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    UNGEOMETRICAL, a. Not agreeable to the rules of geometry.

    UNGIFTED, a. Not gifted; not endowed with peculiar faculties.

    UNGILDED, UNGILT, a. Not gilt; not overlaid with gold.

    UNGIRD, v.t. [See Gird.] To loose from a girdle or band; to unbind. Genesis 24:32.

    UNGIRDED, pp. Loosed from a girth or band.

    UNGIRDING, ppr. Loosing from a girdle or band.

    UNGIRT, pp.

    1. Unbound.NWAD UNGIRT.2

    2. a. Loosely dressed.NWAD UNGIRT.3

    UNGIVING, a. Not bringing gifts.

    UNGLAZED, a.

    1. Not furnished with glass; as, the windows are unglazed; the house is yet unglazed.NWAD UNGLAZED.2

    2. Wanting glass windows.NWAD UNGLAZED.3

    3. Not covered with vitreous matter; as unglazed potters’ ware.NWAD UNGLAZED.4

    UNGLORIFIED, a. Not glorified; not honored with praise or adoration.

    UNGLORIOUS, a. Not glorious; bringing no glory or honor.

    UNGLOVE, v.t. To take off the gloves. [Not in use.]

    UNGLOVED, a. Having the hand naked. [Little used.]

    UNGLUE, v.t. to separate any thing that is glued or cemented.

    UNGLUED, pp. Loosed from glue or cement.

    UNGLUING, ppr. Separating what is cemented.

    UNGOD, v.t. to divest of divinity.

    UNGODLILY, adv. Impiously; wickedly.

    UNGODLINESS, n. Impiety; wickedness; disregard of God and his commands and neglect of his worship; or any positive act of disobedience or irreverence.

    The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness. Romans 1:18.NWAD UNGODLINESS.2

    UNGODLY, a.

    1. Wicked; impious; neglecting the fear and worship of God, or violating his commands. 1 Peter 4:18.NWAD UNGODLY.2

    2. Sinful; contrary to the divine commands; as ungodly deeds. Jude 4.NWAD UNGODLY.3

    3. Polluted by wickedness; as an ungodly day.NWAD UNGODLY.4

    UNGORED, a.

    1. Not gored; not wounded with a horn.NWAD UNGORED.2

    2. Not wounded.NWAD UNGORED.3

    UNGORGED, a. Not gorged; not filled; not sated.


    1. Not gained.NWAD UNGOT.2

    2. Not begotten.NWAD UNGOT.3


    1. That cannot be governed; that cannot be ruled or restrained.NWAD UNGOVERNABLE.2

    2. Licentious; wild; unbridled; as ungovernable passions.NWAD UNGOVERNABLE.3

    UNGOVERNABLY, adv. So as not to be governed or restrained.


    1. Not being governed.NWAD UNGOVERNED.2

    2. Not subjected to laws or principles; not restrained or regulated; unbridled; licentious; as ungoverned appetite; ungoverned passions.NWAD UNGOVERNED.3

    UNGOWNED, a. Not having or not wearing a gown.

    UNGRACEFUL, a. Not graceful; not marked with ease and dignity; wanting beauty and elegance; as ungraceful manners. Without politeness, learning is ungraceful.

    UNGRACEFULLY, adv. Awkwardly; inelegantly.

    UNGRACEFULNESS, n. Want of gracefulness; want of ease and dignity; want of elegance; awkwardness; as ungracefulness of manners.


    1. Wicked; odious; hateful.NWAD UNGRACIOUS.2

    2. Offensive; unpleasing; as ungracious manners.NWAD UNGRACIOUS.3

    3. Unacceptable; not well received; not favored.NWAD UNGRACIOUS.4

    Any thing of grace towards the Irish rebels was as ungracious at Oxford as at London.NWAD UNGRACIOUS.5


    1. With disfavor. The proposal was received ungraciously.NWAD UNGRACIOUSLY.2

    2. Not in a pleasing manner.NWAD UNGRACIOUSLY.3

    UNGRAMMATICAL, a. Not according to the established and correct rules of grammar.

    UNGRAMMATICALLY, adv. In a manner contrary to the rules of grammar.


    1. Not granted; not bestowed; not transferred by deed or gift; as ungranted lands.NWAD UNGRANTED.2

    2. Not granted; not yielded; not conceded in argument.NWAD UNGRANTED.3

    UNGRATE, a. Not agreeable; ungrateful. [Not in use.]


    1. Not grateful; not feeling thankful for favors.NWAD UNGRATEFUL.2

    2. Not making returns, or making ill returns for kindness.NWAD UNGRATEFUL.3

    3. Making no returns for culture; as an ungrateful soilNWAD UNGRATEFUL.4

    4. Unpleasing; unacceptable. Harsh sounds are ungrateful to the ear.NWAD UNGRATEFUL.5


    1. With ingratitude.NWAD UNGRATEFULLY.2

    2. Unpleasingly; unacceptably.NWAD UNGRATEFULLY.3


    1. Ingratitude; want of due feelings of kindness for favors received; ill return for good.NWAD UNGRATEFULNESS.2

    2. Disagreeableness; unpleasing quality.NWAD UNGRATEFULNESS.3


    1. Not gratified; not compensated.NWAD UNGRATIFIED.2

    2. Not pleased.NWAD UNGRATIFIED.3

    3. Not indulged; as ungratified appetite.NWAD UNGRATIFIED.4

    UNGRAVELY, adv. Without gravity or seriousness.

