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    UNCORK, v.t. To draw the cork from; as, to uncork a bottle.

    UNCORKED, pp. Not having the cork drawn.

    UNCORKING, ppr. Drawing the cork from.

    UNCORONETED, a. Not honored with a coronet or title.

    UNCORPULENT, a. Not corpulent; not fleshy.


    1. Not corrected; not revised; not rendered exact; as an uncorrected copy of a writing.NWAD UNCORRECTED.2

    2. Not reformed; not amended; as life or manners uncorrected.NWAD UNCORRECTED.3

    UNCORRIGIBLE, a. That cannot be corrected; depraved beyond correction. [For this, incorrigible is now used.]

    UNCORRUPT, a. Not corrupt; not depraved; not perverted; not tainted with wickedness; not influenced by iniquitous interest; as an uncorrupt judgment; uncorrupt manners.

    UNCORRUPTED, a. Not corrupted; not vitiated; not depraved; as the dictates of uncorrupted reason; uncorrupted records.

    UNCORRUPTEDNESS, n. State of being uncorrupted.

    UNCORRUPTIBLE, a. That cannot be corrupted. [But incorruptible is the word now used.]

    UNCORRUPTLY, adv. With integrity; honestly.

    UNCORRUPTNESS, n. Integrity; uprightness. Titus 2:7.

    UNCOUNSELABLE, a. Not to be advised; not consistent with good advice or prudence.

    UNCOUNTABLE, a. That cannot be counted; innumerable.

    UNCOUNTED, a. Not counted; not numbered.

    UNCOUNTERFEIT, a. Not counterfeit; not spurious; genuine; as uncounterfeit zeal.

    UNCOUNTERMANDED, a. Not countermanded.

    UNCOUPLE, v.t. uncup’pl. To loose dogs from their couples; to set loose; to disjoin.

    UNCOUPLED, pp. uncup’pled. Disjoined; set free.

    UNCOUPLING, ppr. uncup’pling. Disuniting; setting free.

    UNCOURTEOUS, a. uncurt’eous. Uncivil; unpolite; not kind and complaisant.

    UNCOURTEOUSLY, adv. Uncivilly; unpolitely.

    UNCOURTEOUSNESS, n. Incivility; disobliging treatment.

    UNCOURTLINESS, n. Unsuitableness of manners to a court; inelegance; as uncourtliness of manners or phrases.


    1. Inelegant of manners; not becoming a court; not refined; unpolite; as uncourtly behavior or language.NWAD UNCOURTLY.2

    2. Not courteous or civil; as an uncourtly speech.NWAD UNCOURTLY.3

    3. Not versed in the manners of a court.NWAD UNCOURTLY.4

    UNCOUTH, a.

    Odd; strange; unusual; not rendered pleasing by familiarity; as an uncouth phrase or expression; uncouth manners; uncouth dress.NWAD UNCOUTH.2

    UNCOUTHLY, adv. Oddly; strangely.

    UNCOUTHNESS, n. Oddness; strangeness; want of agreeableness derived from familiarity; as the uncouthness of a word or of dress.

    UNCOVENANTED, a. Not promised by covenant; not resting on a covenant or promise.

    UNCOVER, v.t.

    1. To divest of a cover; to remove any covering from; a word of general use.NWAD UNCOVER.2

    2. To deprive of clothes; to strip; to make naked.NWAD UNCOVER.3

    3. To unroof; as a building.NWAD UNCOVER.4

    4. To take off the hat or cap; to bare the head.NWAD UNCOVER.5

    5. To strip of a vail, or of any thing that conceals; to lay open; to disclose to view.NWAD UNCOVER.6

    UNCOVERED, pp. Divested of a covering or clothing; laid open to view; made bare.

    UNCOVERING, ppr. Divesting of a cover or of clothes; stripping of a vail; laying open to view.

    UNCREATE, v.t. To annihilate; to deprive of existence.

    Who can uncreate thee, thou shalt know.NWAD UNCREATE.2

    UNCREATED, pp.

    1. Reduced to nothing; deprived of existence.NWAD UNCREATED.2

    2. a. Not yet created; as misery uncreated.NWAD UNCREATED.3

    3. Not produced by creation. God is an uncreated being.NWAD UNCREATED.4

    UNCREDIBLE, a. Not to be believed; not entitled to credit. [For this, incredible is used.]


    1. Not in good credit or reputation; not reputable.NWAD UNCREDITABLE.2

    2. Not for the credit or reputation.NWAD UNCREDITABLE.3


    1. Want of reputation.NWAD UNCREDITABLENESS.2

    2. The quality of being disreputable.NWAD UNCREDITABLENESS.3

    UNCREDITED, a. Not believed.


    1. Not critical.NWAD UNCRITICAL.2

    2. Not according to the just rules of criticism.NWAD UNCRITICAL.3

    UNCROPPED, a. Not cropped; not gathered.


    1. Not crossed; not canceled.NWAD UNCROSSED.2

    2. Not thwarted; not opposed.NWAD UNCROSSED.3

    UNCROWDED, a. Not crowded; not compressed; not straitened for want of room.

    UNCROWN, v.t.

    1. To deprive of a crown; to dethrone.NWAD UNCROWN.2

    2. To pull off the crown.NWAD UNCROWN.3

    UNCROWNED, pp.

    1. Deprived of a crown.NWAD UNCROWNED.2

    2. a. Not crowned; having no crown.NWAD UNCROWNED.3

    UNCROWNING, ppr. Depriving of a crown.

    UNCRYSTALIZABLE, a. Not susceptible of crystallization.

    UNCRYSTALIZED, a. Not crystallized.

