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    UNTANGLING, ppr. Disentangling.

    UNTARNISHED, a. Not soiled; not tarnished; not stained; unblemished; as untarnished silk; untarnished reputation.

    UNTASTED, a.

    1. Not tasted; not tried by the taste or tongue.NWAD UNTASTED.2

    2. Not enjoyed; as untasted pleasures.NWAD UNTASTED.3

    UNTASTEFUL, a. Having no taste; being without taste.

    UNTASTEFULLY, adv. Without taste or gracefulness; in bad taste.

    UNTASTING, a. Not tasting; not perceiving by the taste.

    UNTAUGHT, a. untaut’

    1. Not taught; not instructed; not educated; unlettered; illiterate.NWAD UNTAUGHT.2

    2. Unskilled; new; not having use or practice.NWAD UNTAUGHT.3

    A tongue untaught to plead for favor.NWAD UNTAUGHT.4

    UNTAXED, a.

    1. Not taxed; not charged with taxes.NWAD UNTAXED.2

    2. Not accused.NWAD UNTAXED.3

    UNTEACH, v.t. pret. and pp. untaught. To cause to forget or lose what has been taught.

    Experience will unteach us.NWAD UNTEACH.2

    UNTEACHABLE, a. That cannot be taught or instructed; indocile.

    UNTEACHABLENESS, n. The quality of not readily receiving instruction; indocility.

    UNTEEMING, a. Not producing young; barren.

    UNTEMPERATE, a. Intemperate. [The latter is now used.]

    UNTEMPERED, a. Not tempered; not duly mixed for use; not durable or strong.

    UNTEMPTED, a. Not tempted; not tried by enticements or persuasions; not invited by any thing alluring.


    1. Not tenable; that cannot be held in possession; as an untenable post or fort.NWAD UNTENABLE.2

    2. That cannot be maintained or supported; not defensible; as an untenable doctrine; untenable ground in argument.NWAD UNTENABLE.3

    UNTENANTABLE, a. Not fit for an occupant; not in suitable repair or condition for a tenant.

    UNTENANTED, a. Not occupied by a tenant; not inhabited.

    UNTENDED, a. Not tended; not having any attendant.

    UNTENDER, a.

    1. Not tender; not soft.NWAD UNTENDER.2

    2. Wanting sensibility or affection.NWAD UNTENDER.3

    UNTENDERED, a. Not tendered; not offered; as untendered money or tribute.

    UNTENT, v.t. To bring out of a tent. [Little used.]

    UNTENTED, a. Not having a medical tent applied.

    UNTERRIFIED, a. Not terrified; not affrighted; not daunted.

    UNTESTED, a. Not tested; not tried by a standard.


    1. Not thanked; not repaid with acknowledgments.NWAD UNTHANKED.2

    2. Not received with thankfulness; as an unthanked reprieve. [Unusual.]NWAD UNTHANKED.3

    UNTHANKFUL, a. Not thankful; ungrateful; not making acknowledgments for good received.

    For he is kind to the unthankful and to the evil. Luke 6:35.NWAD UNTHANKFUL.2

    UNTHANKFULLY, adv. Without thanks; without a grateful acknowledgment of favors.

    UNTHANKFULNESS, n. Neglect or omission of acknowledgment for good received; want of a sense of kindness or benefits; ingratitude.

    Immoderate favors breed first unthankfulness, and afterwards hate.NWAD UNTHANKFULNESS.2

    UNTHAWED, a. Not thawed; not melted or dissolved; as ice or snow.

    UNTHINK, v.t. To dismiss a thought.


    1. Not thinking; not heedful; thoughtless; inconsiderate; as unthinking youth.NWAD UNTHINKING.2

    2. Not indicating thought or reflection; as a round unthinking face.NWAD UNTHINKING.3

    UNTHINKINGNESS, n. Want of thought or reflection; habitual thoughtlessness.

    UNTHORNY, a. Not thorny; free from thorns.

    UNTHOUGHTFUL, a. unthaut’ful. Thoughtless; heedless.

    Unthought of, not thought of; not regarded not heeded.NWAD UNTHOUGHTFUL.2

    UNTHREAD, v.t. unthred’.

    1. To draw or take out a thread from; as, to unthread a needle.NWAD UNTHREAD.2

    2. To loose.NWAD UNTHREAD.3

    UNTHREADED, pp. Deprived of a thread.

    UNTHREADING, ppr. Depriving of a thread.

    UNTHREATENED, a. unthret’ened. Not threatened; not menaced.

    UNTHRIFT, n. A prodigal; one who wastes his estate by extravagance.

    UNTHRIFTILY, adv. Without frugality.

    UNTHRIFTINESS, n. Waste of property without necessity or use; prodigality; profusion.


