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    UNKNOWING, a. Not knowing; ignorant; with of.

    Unknowing of deceit.NWAD UNKNOWING.2

    UNKNOWINGLY, adv. Ignorantly; without knowledge or design.

    UNKNOWN, a.

    1. Not known. The author of the invention is unknown.NWAD UNKNOWN.2

    2. Greater than is imagined.NWAD UNKNOWN.3

    3. Not having had cohabitation.NWAD UNKNOWN.4

    4. Not having communication.NWAD UNKNOWN.5


    1. Not produced by labor; as unlabored harvests.NWAD UNLABORED.2

    2. Not cultivated by labor; not tilled.NWAD UNLABORED.3

    3. Spontaneous; voluntary; that offers without effort; natural.NWAD UNLABORED.4

    And from the theme unlabor’d beauties rise.NWAD UNLABORED.5

    4. Easy; natural; not stiff; as an unlabored style.NWAD UNLABORED.6

    UNLABORIOUS, a. Not laborious; not difficult to be done.

    UNLACE, v.t.

    1. To loose from lacing or fastening by a cord or strings passed through loops and holes; as, to unlace a helmet or a garment.NWAD UNLACE.2

    2. To loose a woman’s dress.NWAD UNLACE.3

    3. To divest of ornaments.NWAD UNLACE.4

    4. In sea language, to loose and take off a bonnet from a sail.NWAD UNLACE.5

    UNLACED, pp. Loosed from lacing; unfastened.

    UNLACING, ppr. Loosing from lacing or fastening.

    UNLACKEYED, a. Unattended with a lackey.

    UNLADE, v.t.

    1. To unload; to take out the cargo of; as, to unlade a ship.NWAD UNLADE.2

    2. To unload; to remove, as a load or burden. Acts 21:3.NWAD UNLADE.3

    UNLADEN, pp. of lade. Unloaded.

    UNLAID, a.

    1. Not placed; not fixed.NWAD UNLAID.2

    2. Not allayed; not pacified; not suppressed.NWAD UNLAID.3

    3. Not laid out, as a corpse.NWAD UNLAID.4

    UNLAMENTED, a. Not lamented; whose loss is not deplored.

    Thus unlamented pass the proud away.NWAD UNLAMENTED.2

    UNLARDED, a. Not intermixed or inserted for improvement.

    UNLATCH, v.i. To open or loose by lifting the latch.

    UNLAURELED, a. Not crowned with laurel; not honored.

    UNLAVISH, a. Not lavish; not profuse; not wasteful.

    UNLAVISHED, a. Not lavished; not spent wastefully.

    UNLAW, v.t. To deprive of the authority of law.

    UNLAWFUL, a. Not lawful; contrary to law; illegal; not permitted by law.

    Unlawful assembly, in law, the meeting of three or more persons to commit an unlawful act.NWAD UNLAWFUL.2

    UNLAWFULLY, adv.

    1. In violation of law or right; illegally.NWAD UNLAWFULLY.2

    2. Illegitimately; not in wedlock; as a child unlawfully born.NWAD UNLAWFULLY.3


    1. Illegality; contrariety to law.NWAD UNLAWFULNESS.2

    2. Illegitimacy.NWAD UNLAWFULNESS.3

    UNLEARN, v.t. unlern’. To forget or lose what has been learned. It is most important to us all to unlearn the errors of our early education.

    I had learned nothing right; I had to unlearn everything.NWAD UNLEARN.2

    UNLEARNED, pp.

    1. Forgotten.NWAD UNLEARNED.2

    2. a. Not learned; ignorant; illiterate; not instructed.NWAD UNLEARNED.3

    3. Not gained by study; not known.NWAD UNLEARNED.4

    4. Not suitable to a learned man; as unlearned verses.NWAD UNLEARNED.5

    UNLEARNEDLY, adv. Ignorantly.

    UNLEARNEDNESS, n. want of learning; illiterateness.

    UNLEAVENED, a. unlev’ened. Not leavened; not raised by leaven, barm or yeast. Exodus 12:20.

    UNLECTURED, a. Not taught by lecture.

    UNLEISURED, a. unlezh’ured. Not having leisure. [Not in use.]

    UNLENT, a. Not lent.

    UNLESS, conj.

    Except; that is, remove or dismiss the fact or thing stated in the sentence or clause which follows. “We cannot thrive unless we are industrious and frugal.” the sense will be more obvious with the clauses of the sentence inverted. Unless, [remove this fact, suppose it not to exist,] we are industrious and frugal, we cannot thrive. Unless then answers for a negation. If we are not industrious, we cannot thrive.NWAD UNLESS.2

    UNLESSONED, a. Not taught; not instructed.

    UNLETTERED, a. Unlearned; untaught; ignorant.

