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    UNTRUTH, n.

    1. Contrariety to truth; falsehood.NWAD UNTRUTH.2

    2. Want of veracity.NWAD UNTRUTH.3

    3. Treachery; want of fidelity. Obs.NWAD UNTRUTH.4

    4. False assertion.NWAD UNTRUTH.5

    No untruth can possibly avail the patron and defender long.NWAD UNTRUTH.6

    UNTUCKERED, a. Having no tucker; as an untuckered neck.


    1. Not harmonious; not musical.NWAD UNTUNABLE.2

    2. Not capable of making music.NWAD UNTUNABLE.3

    3. Not capable of being tuned or brought to the proper pitch.NWAD UNTUNABLE.4

    UNTUNE, v.t.

    1. To make incapable of harmony.NWAD UNTUNE.2

    Untune that string.NWAD UNTUNE.3

    2. To disorder.NWAD UNTUNE.4

    Untun’d and jarring senses.NWAD UNTUNE.5

    UNTURNED, a. Not turned. He left no stone unturned.

    UNTUTORED, a. Uninstructed; untaught; as untutored infancy.

    UNTWINE, v.t.

    1. To untwist.NWAD UNTWINE.2

    2. To open; to disentangle.NWAD UNTWINE.3

    3. To separate, as that which winds or clasps.NWAD UNTWINE.4

    UNTWIST, v.t.

    1. To separate and open, as threads twisted; or to turn back that which is twisted.NWAD UNTWIST.2

    2. To open; to disentangle; as intricacy.NWAD UNTWIST.3

    UNTY. [See Untie.]

    UNUNIFORM, a. Not uniform; wanting uniformity. [Little used.]

    UNUPHELD, a. Not upheld; not sustained.

    UNURGED, a. Not urged; not pressed with solicitation.

    UNUSED, a. s as z.

    1. Not put to use; not employed.NWAD UNUSED.2

    2. That has never been used.NWAD UNUSED.3

    3. Not accustomed; as hands unused to labor; hearts unused to deceit.NWAD UNUSED.4

    UNUSEFUL, a. Useless; serving no good purpose.

    UNUSUAL, a. s as z. Not usual; not common; rare; as an unusual season; a person of unusual graces or erudition.

    UNUSUALLY, adv. s as z. Not commonly; not frequently; rarely. This summer, 1828 has been unusually rainy.

    UNUSUALNESS, n. s as z. Uncommonness; infrequency; rareness of occurrence.

    UNUTTERABLE, a. That cannot be uttered or expressed; ineffable; inexpressible; as unutterable anguish; unutterable joy.

    UNVAIL, v.t. To remove a vail from; to uncover; to disclose to view. She unvailed her face.

    UNVALUABLE, a. Being above price; invaluable. [But invaluable is the word now used.]

    UNVALUED, a.

    1. Not valued; not prized; neglected.NWAD UNVALUED.2

    2. Inestimable; not to be valued.NWAD UNVALUED.3

    3. Not estimated; not having the value set.NWAD UNVALUED.4

    UNVANQUISHABLE, a. That cannot be conquered.

    UNVANQUISHED, a. Not conquered; not overcome.

    UNVARIABLE, a. Not variable; not changeable or alterable. [But invariable is the word now used.]

    UNVARIED, a. Not varied; not altered; not diversified.

    UNVARIEGATED, a. Not variegated; not diversified.


    1. Not overlaid with varnish.NWAD UNVARNISHED.2

    2. Not artificially colored or adorned; not artfully embellished; plain.NWAD UNVARNISHED.3

    I will a round unvarnish’d tale deliver.NWAD UNVARNISHED.4

    UNVARYING, a. Not altering; not liable to change; uniform.

    UNVEIL. [See Unvail.]

    UNVEILEDLY, adv. Plainly; without disguise. [Little used.]

    UNVENERABLE, a. Not venerable; not worthy of veneration.

    UNVENTILATED, a. Not fanned by the wind; not purified by a free current of air.

    UNVERDANT, a. Not verdant; not green; having no verdure.

    UNVERITABLE, a. Not true. [Not in use.]

    UNVERSED, a. Not skilled; not versed; unacquainted; as unversed in spinning.

    UNVEXED, a. Not vexed; not troubled; not disturbed or irritated.


    1. Not violated; not injured; as unviolated honor.NWAD UNVIOLATED.2

    2. Not broken; not transgressed; as laws unviolated.NWAD UNVIOLATED.3

    UNVIRTUOUS, a. Not virtuous; destitute of virtue.

    UNVISARD, v.t. s as z. To unmask.

    UNVISITED, a. s as z. Not visited; not resorted to; not frequented.

    UNVITAL, a. Not vital; not affecting life.

    UNVITIATED, UNVICIATED, a. Not vitiated; not corrupted.

    UNVITRIFIED, a. Not vitrified; not converted into glass.

    UNVOLATILIZED, a. Not volatilized.

    UNVOTE, v.t. To contravene by vote a former vote; to annul a former vote.

    UNVOWELED, a. Having no vowels.

    UNVOYAGEABLE, a. Not to be navigated or passed over on a fluid. [Not used.]

    UNVULGAR, a. Not common.

    UNVULNERABLE, a. Not vulnerable; that cannot be wounded. [Invulnerable is mostly used.]

