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    UNCOMPENSATED, a. Not compensated; unrewarded.

    UNCOMPLAINING, a. Not complaining; not murmuring; not disposed to murmur.

    UNCOMPLAISANT, a. s as z. Not complaisant; not civil; not courteous.

    UNCOMPLAISANTLY, adv. Uncivilly; discourteously.

    UNCOMPLETE, a. Not complete; not finished; not perfect. [But incomplete is chiefly used.]

    UNCOMPLETED, a. Not finished; not completed.

    UNCOMPLYING, a. Not complying; not yielding to request or command; unbending.


    1. Not compounded; not mixed.NWAD UNCOMPOUNDED.2

    Harness may be reckoned the property of all uncompounded matter.NWAD UNCOMPOUNDED.3

    2. Simple; not intricate.NWAD UNCOMPOUNDED.4

    UNCOMPOUNDEDNESS, n. Freedom from mixture; simplicity of substance.


    1. Not comprehensive.NWAD UNCOMPREHENSIVE.2

    2. Unable to comprehend.NWAD UNCOMPREHENSIVE.3

    UNCOMPRESSED, a. Not compressed; free from compression.

    UNCOMPROMISING, a. s as z. Not compromising; not agreeing to terms; not complying.

    UNCONCEIVABLE, a. Not to be conceived or understood; that cannot be comprehended.

    [But inconceivable is chiefly used.]NWAD UNCONCEIVABLE.2

    UNCONCEIVABLENESS, n. The state or quality of being inconceivable. [Little used.]

    UNCONCEIVED, a. Not thought; not imagined.

    UNCONCERN, n. Want of concern; absence of anxiety; freedom from solicitude.


    1. Not concerned; not anxious; feeling no solicitude. He is unconcerned at what has happened. He is unconcerned about or for the future.NWAD UNCONCERNED.2

    Happy mortals, unconcerned for more.NWAD UNCONCERNED.3

    [It has at sometimes before a past event, but about or for is more generally used before a past or future event.]NWAD UNCONCERNED.4

    2. Having no interest in. He is unconcerned in the events of the day.NWAD UNCONCERNED.5

    UNCONCERNEDLY, adv. Without interest or affection; without anxiety.

    And unconcern’dly cast his eyes around.NWAD UNCONCERNEDLY.2

    UNCONCERNEDNESS, n. Freedom from concern or anxiety.

    UNCONCERNING, a. Not interesting; not affecting; not belonging to one. [Not used.]

    UNCONCERNMENT, n. The state of having no share. [Not used.]

    UNCONCILIATED, a. Not reconciled.

    UNCONCILIATING, a. Not conciliating; not adapted or disposed to gain favor, or to reconciliation.

    UNCONCLUDIBLE, a. Not determinable. [Not used.]

    UNCONCLUDING, UNCONCLUDENT, a. Not decisive; not inferring a plain or certain conclusion or consequence. [Little used.]

    [In the place of these, inconclusive is generally used.]NWAD UNCONCLUDING.2

    UNCONCLUDINGNESS, n. Quality of being inconclusive. [Not used.]

    UNCONCLUSIVE, a. Not decisive. [But inconclusive is now used.]

    UNCONCOCTED, a. Not concocted; not digested.


    1. Not condemned; not judged guilty.NWAD UNCONDEMNED.2

    - A man that is a Roman, and uncondemned. Acts 22:25.NWAD UNCONDEMNED.3

    2. Not disapproved; not pronounced criminal; as a practice yet uncondemned.NWAD UNCONDEMNED.4

    UNCONDENSABLE, a. That cannot be condensed.

    UNCONDENSED, a. Not condensed.

    UNCONDITIONAL, a. Absolute; unreserved; not limited by any conditions. We are required to make an unconditional surrender of ourselves to our Maker. The king demanded unconditional submission.

    O pass not, Lord, an absolute decree, or bind thy sentence unconditional.NWAD UNCONDITIONAL.2

    UNCONDITIONALLY, adv. Without conditions; without terms of limitation; without reservation. The troops did not surrender unconditionally, but by capitulation.

    UNCONFESSED, a. Not confessed; not acknowledged.


