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    UNPENNED, pp. Unfastened; let out.

    UNPENNING, ppr. Suffering to escape; unlocking.


    1. Not pensioned; not rewarded by a pension; as an unpensioned soldier.NWAD UNPENSIONED.2

    2. Not kept in pay; not held in dependence by a pension.NWAD UNPENSIONED.3

    UNPEOPLE, v.t. To deprive of inhabitants; to depopulate; to dispeople.

    UNPEOPLED, pp. Depopulated; dispeopled.

    UNPEOPLING, ppr. Depopulating.

    UNPRECEIVABLE, a. Not to be perceived; not perceptible.

    UNPERCEIVED, a. Not perceived; not heeded; not observed; not noticed.

    UNPERCEIVEDLY, adv. So as not to be perceived.

    UNPERFECT, a. Not perfect; not complete. [But the word now used is imperfect.]

    UNPERFECTED, a. Not perfected; not completed.

    UNPERFECTNESS, n. Want of perfectness; incompleteness. [Imperfectness and imperfection are now used.]

    UNPERFORATED, a. Not perforated; not penetrated by openings.


    1. Not performed; not done; not executed; as, the business remains unperformed.NWAD UNPERFORMED.2

    2. Not fulfilled; as an unperformed promise.NWAD UNPERFORMED.3

    UNPERFORMING, a. Not performing; not discharging its office.

    UNPERISHABLE, a. Not perishable; not subject to decay. [The word now used is imperishable.]

    UNPERISHING, a. Not perishing; durable.

    UNPERMANENT, a. Not permanent; not durable.

    UNPERJURED, a. Free from the crime of perjury.

    UNPERPLEX, v.t. To free from perplexity.


    1. Not perplexed; not harassed; not embarrassed.NWAD UNPERPLEXED.2

    2. Free from perplexity or complication; simple.NWAD UNPERPLEXED.3

    UNPERSPIRABLE, a. That cannot be perspired, or emitted through the pores of the skin.

    UNPERSUADABLE, a. That cannot be persuaded, or influenced by motives urged.

    UNPERVERTED, a. Not perverted; not wrested or turned to a wrong sense or use.

    UNPETRIFIED, a. Not petrified; not converted into stone.

    UNPHILOSOPHIC, UNPHILOSOPHICAL, a. Not according to the rules or principles of sound philosophy; contrary to philosophy or right reason.

    UNPHILOSOPHICALLY, adv. In a manner contrary to the principles of sound philosophy or right reason.

    UNPHILOSOPHICALNESS, n. Incongruity with philosophy.

    UNPHILOSOPHIZE, v.t. To degrade from the character of a philosopher.

    UNPHILOSOPHIZED, ppr. or a.

    1. Degraded from the rank of a philosopher.NWAD UNPHILOSOPHIZED.2

    2. Not sophisticated or perverted by philosophy; as unphilosophized revelation.NWAD UNPHILOSOPHIZED.3

    UNPHYSICKED, a. s as z. Not influenced by medicine; not physicked. [Not used.]

    UNPIERCED, a. unpers’ed. Not pierced; not penetrated.

    UNPILLARED, a. Deprived of pillars; as an unpillared temple.

    UNPILLOWED, a. Having no pillow; having the head not supported.

    UNPIN, v.t. To loose from pins; to unfasten what is held together by pins; as, to unpin a frock; to unpin the frame of a building.

    UNPINKED, a. Not pinked; not marked or set with eyelet holes.

    UNPITIED, a. Not pitied; not compassionated; not regarded with sympathetic sorrow.


    1. Having no pity; not merciful.NWAD UNPITIFUL.2

    2. Not exciting pity.NWAD UNPITIFUL.3

    UNPITIFULLY, adv. Unmercifully; without mercy.

    UNPITYING, a. Having no pity; showing no compassion.

    UNPLACABLE, a. Not to be appeased. [Implacable is the word now used.]

    UNPLACED, a. Having no office or employment under the government.

    UNPLAGUED, a. Not plagued; not harassed; not tormented.

    UNPLANTED, a. Not planted; of spontaneous growth.

    UNPLASTERED, a. Not plastered.

    UNPLAUSIBLE, a. s as z. Not plausible; not having a fair appearance; as arguments not unplausible.

    UNPLAUSIBLY, adv. s as z. Not with a fair appearance.

    UNPLAUSIVE, a. Not approving; not applauding.

    UNPLEADABLE, a. That cannot be pleaded.

    UNPLEASANT, a. unplez’ant. Not pleasant; not affording pleasure; disagreeable.

    UNPLEASANTLY, adv. unplez’antly. In a manner not pleasing; uneasily.

    UNPLEASANTNESS, n. unplez’antness. Disagreeableness; the state or quality of not giving pleasure.

    UNPLEASED, a. s as z. Not pleased; displeased.

    UNPLEASING, a. Offensive; disgusting.

    UNPLEASINGLY, adv. In a manner to displease.