    1. Prodigal; lavish; profuse; spending property without necessity or use.NWAD UNTHRIFTY.2

    2. Not thriving; not gaining property; as an unthrifty farmer.NWAD UNTHRIFTY.3

    3. Not gaining flesh; as an unthrifty ox.NWAD UNTHRIFTY.4

    4. Not vigorous in growth, as a plant.NWAD UNTHRIFTY.5

    UNTHRIVING, a. Not thriving; not prospering in temporal affairs; not gaining property.

    UNTHRONE, v.t. To remove from a throne, or from supreme authority; to dethrone.

    UNTIDY, a.

    1. Not tidy; not seasonable; not ready.NWAD UNTIDY.2

    2. Not neatly dressed; not in good order.NWAD UNTIDY.3

    UNTIE, v.t.

    1. To loosen, as a knot; to disengage the parts that form a knot. Untie the knot.NWAD UNTIE.2

    2. To unbind; to free from any fastening; as, to untie an iron chain.NWAD UNTIE.3

    3. To loosen from coils or convolution; as snakes untied.NWAD UNTIE.4

    4. To loose; to separate something attached; as, to untie the tongue.NWAD UNTIE.5

    5. To resolve; to unfold; to clear.NWAD UNTIE.6

    UNTIED, pp.

    1. Loosed; as a knot; unbound; separated; resolved.NWAD UNTIED.2

    2. a. Not tied; not bound or gathered in a knot; loose.NWAD UNTIED.3

    3. Not fastened with a knot.NWAD UNTIED.4

    4. Not held by any tie or band.NWAD UNTIED.5

    UNTIL, prep. [un and till. See Till.]

    1. To; used of time.NWAD UNTIL.2

    He and his sons were priests of the tribe of Dan, until the day of the captivity. Judges 18:30.NWAD UNTIL.3

    2. To; used of objects. Obs.NWAD UNTIL.4

    3. Preceding a sentence or clause, to; that is, to the event mentioned, or the time of it; as, until this hour; until this year.NWAD UNTIL.5

    The scepter shall not depart from Judah - until Shiloh come. Genesis 49:10.NWAD UNTIL.6

    4. To the point or place of.NWAD UNTIL.7

    In open prospect nothing bounds our eye,NWAD UNTIL.8

    Until the earth seems join’d unto the sky.NWAD UNTIL.9

    5. To the degree that.NWAD UNTIL.10

    Thou shalt push Syria, until they be consumed. 2 Chronicles 18:10.NWAD UNTIL.11

    [Note. Until is always the same part of speech in fact, and has the same signification. The only difference is, that it is followed sometimes by a single word denoting time, and in other cases by a verb denoting an event, or a word denoting place or degree. The sense is in all cases to; and till may be used as its substitute, and in modern usage it is most common.]NWAD UNTIL.12

    UNTILE, v.t. To take the tiles from; to uncover by removing tiles.

    UNTILLED, a. Not tilled; not cultivated.


    1. Not furnished with timber.NWAD UNTIMBERED.2

    2. Not covered with timber trees; as untimbered land.NWAD UNTIMBERED.3

    UNTIMELY, a.

    1. Happening before the usual time; as untimely frost.NWAD UNTIMELY.2

    2. Happening before the natural time; premature; as untimely death; untimely fate.NWAD UNTIMELY.3

    UNTIMELY, adv. Before the natural time.

    What is untimely done.NWAD UNTIMELY.5

    UNTINCTURED, a. Not tinctured; not tinged.

    UNTINGED, a.

    1. Not tinged; not stained; not discolored; as water untinged; untinged beams of light.NWAD UNTINGED.2

    2. Not infected.NWAD UNTINGED.3

    UNTIRABLE, a. That cannot be wearied; indefatigable; unwearied.

    UNTIRED, a. Not tired; not exhausted by labor.

    UNTIRING, a. Not becoming tired or exhausted; as untiring patience.

    UNTITLED, a. Having no title; as an untitled tyrant.

    UNTO, prep. a compound of un, [on,] and to; of no use in the language, as it expresses no more than to. I do not find it in our mother tongue, nor is it ever used in popular discourse. It is found in writers of former times, but is entirely obsolete.

    UNTOLD, a.

    1. Not told; not related; not revealed.NWAD UNTOLD.2

    2. Not numbered; as money untold.NWAD UNTOLD.3

    UNTOMB, v.t. untoom’. To disinter.

    UNTOOTHSOME, a. Not pleasant to the taste.

    UNTOUCHED, a. untuch’ed.

    1. Not touched; not reached; not hit.NWAD UNTOUCHED.2

    2. Not moved; not affected; as the heart untouched.NWAD UNTOUCHED.3

    3. Not meddled with; as books untouched for years.NWAD UNTOUCHED.4

    UNTOWARD, a.

    1. Froward; perverse; refractory; not easily guided or taught. Acts 2:40.NWAD UNTOWARD.2

    2. Awkward; ungraceful; as untoward words.NWAD UNTOWARD.3

    3. Inconvenient; troublesome; unmanageable; as an untoward vow.NWAD UNTOWARD.4

    UNTOWARDLY, adv. In a froward or perverse manner; perversely; ungainly.