    1. Unbounded. [Not used.]NWAD UNCONFINABLE.2

    2. That cannot be confined or restrained.NWAD UNCONFINABLE.3


    1. Not confined; free from restraint; free from control.NWAD UNCONFINED.2

    2. Having no limits; illimitable; unbounded.NWAD UNCONFINED.3

    UNCONFINEDLY, adv. Without confinement or limitation.


    1. Not fortified by resolution; weak; raw; as troops unconfirmed by experience.NWAD UNCONFIRMED.2

    2. Not confirmed; not strengthened by additional testimony.NWAD UNCONFIRMED.3

    His witness unconfirm’d.NWAD UNCONFIRMED.4

    3. Not confirmed according to the church ritual.NWAD UNCONFIRMED.5

    UNCONFORM, a. Unlike; dissimilar; not analogous. [Not in use.]

    UNCONFORMABLE, a. Not consistent; not agreeable; not conforming.

    Moral evil is an action unconformable to the rule of our duty.NWAD UNCONFORMABLE.2

    UNCONFORMITY, n. Incongruity; inconsistency; want of conformity.

    UNCONFUSED, a. s as z.

    1. Free from confusion or disorder.NWAD UNCONFUSED.2

    2. Not embarrassed.NWAD UNCONFUSED.3

    UNCONFUSEDLY, adv. s as z. Without confusion or disorder.

    UNCONFUTABLE, a. Not confutable; not to be refuted or overthrown; that cannot be disproved or convicted of error; as an unconfutable argument.

    UNCONGEALABLE, a. Not capable of being congealed.

    UNCONGEALED, a. Not frozen; not congealed; not concreted.

    UNCONGENIAL, a. Not congenial

    UNCONJUGAL, a. Not suitable to matrimonial faith; not befitting a wife or husband.

    UNCONJUNCTIVE, a. That cannot be joined. [Little used.]


    1. Not connected; not united; separate.NWAD UNCONNECTED.2

    2. Not coherent; not joined by proper transitions or dependence of parts; loose; vague; desultory; as an unconnected discourse.NWAD UNCONNECTED.3

    UNCONNIVING, a. Not conniving; not overlooking or winking at.


    1. Not conquerable; invincible; that cannot be vanquished or defeated; that cannot be overcome in contest; as an unconquerable for.NWAD UNCONQUERABLE.2

    2. That cannot be subdued and brought under control; as unconquerable passions or temper.NWAD UNCONQUERABLE.3

    UNCONQUERABLY, adv. Invincibly; insuperably; as foes unconquerably strong.


    1. Not vanquished or defeated.NWAD UNCONQUERED.2

    2. Unsubdued; not brought under control.NWAD UNCONQUERED.3

    3. Invincible; insuperable.NWAD UNCONQUERED.4

    UNCONSCIENCIOUS, a. Not consciencious; not regulated or limited by conscience.


    1. Unreasonable; exceeding the limits of any reasonable claim or expectation; as an unconscionable request or demand.NWAD UNCONSCIONABLE.2

    2. Forming unreasonable expectations. You cannot be so unconscionable as to expect this sacrifice on my part.NWAD UNCONSCIONABLE.3

    3. Enormous; vast; as unconscionable size or strides. [Not elegant.]NWAD UNCONSCIONABLE.4

    4. Not guided or influenced by conscience.NWAD UNCONSCIONABLE.5

    UNCONSCIONABLENESS, n. Unreasonableness of hope or claim.

    UNCONSCIONABLY, adv. Unreasonably; in a manner or degree that conscience and reason do not justify.


    1. Not conscious; having no mental perception; as unconscious causes.NWAD UNCONSCIOUS.2

    2. Not conscious; not knowing; not perceiving; as unconscious of guilt or error.NWAD UNCONSCIOUS.3

    UNCONSCIOUSLY, adv. Without perception; without knowledge.

    UNCONSCIOUSNESS, n. Want of perception; want of knowledge.

    UNCONSECRATE, v.t. To render sacred; to desecrate. [Not used.]

    UNCONSECRATED, a. Not consecrated; not set apart for a sacred use by religious ceremonies; not dedicated or devoted; as a temple unconsecrated; unconsecrated bread.

    UNCONSENTING, a. Not consenting; not yielding consent.

    UNCONSIDERED, a. Not considered; not attended to.

    UNCONSOLED, a. Not consoled; not comforted.

    UNCONSOLIDATED, a. Not consolidated or made solid.

    UNCONSOLING, a. Not consoling; affording no comfort.