    UNCTION, n. [L. unctio, from ungo, to anoint.]

    1. The act of anointing.NWAD UNCTION.2

    2. Unguent; ointment. [Unusual.]NWAD UNCTION.3

    3. The act of anointing medically; as mercurial unction.NWAD UNCTION.4

    4. Any thing softening or lenitive.NWAD UNCTION.5

    5. That which excites piety and devotion.NWAD UNCTION.6

    6. Richness of gracious affections.NWAD UNCTION.7

    7. Divine or sanctifying grace. 1 John 2:20.NWAD UNCTION.8

    Extreme unction, the rite of anointing in the last hours; or the application of sacred oil to the parts where the five senses reside.NWAD UNCTION.9

    UNCTUOSITY, n. Oiliness; fatness; the quality of being greasy.

    UNCTUOUS, a.

    1. Fat; oily; greasy.NWAD UNCTUOUS.2

    2. Having a resemblance to oil; as the unctuous feel of a stone.NWAD UNCTUOUS.3


    1. Fatness; oiliness.NWAD UNCTUOUSNESS.2

    2. The quality of resembling oilNWAD UNCTUOUSNESS.3

    UNCULLED, a.

    1. Not gathered.NWAD UNCULLED.2

    2. Not separated; not selected.NWAD UNCULLED.3

    UNCULPABLE, a. Not blamable; not faulty.

    UNCULT, a. [un and L. cultus.] Uncultivated; rude; illiterate. [Not in use.]

    UNCULTIVABLE, a. Not capable of being tilled or cultivated.


    1. Not cultivated; not tilled; not used in tillage; as an uncultivated tract of land.NWAD UNCULTIVATED.2

    2. Not instructed; not civilized; rude; rough in manners; as an uncultivated nation or age.NWAD UNCULTIVATED.3

    UNCUMBERED, a. Not burdened; not embarrassed.

    UNCURABLE, a. Incurable. [The latter is mostly used.]

    UNCURABLY, adv. Incurably.

    UNCURBABLE, a. That cannot be curbed or checked. [Not in use.]

    UNCURBED, a. Not curbed; not restrained; licentious.

    UNCURL, v.t. To loose from ringlets.

    The lion uncurls his angry mane.NWAD UNCURL.2

    UNCURL, v.i. To fall from a curled state, as ringlets; to become straight.

    UNCURLED, pp.

    1. Loosed from ringlets.NWAD UNCURLED.2

    2. a. Not curled; not formed into ringlets.NWAD UNCURLED.3

    UNCURLING, ppr. Loosing from ringlets.

    UNCURRENT, a. Not current; not passing in common payment; as uncurrent coin or notes.

    UNCURSE, v.t. uncurs’. To free from any execration. [Not used.]

    UNCURSED, UNCURST, a. Not cursed; not execrated.

    UNCURTAILED, a. Not curtailed; not shortened.

    UNCUSTOMARY, a. Not customary; not usual.


    1. Not subjected to customs or duty.NWAD UNCUSTOMED.2

    2. That has not paid duty, or been charged with customs.NWAD UNCUSTOMED.3

    UNCUT, a. Not cut; as trees uncut.

    UNDAM, v.t. To free from a dam, mound or obstruction.

    UNDAMAGED, a. Not damaged; not made worse; as undamaged goods.

    UNDAMPED, a. Not damped; not depressed.

    UNDANGEROUS, a. Not dangerous.

    UNDARKENED, a. Not darkened or obscured.

    UNDATED, a. [L. undatus; unda, a wave.] Waved; rising and falling in waves towards the margin, as a leaf.

    UNDATED, a. Not dated; having no date.

    UNDAUNTED, a. Not daunted; not subdued or depressed by fear; intrepid.

    UNDAUNTEDLY, adv. Boldly; intrepidly.

    UNDAUNTEDNESS, n. Boldness; fearless bravery; intrepidity.

    UNDAWNING, a. Not yet dawning; not growing light; not opening with brightness.

    UNDAZZLED, a. Not dazzled; not confused by splendor.

    UNDEAF, v.t. To free from deafness. [Not in use.]

    UNDEBASED, a. Not debased; not adulterated.

    UNDEBAUCHED, a. Not debauched; not corrupted; pure.

    UNDECAGON, n. [L. undecim, eleven, and Gr. angle.] A figure of eleven angles or sides.

    UNDECAYED, a. Not decayed; not impaired by age or accident; being in full strength.


    1. Not decaying; not suffering diminution or decline.NWAD UNDECAYING.2

    2. Immortal; as the undecaying joys of heaven.NWAD UNDECAYING.3

    UNDECEIVABLE, a. That cannot be deceived; not subject to deception.

    UNDECEIVE, v.t. To free from deception, cheat, fallacy or mistake, whether caused by others or by ourselves. If we rely on our own works for salvation, the Scriptures may undeceive us.


    1. Disabused of cheat, deception or fallacy.NWAD UNDECEIVED.2

    2. Not deceived; not misled or imposed on.NWAD UNDECEIVED.3

    UNDECEIVING, ppr. Freeing from deception or fallacy.

    UNDECENCY, n. Unbecomingness; indecency. [The latter word is now used.]

    UNDECENT, a. Not decent; indecent. [The latter is the word used.]

    UNDECENTLY, adv. Indecently. [The latter is the word used.]

    UNDECIDABLE, a. That cannot be decided.

    UNDECIDED, a. Not decided; not determined; not settled.

    UNDECIPHERABLE, a. That cannot be deciphered.

    UNDECIPHERED, a. Not deciphered or explained.

    UNDECISIVE, a. Not decisive; not conclusive; not determining the controversy or contest.

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