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    SEA-BOAT, n. [sea and boat.] A vessel that bears the sea firmly, without laboring or straining her masts and rigging.

    SEA-BORD, SEA-BORDERING, a. Bordering on the sea or ocean.

    SEA-BORN, a. [sea and born.]

    1. Born of the sea; produced by the sea; as Neptune and his sea-born niece.NWAD SEA-BORN.2

    2. Born at sea.NWAD SEA-BORN.3

    SEA-BOUND, SEA-BOUNDED, a. [sea and bound.] Bounded by the sea.

    SEA-BOY, n. [sea and boy.] A boy employed on shipboard.

    SEA-BREACH, n. [sea and breach.] Irruption of the sea by breaking the banks.

    SEA-BREAM, n. [sea and bream.] A fish of the Sparus kind.

    SEA-BREEZE, n. [sea and breeze.] A wind or current of air blowing from the sea upon land; for the most part blowing during the day only, and subsiding at night.

    SEA-BUILT, a. [sea and built.] Built for the sea; as sea-built forts, [ships.]

    SEA-CABBAGE, SEA-CALE, n. [sea and cabbage.] Sea-colewort, a plant of the genus Crambe.

    SEA-CALF, n. [sea and calf.] The connom seal, a species of Phoca.

    SEA-CAP, n. [sea and cap.] A cap made to be worn at sea.

    SEA-CARD, n. [sea and card.] The mariner’s card or compass.

    SEA-CARP, n. [sea and carp.] A spotted fish fiving among rocks and stones.

    SEA-CHANGE, n. [sea and change.] A change wrought by the sea.

    SEA-CHART, n. [sea and chart.] A chart or map on which the line of the shore, isles, shoals, harbors, etc. are delineated.

    SEA-CIRCLED, a. [sea and circle.] Surrounded by the sea.

    SEA-COAL, n. [sea and coal.] Coal brought by sea; a vulgar name for fossil coal, in distinction from charcoal.

    SEA-COAST, n. [sea and coast.] The shore or border of the land adjacent to the sea or ocean.

    SEA-COB, n. [sea and cob.] A fowl, called also sea-gull.

    SEA-COLEWORT, n. Sea-cale, which see.

    SEA-COMPASS, n. [sea and campass.] The mariner’s card and needle; the compass constructed for use at sea.

    SEA-COOT, n. [sea and coot.] A sea fowl,

    SEA-CORMORANT, n. [sea and cormorant.] The sea-crow or sea-drake.

    SEA-COW, n. [sea and cow.] The Trichecus manatus, or manati. [See Manati.]

    SEA-CROW, n. [sea and crow.] A fowl of the full kind; the mire-crow or pewet.

    SEA-DEVIL, n. [sea and devil.] The fishing frog or toad-fish, of the genus Lophius; a fish of a deformed shape, resembling a tadpole, growing to a large size, with a head larger than the whole body.

    SEA-DOG, n. [sea and dog.]

    1. A fish, perhaps the shark.NWAD SEA-DOG.2

    2. The sea-calf or common seal.NWAD SEA-DOG.3

    SEA-DRAGON, n. [sea and dragon.] A marine monster caught in England in 1749, resembling in some degree an alligator, but having two large fins which served for swimming or flying, It had two legs terminating in hoofs, like those of an ass. Its body was covered with impenetrable scales, and it had five rows of teeth.

    SEA-EAR, n. [sea and ear.] A sea plant.

    SEA-EEL, n. [sea and eel.] An eel caught in salt water; the conger.

    SEA-ENCIRCLED, a. [sea and encircled.] Encompassed by the sea.

    SEA-FARER, n. [sea and fare.] One that follows the seas; a mariner.

    SEA-FARING, a. Following the business of a seaman; customarily employed in navigation.

    SEA-FENNEL, n. [sea and fennel.] The sea as samphire.

    SEA-FIGHT, n. [sea and fight.] An engagement between ships at sea; a naval action.

    SEA-FISH, n. [sea and fish.] Any marine fish; any fish that lives usually in salt water.

    SEA-FOWL, n. [sea and fowl.] A marine fowl; any fowl that lives by the sea, and procures it food from salt water.