    UNGROUNDED, a. Having no foundation or support; as ungrounded hopes or confidence.

    UNGROUNDEDLY, adv. Without ground or support; without reason.

    UNGROUNDEDNESS, n. Want of foundation or support.

    UNGRUDGING, a. Not grudging; freely giving.

    UNGRUDGINGLY, adv. Without ill will; heartily; cheerfully; as, to bestow charity ungrudgingly.


    1. Not guarded; not watched.NWAD UNGUARDED.2

    2. Not defended; having no guard.NWAD UNGUARDED.3

    3. Careless; negligent; not attentive to danger; not cautious; as, to be unguarded in conversation.NWAD UNGUARDED.4

    4. Negligently said or done; not done or spoken with caution; as an unguarded expression or action.NWAD UNGUARDED.5

    UNGUARDEDLY, adv. Without watchful attention to danger; without caution; carelessly; as, to speak or promise unguardedly.

    UNGUENT, n. [L. unguentum, from ungo, to anoint.]

    Ointment; a soft composition used as a topical remedy, as for sores, burns and the like. An unguent is stiffer than a liniment, but softer than a cerate.NWAD UNGUENT.2

    UNGUENTOUS, a. Like unguent, or partaking of its qualities.

    UNGUESSED, a. [See Guess.] Not obtained by guess or conjecture.

    UNGUESTLIKE, a. [See Guest.] Not becoming a guest.

    UNGUICULAR, a. [L. unguis, the nail.] In botany, of the length of the human nails, or half an inch.

    UNGUICULATE, UNGUICULATED, a. [L. unguis, a claw.]

    1. Clawed; having claws.NWAD UNGUICULATE.2

    2. In botany, clawed; having a narrow base; as the petal in a polypetalous corol.NWAD UNGUICULATE.3

    UNGUIDED, a.

    1. Not guided; not led or conducted.NWAD UNGUIDED.2

    2. Not regulated.NWAD UNGUIDED.3

    UNGUILTY, a. ungilt’y. Not guilty; not stained with crime; innocent.

    UNGUINOUS, a. [L. unguinosus.] Oily; unctuous; consisting of fat or oil, or resembling it.

    UNGULA, n. [L. a hoof.] In geometry, a section or part of a cylinder, cut off by a plane oblique to the base.

    UNGULATE, a. Shaped like a hoof.

    UNHABITABLE, a. [L. inhabitabilis, inhabito.]

    That cannot be inhabited by human beings; uninhabitable. [The latter word is generally used.]NWAD UNHABITABLE.2

    UNHABITUATED, a. Not habituated; not accustomed.

    UNHACKED, a. Not hacked; not cut, notched or mangled.

    UNHACKNEYED, a. Not hackneyed; not much used or practiced.

    UNHALE, a. Unsound; not entire; not healthy.

    UNHALLOW, v.t. To profane; to desecrate.

    The vanity unhallows the virtue.NWAD UNHALLOW.2


    1. Profaned; deprived of its sacred character.NWAD UNHALLOWED.2

    2. a. Profane; unholy; impure; wicked.NWAD UNHALLOWED.3

    In the cause of truth, no unhallowed violence - is either necessary or admissible.NWAD UNHALLOWED.4

    UNHAND, v.t. To loose from the hand; to let go.

    UNHANDILY, adv. Awkwardly; clumsily.

    UNHANDINESS, n. Want of dexterity; clumsiness.

    UNHANDLED, a. Not handled; not treated; not touched.


    1. Ungraceful; not beautiful.NWAD UNHANDSOME.2

    I cannot admit that there is anything unhandsome or irregular in the globe.NWAD UNHANDSOME.3

    2. Unfair; illiberal; disingenuous.NWAD UNHANDSOME.4

    3. Uncivil; unpolite.NWAD UNHANDSOME.5


    1. Inelegantly; ungracefully.NWAD UNHANDSOMELY.2

    2. Illiberally; unfairly.NWAD UNHANDSOMELY.3

    3. Uncivilly; unpolitely.NWAD UNHANDSOMELY.4


    1. Want of beauty and elegance.NWAD UNHANDSOMENESS.2

    2. Unfairness; disingenuousness.NWAD UNHANDSOMENESS.3

    3. Incivility.NWAD UNHANDSOMENESS.4

    UNHANDY, a.

    1. Not dextrous; not skillful; not ready in the use of the hands; awkward; as a person unhandy at his work.NWAD UNHANDY.2

    2. Not convenient; as an unhandy posture for writing.NWAD UNHANDY.3

    UNHANG, v.t.