    UNWAKENED, a. Not awakened; not roused from sleep or stupidity.

    UNWALLED, a. Not surrounded, fortified or supported by a wall.

    UNWARES, adv. Unexpectedly. [For this, unawares is used.]

    UNWARILY, adv. Without vigilance and caution; heedlessly.

    UNWARINESS, n. Want of vigilance; want of caution; carelessness; heedlessness.

    UNWARLIKE, a. [See War.] Not fit for war; not used to war; not military.

    UNWARMED, a. [See Warm.]

    1. Not warmed.NWAD UNWARMED.2

    2. Not excited; not animated.NWAD UNWARMED.3

    UNWARNED, a. [See Warn.] Not cautioned; not previously admonished of danger.

    UNWARP, v.t. [See Warp.] To reduce back what is warped.

    UNWARPED, a. Not warped; not biased; not turned from the true direction; impartial.

    UNWARPING, a. Not bending; unyielding; not deviating.

    UNWARRANTABLE, a. Not defensible; not vindicable; not justifiable; illegal; unjust; improper.

    UNWARRANTABLY, adv. In a manner that cannot be justified.


    1. Not warranted; not authorized.NWAD UNWARRANTED.2

    2. Not ascertained; not assured or certain.NWAD UNWARRANTED.3

    3. Not covenanted to be good, sound, or of a certain quality; as an unwarranted horse.NWAD UNWARRANTED.4

    UNWARY, a.

    1. Not vigilant against danger; not cautious; unguarded; precipitate.NWAD UNWARY.2

    2. Unexpected. Obs.NWAD UNWARY.3

    UNWASHED, UNWASHEN, a. Not washed; not cleansed by water. Matthew 15:20.

    UNWASTED, a.

    1. Not lost by extravagance or negligence; not lavished away; not dissipated.NWAD UNWASTED.2

    2. Not consumed by time or violence.NWAD UNWASTED.3

    3. Not lost by exhaustion, evaporation or other means.NWAD UNWASTED.4

    UNWASTING, a. Not growing less; not decaying.

    UNWATERED, a. [See Water.] Not watered; dry.

    UNWAYED, a. not used to travel. [Bad and not used.]

    UNWEAKENED, a. Not weakened; not enfeebled.

    UNWEALTHY, a. unwelth’y. Not wealthy.

    UNWEAPONED, a. unwep’nd. Not furnished with weapons or offensive arms.

    UNWEARIABLE, a. That cannot be wearied; indefatigable. [Little used.]


    1. Not tired; not fatigued.NWAD UNWEARIED.2

    2. indefatigable; continual; that does not tire or sink under fatigue; as unwearied perseverance.NWAD UNWEARIED.3

    UNWEARIEDLY, adv. Without tiring or sinking under fatigue.

    UNWEARIEDNESS, n. State of being unwearied.

    UNWEARY, a. Not weary; not tired.

    UNWEARY, v.t. To refresh after fatigue.

    UNWED, a. Unmarried.

    UNWEDDED, a. unmarried; remaining single.

    UNWEDGEABLE, a. unwedj’able. Not to be split with wednes. [Barbarous and not used.]

    UNWEEDED, a. Not weeded; not cleared of weeds.

    UNWEEPED. [See Unwept.]

    UNWEETING, a. [See Weet and Wit.] Ignorant; unknowing. Obs.

    UNWEETINGLY, adv. Ignorantly. Obs.


    1. Not weighed; not having the weight ascertained.NWAD UNWEIGHED.2

    Solomon left all the vessels unweighed. 1 Kings 7:47.NWAD UNWEIGHED.3

    2. Not deliberately considered and examined; as, to leave arguments or testimony unweighed.NWAD UNWEIGHED.4

    3. Not considerate; negligent; as words unweighed.NWAD UNWEIGHED.5

    UNWEIGHING, a. Inconsiderate; thoughtless.

    UNWELCOME, a. Not welcome; not grateful; not pleasing; not well received; as unwelcome news; an unwelcome guest.

    UNWELL, a. Not well; indisposed; not in good health. [It expresses less than sick.]

    UNWELLNESS, n. State of being indisposed. [Not in use.]

    UNWEPT, a. Not lamented; not mourned. The profligate lives despised, and dies unwept.

    UNWET, a. Not wet or moist.

    UNWHIPPED, UNWHIPT, a. Not whipped; not corrected with the rod.

    UNWHOLE, a. [See Whole.] Not sound; infirm. [Not in use.]


    1. Not wholesome; unfavorable to health; insalubrious; as unwholesome air or food.NWAD UNWHOLESOME.2

    2. Pernicious; as unwholesome advice.NWAD UNWHOLESOME.3

    UNWHOLESOMENESS, n. Insalubrity; state or quality of being injurious or noxious to health; as the unwholesomeness of a climate.

    UNWIELDILY, adv. Heavily; with difficulty.

    UNWIELDINESS, n. Heaviness; difficulty of being moved; as the unwholesomeness of a climate.

    UNWIELDY, a. That is moved with difficulty; unmanageable; bulky; ponderous; as an unwieldy bulk; an unwieldy rock.

    UNWILLED, a. Not willed; not produced by the will.

    UNWILLING, a. Not willing; loth; disinclined; reluctant; as an unwilling servant.

    UNWILLINGLY, adv. Not with good will; not cheerfully; reluctantly.

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