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    UNNERVE, v.t. unnerv’. To deprive of nerve, force or strength; to weaken; to enfeeble; as, to unnerve the arm.

    UNNERVED, pp.

    1. Deprived of strength.NWAD UNNERVED.2

    2. a. Weak; feeble.NWAD UNNERVED.3

    UNNETH, UNNETHES, adv. Scarcely; hardly. Obs. [See Uneath.]

    UNNEUTRAL, a. Not neutral; not uninterested.

    UNNOBLE, a. Not noble; ignoble; mean.

    UNNOTED, a.

    1. Not noted; not observed; not heeded; not regarded.NWAD UNNOTED.2

    2. Not honored.NWAD UNNOTED.3


    1. Not observed; not regarded.NWAD UNNOTICED.2

    2. Not treated with the usual marks of respect; not kindly and hospitably entertained.NWAD UNNOTICED.3

    UNNUMBERED, a. Not numbered; innumerable; indefinitely numerous.

    UNNURTURED, a. Not nurtured; not educated.

    UNOBEYED, a. Not obeyed.

    UNOBJEECTED, a. Not objected; not charged as a fault or error.

    UNOBJECTIONABLE, a. Not liable to objection; that need not be condemned as faulty, false or improper.

    UNOBJECTIONABLY, adv. In a manner not liable to objection.

    UNOBNOXIOUS, a. Not liable; not exposed to harm.

    UNOBSCURED, a. Not obscured; not darkened.

    UNOBSEQUIOUS, a. Not obsequious; not servilely submissive.

    UNOBSEQUIOUSLY, adv. Not with servile submissiveness.

    UNOBSEQUIOUSNESS, n. Want of servile submissiveness or compliance; incompliance.

    UNOBSERVABLE, a. s as z. That is not observable; not discoverable.

    UNOBSERVANCE, n. Want of observation; inattention; regardlessness.


    1. Not observant; not attentive; heedless.NWAD UNOBSERVANT.2

    2. Not obsequious.NWAD UNOBSERVANT.3

    UNOBSERVED, a. Not observed; not noticed; not seen; not regarded; not heeded.

    UNOBSERVING, a. Not observing; inattentive; heedless.


    1. Not obstructed; not filled with impediments; as an unobstructed stream or channel.NWAD UNOBSTRUCTED.2

    UNOBSTRUCTIVE, a. Not presenting any obstacle.

    UNOBTAINABLE, a. That cannot be obtained; not within reach or power.

    UNOBTAINED, a. Not obtained; not gained; not acquired.

    UNOBTRUSIVE, a. Not obtrusive; not forward; modest.

    UNOBVIOUS, a. Not obvious; not readily occurring to the view or the understanding.


    1. Not occupied; not possessed; as unoccupied land.NWAD UNOCCUPIED.2

    2. Not engaged in business; being at leisure. The man is unoccupied.NWAD UNOCCUPIED.3

    3. Not employed or taken up; as time unoccupied.NWAD UNOCCUPIED.4

    UNOFFENDED, a. Not offended; not having taken offense.


    1. Not offending; not giving offense.NWAD UNOFFENDING.2

    2. Not sinning; free from sin or fault.NWAD UNOFFENDING.3

    3. Harmless; innocent.NWAD UNOFFENDING.4

    UNOFFENSIVE, a. Not offensive; giving no offense; harmless. [For this, inoffensive is more generally used.]

    UNOFFERED, a. Not offered; not proposed to acceptance.


    1. Not official; not pertaining to office.NWAD UNOFFICIAL.2

    2. Not proceeding from the proper officer or from due authority; as unofficial news or notice.NWAD UNOFFICIAL.3

    UNOFFICIALLY, adv. Not officially; not in the course of official duty. The man was unofficially informed by the sheriff or commander.

    UNOFTEN, adv. Rarely. [Not used.]

    UNOIL, v.t. To free from oil.

    UNOILED, pp.

    1. Freed from oil.NWAD UNOILED.2

    2. a. Not oiled; free from oil.NWAD UNOILED.3

    UNOPENED, a. Not opened; remaining fast, close, shut or sealed.

    UNOPENING, a. Not opening.

    UNOPERATIVE, a. Not operative; producing no effect. [But inoperative is generally used.]

    UNOPPOSED, a. s as z. Not opposed; not resisted; not meeting with any obstruction; as an army or stream unopposed.

    UNOPPRESSED, a. Not oppressed; not unduly burdened.

    UNORDERLY, a. Not orderly; disordered; irregular. [Disorderly is more generally used.]

    UNORDINARY, a. Not ordinary; not common. [Not in use.]

    UNORGANIZED, a. Not organized; not having organic structure or vessels for the preparation, secretion and distribution of nourishment, etc. Metals are unorganized bodies. [This word is in use, but inorganized is also used.]


    1. Not original; derived.NWAD UNORIGINAL.2

    2. Having no birth; ungenerated.NWAD UNORIGINAL.3

    UNORIGINATED, a. Not originated; having no birth or creation.

    God is underived, unoriginated and self-existent.NWAD UNORIGINATED.2

    UNORNAMENTAL, a. Not ornamental.

    UNORNAMENTED, a. Not ornamented; not adorned; plain.

    UNORTHODOX, a. Not orthodox; not holding the genuine doctrines of the Scriptures.