    1. To divest or strip of hangings, as a room.NWAD UNHANG.2

    2. To take from the hinges; as, to unhang a gate.NWAD UNHANG.3

    UNHANGED, UNHUNG, a. Not hung upon a gallows; not punished by hanging.

    UNHAP, n. Ill luck; misfortune. [Not in use.]

    UNHAPPIED, a. Made unhappy. [Not in use.]

    UNHAPPILY, adv. Unfortunately; miserably; calamitously.


    1. Misfortune; ill luck.NWAD UNHAPPINESS.2

    2. Infelicity; misery.NWAD UNHAPPINESS.3

    It is our great unhappiness, when any calamities fall upon us, that we are uneasy and dissatisfied.NWAD UNHAPPINESS.4

    [But it usually expresses less than misery or wretchedness.]NWAD UNHAPPINESS.5

    3. Mischievous prank. [Not in use.]NWAD UNHAPPINESS.6

    UNHAPPY, a.

    1. Unfortunate; unlucky. He has been unhappy in his choice of a partner. Affairs have taken an unhappy turn.NWAD UNHAPPY.2

    2. Not happy; in a degree miserable or wretched. She is unhappy in her marriage. Children sometimes render their parents unhappy.NWAD UNHAPPY.3

    3. Evil; calamitous; marked by infelicity; as an unhappy day.NWAD UNHAPPY.4

    This unhappy morn.NWAD UNHAPPY.5

    4. Mischievous; irregular.NWAD UNHAPPY.6

    UNHARASSED, a. Not harassed; not vexed or troubled.

    UNHARBOR, v.t. To drive from harbor or shelter.

    UNHARBORED, a. Not sheltered, or affording no shelter.


    1. Not hardened; not indurated; as metal.NWAD UNHARDENED.2

    2. Not hardened; not made obdurate; as the heart.NWAD UNHARDENED.3

    UNHARDY, a.

    1. Not hardy; feeble; not able to endure fatigue.NWAD UNHARDY.2

    2. Not having fortitude; not bold; timorous.NWAD UNHARDY.3

    UNHARMED, a. Unhurt; uninjured; unimpaired.

    UNHARMFUL, a. Not doing harm; harmless; innoxious.

    Themselves unharmful, let them live unharm’d.NWAD UNHARMFUL.2


    1. Not having symmetry or congruity; disproportionate.NWAD UNHARMONIOUS.2

    2. Discordant; unmusical; jarring; as sounds.NWAD UNHARMONIOUS.3

    UNHARMONIOUSLY, adv. With jarring; discordantly.

    UNHARNESS, v.t.

    1. To strip of harness; to loose from harness or gear.NWAD UNHARNESS.2

    2. To disarm; to divest of armor.NWAD UNHARNESS.3


    1. Not hatched; not having left the egg.NWAD UNHATCHED.2

    2. Not matured and brought to light; not disclosed.NWAD UNHATCHED.3

    UNHAZARDED, a. Not hazarded; not put in danger; not exposed to loss; not adventured.

    UNHEAD, v.t. unhed’. To take out the head of; as, to unhead a cask.

    UNHEADED, pp. unhed’ed. Having the head taken out.

    UNHEADING, ppr. unhed’ing. Taking out the head of.

    UNHEALTHFUL, a. unhelth’ful.

    1. Not healthful; injurious to health; insalubrious; unwholesome; noxious; as an unhealthful climate or air.NWAD UNHEALTHFUL.2

    2. Abounding with sickness or disease; sickly; as an unhealthful season.NWAD UNHEALTHFUL.3

    UNHEALTHFULNESS, n. unhelth’fulness.

    1. Unwholesomeness; insalubriousness; noxiousness to health.NWAD UNHEALTHFULNESS.2

    2. The state of being sickly; as the unhealthfulness of the autumn.NWAD UNHEALTHFULNESS.3

    UNHEALTHILY, adv. unhelth’ily. In an unwholesome or unsound manner.

    UNHEALTHINESS, n. unhelth’iness.

    1. Want of health; habitual weakness or indisposition; applied to persons.NWAD UNHEALTHINESS.2

    2. Unsoundness; want of vigor; as the unhealthiness of trees or other plants.NWAD UNHEALTHINESS.3

    3. Unfavorableness to health; as the unhealthiness of a climate.NWAD UNHEALTHINESS.4

    UNHEALTHY, a. unhelth’y.

    1. Wanting health; wanting a sound and vigorous state of body; habitually weak or indisposed; as an unhealthy person.NWAD UNHEALTHY.2

    2. Unsound; wanting vigor of growth; as an unhealthy plant.NWAD UNHEALTHY.3

    3. Sickly; abounding with disease; as an unhealthy season or city.NWAD UNHEALTHY.4

    4. Insalubrious; unwholesome; adapted to generate diseases; as an unhealthy climate or country.NWAD UNHEALTHY.5

    5. Morbid; not indicating health.NWAD UNHEALTHY.6

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