    UNTOWARDLY, a. Awkward; perverse; froward.

    UNTOWARDNESS, n. Awkwardness; frowardness; perverseness.

    UNTRACEABLE, a. That cannot be traced or followed.

    UNTRACED, a.

    1. Not traced; not followed.NWAD UNTRACED.2

    2. Not marked by footsteps.NWAD UNTRACED.3

    3. Not marked out.NWAD UNTRACED.4


    1. Not tracked; not marked by footsteps.NWAD UNTRACKED.2

    2. Not followed by the tracks.NWAD UNTRACKED.3

    UNTRACTABLE, a. [L. intractabilis.]

    1. Not tractable; not yielding to discipline; stubborn; indocile; ungovernable; as an untractable son.NWAD UNTRACTABLE.2

    2. Rough; difficult.NWAD UNTRACTABLE.3

    3. Not yielding to the heat or to the hammer; as an ore.NWAD UNTRACTABLE.4

    [Intractable is more generally used.]NWAD UNTRACTABLE.5

    UNTRACTABLENESS, n. Refractoriness; stubbornness; unwillingness to be governed; controlled or managed.

    UNTRADING, a. Not engaged in commerce; as an untrading country or city.


    1. Not trained; not disciplined; not skillful.NWAD UNTRAINED.2

    2. Not educated; not instructed.NWAD UNTRAINED.3

    My wit untrained.NWAD UNTRAINED.4

    3. Irregular; ungovernable; as untrained hope.NWAD UNTRAINED.5

    UNTRAMMELED, a. Not trammeled; not shackled.

    UNTRANSFERABLE, a. That cannot be transferred or passed from one to another; as power or right untransferable.

    UNTRANSFERRED, a. Not transferred; not conveyed or assigned to another; as titles or rights untransferred.

    UNTRANSLATABLE, a. Not capable of being translated.

    UNTRANSLATED, a. Not translated or rendered into another language.

    UNTRANSPARENT, a. Not transparent; not disphanous; opake; not permeable by light.

    UNTRANSPOSED, a. untranspo’zed. Not transposed; having the natural order.


    1. Not traveled; not troden by passengers; as an untraveled forest.NWAD UNTRAVELED.2

    2. Having never seen foreign countries; as an untraveled Englishman.NWAD UNTRAVELED.3

    UNTRAVERSED, a. Not traversed; not passed over.

    UNTREAD, v.t. untred’. To tread back; to go back in the same steps.

    UNTREASURED, a. untresh’ured. Not treasured; not laid up; not reposited.

    UNTREATABLE, a. Not treatable; not practicable. [Not used.]

    UNTREMBLING, a. Not trembling or shaking; firm; steady.

    UNTRIED, a.

    1. Not tried; not attempted.NWAD UNTRIED.2

    2. Not yet experienced; as untried sufferings.NWAD UNTRIED.3

    3. Not having passed trial; not heard and determined in law. The cause remains untried.NWAD UNTRIED.4

    UNTRIMMED, a. Not trimmed; not pruned; not dressed; not put in order.

    UNTRIUMPHABLE, a. That admits no triumph. [Barbarous and not used.]

    UNTRIUMPHED, a. Not triumphed over.

    UNTROD, UNTRODDEN, a. Not having been trod; not passed over; not marked by the feet.

    UNTROLLED, a. Not boiled; not rolled along.

    UNTROUBLED, a. untrub’led.

    1. Not troubled; not disturbed by care, sorrow or business; free from trouble.NWAD UNTROUBLED.2

    2. Not agitated; not ruffled; not confused; free from passion; as an untroubled mind.NWAD UNTROUBLED.3

    3. Not agitated; not moved; as an untroubled lake.NWAD UNTROUBLED.4

    4. Not disturbed or interrupted in the natural course; as untroubled nature.NWAD UNTROUBLED.5

    5. Not foul; not turbid; clear; as an untroubled stream.NWAD UNTROUBLED.6

    UNTROUBLEDNESS, n. State of being free from trouble; unconcern. [Not used.]

    UNTRUE, a.

    1. Not true; false; contrary to the fact. The story is untrue.NWAD UNTRUE.2

    2. Not faithful to another; not fulfilling the duties of a husband, wife, vassal, etc.; false; disloyal.NWAD UNTRUE.3

    3. Inconstant; as a lover.NWAD UNTRUE.4

    UNTRULY, adv. Not truly; falsely; not according to reality.

    UNTRUSS, v.t. To untie or unfasten; to loose from a truss; to let out.

    UNTRUSSED, a. Not trussed; not tied up.

    UNTRUSTINESS, n. Unfaithfulness in the discharge of a trust.

    UNTRUSTY, a. Not trusty; not worthy of confidence; unfaithful.

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