    1. Not ostentatious; not boastful; not making show and parade; modest.NWAD UNOSTENTATIOUS.2

    2. Not glaring; not showy; as unostentatious coloring.NWAD UNOSTENTATIOUS.3

    UNOWED, a. Not owed; not due.

    UNOWNED, a.

    1. Not owned; having no known owner; not claimed.NWAD UNOWNED.2

    2. Not avowed; not acknowledged as one’s own; not admitted as done by one’s self.NWAD UNOWNED.3

    UNOXYGENATED, UNOXYGENIZED, a. Not having oxygen in combination.

    UNPACIFIC, a. Not pacific; not disposed to peace; not of a peaceable disposition.

    UNPACIFIED, a. Not pacified; not appeased; not calmed.

    UNPACK, v.t.

    1. To open, as things packed; as, to unpack goods.NWAD UNPACK.2

    2. To disburden. [Little used.]NWAD UNPACK.3

    UNPACKED, pp.

    1. Opened, as goods.NWAD UNPACKED.2

    2. a. Not packed; not collected by unlawful artifices; as an unpacked jury.NWAD UNPACKED.3

    UNPACKING, ppr. Opening, as a package.

    UNPAID, a.

    1. Not paid; not discharged; as a debt.NWAD UNPAID.2

    2. Not having received his due; as unpaid workmen.NWAD UNPAID.3

    Unpaid for, not paid for; taken on credit.NWAD UNPAID.4

    UNPAINED, a. Not pained; suffering no pain.

    UNPAINFUL, a. Not painful; giving no pain.


    1. Not palatable; disgusting to the taste.NWAD UNPALATABLE.2

    2. Not such as to be relished; disagreeable; as an unpalatable law.NWAD UNPALATABLE.3

    UNPALLED, a. Not deadened.

    UNPANOPLIED, a. Destitute of panoply or complete armor.

    UNPARADISE, v.t. To deprive of happiness like that of paradise; to render unhappy.

    UNPARAGONED, a. Unequaled; unmatched.

    UNPARALLELED, a. Having no parallel or equal; unequaled; unmatched.

    The unparalleled perseverance of the armies of the United States, under every suffering and discouragement, was little short of a miracle.NWAD UNPARALLELED.2

    UNPARDONABLE, a. Not to be forgiven; that cannot be pardoned or remitted; as an unpardonable sin.

    UNPARDONABLY, adv. Beyond forgiveness.


    1. Not pardoned; not forgiven; as unpardoned offenses.NWAD UNPARDONED.2

    2. Not having received a legal pardon. The convict returned unpardoned.NWAD UNPARDONED.3

    UNPARDONING, a. Not forgiving; not disposed to pardon.

    UNPARLIAMENTARINESS, n. Contrariety to the rules, usages or constitution of parliament.


    1. Contrary to the usages or rules of proceeding in parliament.NWAD UNPARLIAMENTARY.2

    2. Contrary to the rules or usages of legislative bodies.NWAD UNPARLIAMENTARY.3

    UNPARTED, a. Not parted; not divided; not separated.

    UNPARTIAL, a. Not partial. [Not in use. See Impartial.]

    UNPARTIALLY, adv. Fairly; impartially. [Not used.]


    1. Not admitting persons to pass; impassable; as unpassable roads, rivers or mountains. [Impassable is more generally used.]NWAD UNPASSABLE.2

    2. Not current; not received in common payments; as unpassable notes or coins. [Instead of this, uncurrent and not current are now used.]NWAD UNPASSABLE.3

    UNPASSIONATE, UNPASSIONATED, a. Calm; free from passion; impartial. [Instead of these words, dispassionate is now used.]

    UNPASSIONATELY, adv. Without passion; calmly. [From this, dispassionately is now used.]

    UNPASTORAL, a. Not pastoral; not suitable to pastoral manners.

    UNPATENTED, a. Not granted by patent.

    UNPATHED, a.

    1. Unmarked by passage; not trodden.NWAD UNPATHED.2

    2. Not being beaten into a path; as unpathed snow.NWAD UNPATHED.3

    UNPATHETIC, a. Not pathetic; not adapted to move the passions or excite emotion.

    UNPATRONIZED, a. Not having a patron; not supported by friends.

    UNPATTERNED, a. Having no equal.

    UNPAVED, a. Not paved; not covered with stone.

    UNPAWNED, a. Not pawned; not pledged.

    UNPAY, v.t.

    1. To undo. [Not in use.]NWAD UNPAY.2

    2. Not to pay or compensate. [Not used.]NWAD UNPAY.3

    UNPEACEABLE, a. Not peaceable; quarrelsome.

    UNPEACEABLENESS, n. Unquietness; quarrelsomeness.

    UNPEACEFUL, a. Not pacific or peaceful; unquiet.

    UNPEDIGREED, a. Not distinguished by a pedigree.

    UNPEG, v.t.

    1. To loose from pegs; to open.NWAD UNPEG.2

    2. To pull out the peg from.NWAD UNPEG.3

    UNPELTED, a. Not pelted; not assailed with stones.

    UNPEN, v.t. To let out or suffer to escape by breaking a dam or opening a pen.

    If a man unpens another’s water -NWAD UNPEN.2

    UNPENAL, a. Not penal; not subject to a penalty.

    UNPENETRABLE, a. Not to be penetrated. [But impenetrable is chiefly used.]

    UNPENITENT, a. Not penitent. [But impenitent is the word now used.]

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