    UNLETTEREDNESS, n. Want of learning.

    UNLEVELED, a. Not leveled; not laid even.

    UNLIBIDINOUS, a. Not libidinous; not lustful.

    UNLICENSED, a. Not licensed; not having permission by authority; as an unlicensed innkeeper.

    The vending of ardent spirits, in places licensed or unlicensed, is a tremendous evil.NWAD UNLICENSED.2

    UNLICKED, a. shapeless; not formed to smoothness; as an unlicked bear whelp.


    1. Not lighted; not illuminated.NWAD UNLIGHTED.2

    2. Not kindled or set on fire.NWAD UNLIGHTED.3

    UNLIGHTSOME, a. Dark; gloomy; wanting light.

    UNLIKE, a.

    1. Dissimilar; having no resemblance. Never were two men more unlike. The cases are entirely unlike.NWAD UNLIKE.2

    2. Improbably; unlikely.NWAD UNLIKE.3


    UNLIKELY, a.

    1. Improbably; such as cannot be reasonably expected; as an unlikely event. The thing you mention is very unlikely.NWAD UNLIKELY.2

    2. Not promising success. He employs very unlikely means to effect his object.NWAD UNLIKELY.3

    UNLIKELY, adv. Improbably.

    UNLIKENESS, n. Want of resemblance; dissimilitude.

    UNLIMBER, a. Not limber; not flexible; not yielding.

    UNLIMITABLE, a. Admitting no limits; boundless. [We now us illimitable.]


    1. Not limited; having no bounds; boundless.NWAD UNLIMITED.2

    2. Undefined; indefinite; not bounded by proper exceptions; as unlimited terms.NWAD UNLIMITED.3

    3. Unconfined; not restrained.NWAD UNLIMITED.4

    Ascribe not to God such as unlimited exercise of mercy as may destroy his justice.NWAD UNLIMITED.5

    Unlimited problem, is one which is capable of infinite solutions.NWAD UNLIMITED.6

    UNLIMITEDLY, adv. Without bounds.

    UNLIMITEDNESS, n. The state of being boundless, or of being undefined.

    UNLINEAL, a. Not in a line; not coming in the order of succession.

    UNLINK, v.t. To separate links; to loose; to unfasten: to untwist.


    1. Not liquidated; not settled; not having the exact amount ascertained; as an unliquidated debt; unliquidated accounts.NWAD UNLIQUIDATED.2

    2. Unpaid; unadjusted.NWAD UNLIQUIDATED.3

    UNLIQUIFIED, a. Unmelted; not dissolved.

    UNLIQUORED, a. Not moistened; not smeared with liquor; not filled with liquor.

    UNLISTENING, a. Not listening; not hearing; not regarding.

    UNLIVELINESS, n. Want of life; dullness.

    UNLIVELY, a. Not lively; dull.

    UNLOAD, v.t.

    1. To take the load from; to discharge of a load or cargo; as, to unload a ship; to unload a cart.NWAD UNLOAD.2

    2. To disburden; as, to unload a beast.NWAD UNLOAD.3

    3. To disburden; to relieve from any thing onerous or troublesome.NWAD UNLOAD.4

    UNLOADED, pp. Freed from a load or cargo; disburdened.

    UNLOADING, ppr. Freeing from a load or cargo; disburdening; relieving of a burden.


    1. Not place; not fixed in a place.NWAD UNLOCATED.2

    2. In America, unlocated lands are such new or wild lands as have not been surveyed, appropriated or designated by marks, limits or boundaries, to some individual, company or corporation.NWAD UNLOCATED.3

    UNLOCK, v.t.

    1. To unfasten what is locked; as, to unlock a door or a chest.NWAD UNLOCK.2

    2. To open, in general; to lay open.NWAD UNLOCK.3

    Unlock your springs, and open all your shades.NWAD UNLOCK.4

    UNLOCKED, pp.

    1. Opened.NWAD UNLOCKED.2

    2. a. Not locked; not made fast.NWAD UNLOCKED.3

    Unlocked for, not expected; not foreseen.NWAD UNLOCKED.4

    UNLOOSE, v.t. unloos’. To loose. [An ill formed word, as it expresses the same idea as loose.]

    UNLOOSE, v.i. unloos’. To fall in pieces; to lose all connection or union.

    UNLOSABLE, a. s as z. That cannot be lost. [Not in use.]

    UNLOVED, a. Not loved.

    UNLOVELINESS, n. Want of loveliness; unamiableness; want of the qualities which attract love.

    UNLOVELY, a. Not lovely; not amiable; destitute of the qualities which attract love, or possessing qualities that excite dislike.

    UNLOVING, a. Not loving; not fond.

    UNLUCKILY, adv. Unfortunately; by ill fortune.