    UNCONSONANT, a. Not consonant; not consistent; incongruous; unfit. [Little used.]

    UNCONSPIRINGNESS, n. Absence of plot or conspiracy. [An ill formed word and not used.]

    UNCONSTANT, a. Not constant; not steady or faithful; fickle; changeable. [Inconstant is now used.]

    UNCONSTITUTIONAL, a. Not agreeable to the constitution; not authorized by the constitution; contrary to the principles of the constitution. It is not unconstitutional for the king of Great Britain to declare war without the consent of parliament; but for the president of the United States to declare war, without an act of congress authorizing it, would be unconstitutional.

    UNCONSTITUTIONALITY, n. The quality of being unauthorized by the constitution, or contrary to its provisions or principles. The supreme court has power to decide upon the unconstitutionality of a law.

    UNCONSTITUTIONALLY, adv. In a manner not warranted by or contrary to the constitution.


    1. Free from constraint; acting voluntarily; voluntary.NWAD UNCONSTRAINED.2

    2. Not proceeding from constraint; as actions.NWAD UNCONSTRAINED.3

    UNCONSTRAINEDLY, adv. Without force or constraint; freely; spontaneously; voluntarily.

    UNCONSTRAINT, n. Freedom from constraint; ease.

    UNCONSULTING, a. Not consumed; not wasted, expended or dissipated; not destroyed.

    UNCONSUMED, a. Not consumed; not wasted, expended or dissipated; not destroyed.

    UNCONSUMMATE, a. Not consummated.

    UNCONTEMNED, a. Not despised; not contemned.

    UNCONTENDING, a. Not contending; not contesting; not disputing.

    UNCONTENTED, a. Not contented; not satisfied.

    UNCONTENTINGNESS, n. Want of power to satisfy. [Not in use.]

    UNCONTESTABLE, a. Indisputable; not to be controverted. [Incontestible is the word now used.]


    1. Not contested; not disputed.NWAD UNCONTESTED.2

    2. Evident; plain.NWAD UNCONTESTED.3

    UNCONTRADICTED, a. Not contradicted; not denied.

    UNCONTRITE, a. Not contrite; not penitent.

    UNCONTRIVED, a. Not contrived; not formed by design.

    UNCONTRIVING, a. Not contriving; improvident.


    1. That cannot be controlled; ungovernable; that cannot be restrained; as an uncontrollable temper; uncontrollable subjects.NWAD UNCONTROLLABLE.2

    2. That cannot be resisted or diverted; as uncontrollable events.NWAD UNCONTROLLABLE.3

    3. Indisputable; irrefragable; as an uncontrollable maxim; the king’s uncontrollable title to the English throne.NWAD UNCONTROLLABLE.4


    1. Without power of opposition.NWAD UNCONTROLLABLY.2

    2. In a manner or degree that admits of no restraint or resistance; as a stream uncontrollably violent.NWAD UNCONTROLLABLY.3


    1. Not governed; not subjected to a superior power or authority; not restrained.NWAD UNCONTROLLED.2

    2. Not resisted; unopposed.NWAD UNCONTROLLED.3

    3. Not convinced; not refuted. [Unusual.]NWAD UNCONTROLLED.4

    UNCONTROLLEDLY, adv. Without control or restraint; without effectual opposition.

    UNCONTROVERTED, a. Not disputed; not contested; not liable to be called in question.


    1. Not free in conversation; not social; reserved.NWAD UNCONVERSABLE.2

    2. Not suited to conversation.NWAD UNCONVERSABLE.3

    UNCONVERSANT, a. Not conversant; not familiarly acquainted with.


    1. Not converted; not changed in opinion; not turned from one faith to another.NWAD UNCONVERTED.2

    2. Not persuaded of the truth of the christian religion; as unconverted pagans.NWAD UNCONVERTED.3

    3. Not renewed; not regenerated; not having the natural enmity of the heart subdued, and a principle of grace implanted.NWAD UNCONVERTED.4

    4. Not turned or changed from one form to another.NWAD UNCONVERTED.5

    UNCONVERTIBLE, a. That cannot be converted or changed in form. Lead is unconvertible into silver.

    UNCONVINCED, a. Not convinced; not persuaded.

    UNCORD, v.t. To loose from cords; to unfasten or unbind; as, to uncord a bed; to uncord a package.

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