable.NWAD UNRECONCILED.3

    3. In a theological sense, not having laid aside opposition and enmity to God; not having made peace with God through faith in Christ.NWAD UNRECONCILED.4


    1. Not recorded; not registered; as an unrecorded deed or lease.NWAD UNRECORDED.2

    2. Not kept in remembrance by public monuments.NWAD UNRECORDED.3

    Not unrecorded in the rolls of fame.NWAD UNRECORDED.4

    UNRECOUNTED, a. Not recounted; not told; not related or recited.


    1. That cannot be recovered; past recovery.NWAD UNRECOVERABLE.2

    2. That cannot be regained.NWAD UNRECOVERABLE.3


    1. Not recovered; not recalled into possession; not regained.NWAD UNRECOVERED.2

    2. Not restored to health.NWAD UNRECOVERED.3


    1. That cannot be recruited.NWAD UNRECRUITABLE.2

    2. Incapable of recruiting. [Bad and not used.]NWAD UNRECRUITABLE.3

    UNRECTIFIED, a. Not rectified; not corrected or set right.

    UNRECURING, a. That cannot be cured. [Not in use.]

    UNREDEEMABLE, a. That cannot be redeemed.


    1. Not redeemed; not ransomed.NWAD UNREDEEMED.2

    2. Not paid; not recalled into the treasury or bank by payment of the value in money; as unredeemed bills, notes or stock.NWAD UNREDEEMED.3


    1. Not redressed; not relieved from injustice; applied to persons.NWAD UNREDRESSED.2

    2. Not removed; not reformed as unredressed evils.NWAD UNREDRESSED.3

    UNREDUCED, a. Not reduced; not lessened in size, quantity or amount.

    UNREDUCIBLE, a. Not capable or reduction.

    UNREDUCIBLENESS, n. The quality of not being capable of reduction.

    UNREEVE, v.t. unree’v. To withdraw or take out a rope from a block, thimble, etc. [See Unreave.]


    1. Not refined; not purified; as unrefined sugar.NWAD UNREFINED.2

    2. Not refined or polished in manners.NWAD UNREFINED.3


    1. Not capable of being put into a new form.NWAD UNREFORMABLE.2

    2. That cannot be reformed or amended.NWAD UNREFORMABLE.3


    1. Not reformed; not reclaimed from vice; as an unreformed youth.NWAD UNREFORMED.2

    2. Not amended; not corrected; as unreformed manners; unreformed vices.NWAD UNREFORMED.3

    3. Not reduced to truth and regularity; not freed from error; as an unreformed calendar.NWAD UNREFORMED.4

    UNREFRACTED, a. Not refracted, as rays of light.

    UNREFRESHED, a. Not refreshed; not relieved from fatigue; not cheered.

    UNREFRESHING, a. Not refreshing; not invigorating; not cooling; not relieving from depression or toil.

    UNREGARDED, a. Not regarded; not heeded; not noticed; neglected; slighted.

    UNREGARDFUL, a. Not giving attention; heedless; negligent.

    UNREGENERACY, n. State of being unregenerate or unrenewed in heart.

    UNREGENERATE, a. Not regenerated; not renewed in heart; remaining at enmity with God.

    UNREGISTERED, a. Not registered; not recorded.

    UNREGULATED, a. Not regulated; not reduced to order.

    UNREINED, a. Not restrained by the bridle.

    UNREJOICING, a. Unjoyous; gloomy; sad.


    1. Not related by blood or affinity.NWAD UNRELATED.2

    2. Having no connection with.NWAD UNRELATED.3

    UNRELATIVE, a. Not relative; not relating; having no relation to.

    [Irrelative is more generally used.]NWAD UNRELATIVE.2

    UNRELATIVELY, adv. Without relation to. [Little used.]


    1. Not relenting; having no pity; hard; cruel; as an unrelenting heart.NWAD UNRELENTING.2

    2. Not yielding to pity; as unrelenting cruelty.NWAD UNRELENTING.3

    3. Not yielding to circumstances; inflexibly rigid; as an unrelenting rule.NWAD UNRELENTING.4

    UNRELIEVABLE, a. Admitting no relief or succor.


    1. Not relieved; not eased or delivered from pain.NWAD UNRELIEVED.2

    2. Not succored; not delivered from confinement or distress; as a garrison unrelieved.NWAD UNRELIEVED.3

    3. Not released from duty; as an unrelieved sentinel.NWAD UNRELIEVED.4


    1. Not remarkable; not worthy of particular notice.NWAD UNREMARKABLE.2

    2. Not capable of being observed.NWAD UNREMARKABLE.3

    UNREMARKED, a. Not remarked; unobserved.