    SEA-FOX, n. A species of squalus, having a tail longer than the body.

    SEA-GAGE, n. [sea and gage.] The depth that a vessel sinks in the water.

    SEA-GARLAND, n. [sea and garland.] A plant.

    SEA-GIRDLES, n. [sea and girdle.] A sort of sea mushroom.

    SEA-GIRT, a. [sea and girt.] Surrounded by the water of the sea or ocean; as a sea-girt isle.

    SEA-GOD, n. [sea and god.] A marine deity; a fabulous being supposed to preside over the ocean or sea; as Neptune.

    SEA-GOWN, n. [sea and gown.] A gown or garment with short sleeves, worn by mariners.

    SEA-GRASS, [sea and grass.] A plant growing on the sea shore; an aquatic plant of the genus Ruppia.

    SEA-GREEN, a. [sea and green.] Having the color of sea water; being of a faint green color.

    SEA-GREEN, n.

    1. The color of the sea water.NWAD SEA-GREEN.3

    2. A plant, the saxifrage.NWAD SEA-GREEN.4

    SEA-GULL, n. [sea and gull.] A fowl of the genus Larus; a species of gull; called also sea-crow.

    SEA-HARE, n. [sea and hare.] A marine animal of the genus Laplysia, whose body is covered with membranes reflected; it has lateral pore on the right side, and four feelers resembling ears. The body is nearly oval, soft, gelatinous and punctated. Its juice poisonous, and ir is so fetid as to cause nausea.

    SEA-HEDGHOG, n. A sea shell, a species of Echinus, so called from its prickles, which resemble in some measure those of the hedghog or urchin.

    SEA-HEN, n. [sea and hen.] Anothe name of the guillemot.

    SEA-HOG, n. [sea and hog.] The porpes, which see.

    SEA-HOLLY, n. [sea and holly.] A plant of the genus Eryngium.

    SEA-HOLM, n.

    1. A small uninhabited isle.NWAD SEA-HOLM.2

    2. Sea-holly.NWAD SEA-HOLM.3

    SEA-HORSE, n. [sea and horse.]

    1. In ichthyoilogy, the morse, a species of Trichechus or walrus.NWAD SEA-HORSE.2

    2. The hippopotamus, or river horse.NWAD SEA-HORSE.3

    3. A fish of the needle-fish kind, four or five inches in length, ane half an inch in diameter.NWAD SEA-HORSE.4

    4. A fish of the genus Syngnathus.NWAD SEA-HORSE.5

    SEA-LEGS, n. [sea and leg.] The ability to walk on a ship’ deck when pitching or rolling.

    SEA-LEMON, n. [sea and lemon] A marine animal of the genus Doris, having an oval body, convex, marked with numerous punctures, and of a lemon color.

    SEA-LIKE, a. [sea and like] Resembling the sea.

    SEA-LION, n. [sea and lion] An animal of the genus Phoca or seal, which has a mane like a lion, the Phoca jubata.

    SEA-MAID, n. [sea and maid]

    1. The mermaid. [See Mermaid.]NWAD SEA-MAID.2

    2. A sea nymph.NWAD SEA-MAID.3

    SEA-MALL, SEA-MEW, n. A fowl, a species of gull or Larus.

    SEA-MAN, n. [sea and man]

    1. A sailor; a mariner; a man whose occupation is to assist in the management of ships at sea.NWAD SEA-MAN.2

    2. By way of distinction, a skillful mariner; also, a man who is well versed in the art of navigating ships. In this sense, it is applied both officers and common mariners.NWAD SEA-MAN.3

    3. Merman, the tale of the merman. [Little used.]NWAD SEA-MAN.4

    SEAMANSHIP, n. The skill of a good seaman; an acquaintance with the art of managing and navigating a ship; applicable both to officers and to men. Naval skill, is the art of managing a fleet, particularly in an engagement; a very different thing from seamanship.

    SEA-MARK, n. [sea and mark.] Any elevated object on land which serves for a direction to mariners in entering a harbor, or in sailing along or approaching a coast; a beacon; as a light-house, a mountain, etc.

    SEA-MONSTER, n. [sea and monster.] A huge marine animal. Lamentations 4:3.