    1. Unfortunateness; ill fortune.NWAD UNLUCKINESS.2

    2. Mischievousness.NWAD UNLUCKINESS.3

    UNLUCKY, a.

    1. Unfortunate; not successful; as an unlucky man.NWAD UNLUCKY.2

    2. Unfortunate; not resulting in success; as an unlucky adventure; an unlucky throw of dice; an unlucky game.NWAD UNLUCKY.3

    [This word is usually applied to incidents in which success depends on single events, to games of hazard, etc. rather than to things which depend on a long series of events, or on the ordinary course of providence. Hence we say, a man is unlucky in play or in a lottery; but not that a farmer is unlucky in his husbandry, or a commander unlucky in the result of a campaign.]NWAD UNLUCKY.4

    3. Unhappy; miserable; subject to frequent misfortunes.NWAD UNLUCKY.5

    4. Slightly mischievous; mischievously waggish; as an unlucky boy; an unlucky wag.NWAD UNLUCKY.6

    5. Ill omened; inauspicious.NWAD UNLUCKY.7

    Haunt me not with that unlucky face.NWAD UNLUCKY.8

    UNLUSTROUS, a. Wanting luster; not shining.

    UNLUSTY, a. Not lusty; not stout; weak.

    UNLUTE, v.t. To separate things cemented or luted; to take the lute or clay from.

    UNLUTED, pp. Separated, as luted vessels.

    UNLUTING, ppr. Separating, as luted vessels.

    UNMADE, pp.

    1. Deprived of its form or qualities.NWAD UNMADE.2

    2. a. Not made; not yet formed.NWAD UNMADE.3

    3. Omitted to be made.NWAD UNMADE.4

    UNMAGNETIC, a. Not having magnetic properties.

    UNMAIDENLY, a. Not becoming a maiden.

    UNMAIMED, a. Not maimed; not disabled in any limb; sound; entire.

    UNMAKABLE, a. Not possible to be made. [Little used.]

    UNMAKE, v.t.

    1. To destroy the form and qualities which constitute a thing what it is.NWAD UNMAKE.2

    God does not make or unmake things to try experiments.NWAD UNMAKE.3

    2. To deprive of qualities before possessed.NWAD UNMAKE.4

    UNMAKING, ppr. Destroying the peculiar properties of a thing.

    UNMALLEABILITY, n. The quality or state of being unmalleable.

    UNMALLEABLE, a. Not malleable; not capable of being hammered into a plate, or of being extended by beating.

    UNMAN, v.t.

    1. To deprive of the constitutional qualities of a human being, as reason, etc.NWAD UNMAN.2

    2. To deprive of men; as, to unman a ship.NWAD UNMAN.3

    3. To emasculate; to deprive of virility.NWAD UNMAN.4

    4. To deprive of the courage and fortitude of a man; to break or reduce into irresolution; to dishearten; to deject.NWAD UNMAN.5

    5. To dispeople; as towns unmanned.NWAD UNMAN.6


    1. Not manageable; not easily restrained, governed or directed; not controllable.NWAD UNMANAGEABLE.2

    2. Not easily wielded.NWAD UNMANAGEABLE.3


    1. Not broken by horsemanship.NWAD UNMANAGED.2

    2. Not tutored; not educated.NWAD UNMANAGED.3


    1. Not becoming a human beingNWAD UNMANLIKE.2

    2. Unsuitable to a man; effeminate.NWAD UNMANLIKE.3

    Unmanly warmth and tenderness of love.NWAD UNMANLIKE.4

    3. Not worthy of a noble mind; ignoble; base; ungenerous; cowardly.NWAD UNMANLIKE.5

    UNMANNED, pp. Deprived of the qualities of a man.

    UNMANNERED, a. Uncivil; rude.

    UNMANNERLINESS, n. Want of good manners; breach of civility; rudeness of behavior.


    1. Ill bred; not having good manners; rude in behavior; as an unmannerly youth.NWAD UNMANNERLY.2

    2. Not according to good manners; as an unmannerly jest.NWAD UNMANNERLY.3

    UNMANNERLY, adv. Uncivilly.

    UNMANUFACTURED, a. Not manufactured; not wrought into the proper form for use.


    1. Not manured; not enriched by manure.NWAD UNMANURED.2

    2. Uncultivated.NWAD UNMANURED.3

    UNMARKED, a.

    1. Not marked; having no mark.NWAD UNMARKED.2

    2. Unobserved; not regarded; undistinguished.NWAD UNMARKED.3

    UNMARRED, a. Not marred; not injured; not spoiled; not obstructed.

    UNMARRIABLE, a. Not marriageable. [Little used.]

    UNMARRIED, a. Not married; having no husband or no wife.

    UNMARRY, v.t. To divorce.

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