    UNREMEDIABLE, a. That cannot be cured; admitting no remedy.

    UNREMEDIED, a. Not cured; not remedied.

    UNREMEMBERED, a. Not remembered; not retained in the mind; not recollected.

    UNREMEMBERING, a. Having no memory or recollection.

    UNREMEMBRANCE, n. Forgetfulness; want of remembrance. [Not in use.]


    1. Not remitted; not forgiven; as punishment unremitted.NWAD UNREMITTED.2

    2. Not having a temporary relaxation, as pain unremitted.NWAD UNREMITTED.3

    3. Not relaxed; not abated.NWAD UNREMITTED.4

    UNREMITTING, a. Not abating; not relaxing for a time; incessant; continued; as unremitting exertions.

    UNREMITTINGLY, adv. Without abatement or cessation.

    UNREMOVABLE, a. That cannot be removed; fixed.

    UNREMOVABLENESS, n. The state or quality of being fixed and not capable of being removed.

    UNREMOVABLY, adv. In a manner that admits of no removal.


    1. Not removed; not taken away.NWAD UNREMOVED.2

    2. Not capable of being removed.NWAD UNREMOVED.3

    Like Atlas unremov’d.NWAD UNREMOVED.4


    1. Not made anew; as, the lease is unrenewed.NWAD UNRENEWED.2

    2. Not regenerated; not born of the Spirit; as a heart unrenewed.NWAD UNRENEWED.3

    UNREPAID, a. Not repaid; not compensated; not recompensed; as a kindness unrepaid.

    UNREPEALED, a. Not repealed; not revoked or abrogated; remaining in force.

    UNREPENTANCE, n. State of being impenitent. [little used.]

    UNREPENTANT, UNREPENTING, a. Not repenting; not penitent; not contrite for sin.

    UNREPENTED, a. Not repented of.

    UNREPINING, a. Not repining; not peevishly murmuring or complaining.

    UNREPININGLY, adv. Without peevish complaints.

    UNREPLENISHED, a. Not replenished; not filled; not adequately supplied.

    UNREPOSED, a. s as z. Not reposed.

    UNREPRESENTED, a. s as z. Not represented; having no one to act in one’s stead.

    UNREPRIEVABLE, a. That cannot be reprieved or respited from death.

    UNREPRIEVED, a. Not reprieved; not respited.

    UNREPROACHED, a. Not upbraided; not reproached.

    UNREPROVABLE, a. Not deserving reproof; that cannot be justly censured. Colossians 1:22.


    1. Not reproved; not censured.NWAD UNREPROVED.2

    2. Not liable to reproof or blame.NWAD UNREPROVED.3

    UNREPUGNANT, a. Not repugnant; not opposite.

    UNREPUTABLE, a. Not reputable. [For this, disreputable is generally used.]

    UNREQUESTED, a. Not requested; not asked.

    UNREQUITABLE, a. Not to be retaliated.

    UNREQUITED, a. Not requited; not recompensed.

    UNRESCUED, a. Not rescued; not delivered.

    UNRESENTED, a. s as z. Not resented; not regarded with anger.

    UNRESERVE, n. unrezerv’. Absence of reserve; frankness; freedom of communication.


    1. Not reserved; not retained when a part is granted.NWAD UNRESERVED.2

    2. Not limited; not withheld in part; full; entire; as unreserved obedience to God’s commands.NWAD UNRESERVED.3

    3. Open; frank; concealing or withholding nothing; free; as an unreserved disclosure of facts.NWAD UNRESERVED.4


    1. Without limitation or reservation.NWAD UNRESERVEDLY.2

    2. With open disclosure; frankly; without concealment.NWAD UNRESERVEDLY.3

    UNRESERVEDNESS, n. Frankness; openness; freedom of communication; unlimitedness.

    UNRESISTED, a. [See Resist.]

    1. Not resisted; not opposed.NWAD UNRESISTED.2

    2. Resistless; such as cannot be successfully opposed.NWAD UNRESISTED.3

    UNRESISTIBLE, a. Irresistible.


    1. Not making resistance; yielding to physical force or to persuasion.NWAD UNRESISTING.2

    2. Submissive; humble.NWAD UNRESISTING.3

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