    UNPLEASINGNESS, n. Want of qualities to please.

    UNPLEDGED, a. Not pledged; not mortgaged.

    UNPLIABLE, a. Not pliable; not easily bent.

    UNPLIANT, a.

    1. Not pliant; not easily bent; stiff.NWAD UNPLIANT.2

    2. Not readily yielding the will; not compliant.NWAD UNPLIANT.3

    UNPLOWED, a. Not plowed.

    UNPLUME, v.t. To strip of plumes or feathers; to degrade.

    UNPLUMED, pp. or a. Deprived of plumes; destitute of plumes.

    UNPLUNDERED, a. Not plundered or stripped.


    1. Not poetical; not having the beauties of verse.NWAD UNPOETIC.2

    2. Not becoming a poet.NWAD UNPOETIC.3


    1. In a manner not comporting with the nature of poetry.NWAD UNPOETICALLY.2

    2. In a manner unbecoming a poet.NWAD UNPOETICALLY.3


    1. Having no point or string.NWAD UNPOINTED.2

    2. Not having marks by which to distinguish sentences, members and clauses in writing.NWAD UNPOINTED.3

    3. Not having the vowel points or marks; as an unpointed manuscript in Hebrew or Arabic.NWAD UNPOINTED.4

    UNPOISON, v.t. s as z. To remove or expel poison.

    UNPOIZED, a. Not poized; not balanced.

    UNPOLARIZED, a. Not polarized; not having polarity.

    UNPOLICIED, a. Not having civil polity, or a regular form of government.


    1. Not polished; not made smooth or bright by attrition.NWAD UNPOLISHED.2

    2. Not refined in manners; uncivilized; rude; plain.NWAD UNPOLISHED.3

    UNPOLITE, a.

    1. Not refined in manners; not elegant.NWAD UNPOLITE.2

    2. Not civil; not courteous; rude. [See Impolite.]NWAD UNPOLITE.3

    UNPOLITELY, adv. In an uncivil or rude manner.


    1. Want of refinement in manners; rudeness.NWAD UNPOLITENESS.2

    2. Incivility; want of courtesy.NWAD UNPOLITENESS.3

    UNPOLLED, a.

    1. Not registered as a voter.NWAD UNPOLLED.2

    2. Unplundered; not stripped.NWAD UNPOLLED.3

    UNPOLLUTED, a. Not polluted; not defiled; not corrupted.


    1. Not popular; not having the public favor; as an unpopular magistrate.NWAD UNPOPULAR.2

    2. Not pleasing the people; as an unpopular law.NWAD UNPOPULAR.3

    UNPOPULARITY, n. The state of not enjoying the public favor, or of not pleasing the people.

    UNPORTABLE, a. Not to be carried.

    UNPORTIONED, a. Not endowed or furnished with a portion or fortune; as an unportioned daughter.

    UNPORTUOUS, a. Having no ports.

    UNPOSSESSED, a. Not possessed; not held; not occupied.

    UNPOSSESSING, a. Having no possessions.

    UNPOSSIBLE, a. Not possible. Obs. [The word now used is impossible.]

    UNPOWDERED, a. Not sprinkled with powder.

    UNPRACTICABLE, a. Not feasible; that cannot be performed. [The word now used is impracticable.]


    1. Not having been taught by practice; not skilled; not having experience; raw; unskillful.NWAD UNPRACTICED.2

    2. Not known; not familiar by use. [Not used.]NWAD UNPRACTICED.3

    UNPRAISED, a. s as z. Not praised; not celebrated.

    UNPRECARIOUS, a. Not dependent on another; not uncertain.

    UNPRECEDENTED, a. Having no precedent or example; not preceded by a like case; not having the authority of prior example.

    UNPRECISE, a. Not precise; not exact.

    UNPREDESTINED, a. Not previously determined or destined.

    UNPREDICT, v.t. To retract prediction.

    UNPREFERRED, a. Not preferred; not advanced.


    1. Not pregnant.NWAD UNPREGNANT.2

    2. Not prolific; not quick of wit.NWAD UNPREGNANT.3

    UNPREJUDICATE, a. Not prepossessed by settled opinions. [Little used.]


    1. Not prejudiced; free from undue bias or prepossession; not preoccupied by opinion; impartial; as an unprejudiced mind.NWAD UNPREJUDICED.2

    2. Not warped by prejudice; as an unprejudiced judgment.NWAD UNPREJUDICED.3

    UNPRELATICAL, a. Unsuitable to a prelate.


    1. Not previously meditated or prepared in the mind.NWAD UNPREMEDITATED.2

    2. Not previously purposed or intended; not done by design.NWAD UNPREMEDITATED.3


    1. Not prepared; not ready; not fitted or furnished by previous measures.NWAD UNPREPARED.2

    2. Not prepared by holiness of life for the event of death and a happy immortality.NWAD UNPREPARED.3

    UNPREPAREDNESS, n. State of being unprepared.

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