    SEA-MOSS, n. [sea and moss.] A name given to coral. [See Coral.]

    SEAMOUSE, n. [sea and mouse.] A marine animal of the genus Aphrodita.

    SEA-NAVELWORT, n. [sea, navel and wort.] A plant growing in Syria, which is said to effect great cures.

    SEA-NEEDLE, n. [sea and needle.] A name of the gar or garfish, of the genus Esox. This fish has a slender body, with long pointed jaws and a forked tail. Its back is of a fine green color, and when in the water, its colors are extremely beautiful.

    SEA-NETTLE, n. [sea and nettle.] Another name of the animal flower, sea-anemony.

    SEA-NURSED, a. [sea and nursed.] Nursed by the sea.

    SEA-NYMPH, n. [sea and nymph.] A nymph or goddess of the sea.

    SEA-ONION, n. [sea and onion.] A plant.

    SEA-OOZE, n. [sea and ooze.] The soft mud on or near the sea shore.

    SEA-OTTER, n. [sea and otter.] A species of otter that has hind feet like those of a seal. It feeds on shell fish.

    SEA-OWL, n. [sea and owl.] Another name of the lump-fish.

    SEA-PAD, n. The star-fish. [Stella marina.]

    SEA-PANTHER, n. [sea and panther.] A fish like a lamprey.

    SEA-PHEASANT, n. [sea and pheasant.] The pin-tailed duck.

    SEA-PIE, SEA-PYE, n. [sea and pie, pica.] A fowl of the genus Haematopus, and grallic order; called also the oyster-catcher, from its thrusting its beak into oysters when open, and taking out the animal.

    SEA-PIE, n. [sea and pie.] A dish of food consisting of paste and meat boiled together; so named because common at sea.

    SEA-PIECE, n. [sea and piece.] A picture representing a scene at sea.

    SEA-PLANT, n. [sea and plant.] A plant that grows in salt water, as the fucus, conferva etc.

    SEA-POOL, n. [sea and pool.] A lake of salt water.

    SEAPORT, n. [sea and port.]

    1. A harbor near the sea, formed by an arm of the sea or by a bay.NWAD SEAPORT.2

    2. A city or town situated on a harbor, on or near the sea. We call a town a seaport, instead fo a seaport town.NWAD SEAPORT.3

    SEA-RESEMBLING, a. Like the sea; sea-like.

    SEA-RISK, n. [sea and risk.] Hazard or risk at sea; danger of injury or destruction by the sea.

    SEA-ROBBER, n. [sea and robber.] A pirate; one that robs on the high seas.

    SEA-ROCKET, n. A plant of the genus Bunias.

    SEA-ROOM, n. [sea and room.] Ample space or distance from land, shoals or rocks, sufficient for a ship to drive or scud without danger of shipwreck.

    SEA-ROVER, n. [sea and rover.]

    1. A pirate; one that cruizes for plunder.NWAD SEA-ROVER.2

    2. A ship or vessel that is employed in cruizing for plunder.NWAD SEA-ROVER.3

    SEA-RUFF, n. A kind of sea fish. [L. orphus.]

    SEA-SCORPION, n. [sea and scorpion.] Another name for a fatherlasher.

    SEA-SERPENT, n. [sea and serpent.] A huge animal like a serpent inhabiting the sea.

    SEA-SERVICE, n. [sea and service.] Naval service; service in the navy or in ships of war.

    SEA-SHARK, n. [sea and shark.] A ravenous sea fish.

    SEA-SHELL, n. [sea ansd shell.] A marine shell; a shell that grows in the sea.

    SEA-SHORE, n. [sea and shore.] The coast of the sea; the land that lied adjacent to the sea or ocean.

    SEA-SICK, a. [sea and sick.] Affected with sickness or nausea by means of the pitching or rolling of a vessel.

    SEA-SICKNESS, n. The sickness or nausea occasioned by the pitching and rolling of a ship in an agitated sea.

    SEA-SIDE, n. [sea and side.] The land bordering on the sea; the country adjacent to the sea, or near it.

    SEA-STAR, n. [sea and star.] The starfish, a genus of marine animals, called technically Asterias.

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