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    UNBARBED, a. Not shaven. [Not in use.]

    UNBARKED, a. Stripped of its bark.

    [We now use barked in the same sense.]NWAD UNBARKED.2

    UNBARRED, pp. Having its bars removed; unfastened.

    UNBARRING, ppr. Removing the bars from; unfastening.

    UNBASHFUL, a. Not bashful; bold; impudent.

    UNBATED, a. Not repressed; not blunted. [Not in use.]

    UNBATHED, a. Not bathed; not wet.

    UNBATTERED, a. Not battered; not bruised or injured by blows.

    UNBAY, v.t. To open; to free from the restraint of mounds.

    I ought to unbay the current of my passions. [Not in use.]NWAD UNBAY.2

    UNBEARDED, a. unberd’ed. Having no beard; beardless.

    UNBEARING, a. Bearing or producing no fruit.

    UNBEATEN, a.

    1. Not beaten; not treated with blows.NWAD UNBEATEN.2

    2. Untrod; not beaten by the feet; as unbeaten paths.NWAD UNBEATEN.3

    UNBEAUTEOUS, UNBEAUTIFUL, a. [See Beauty.] Not beautiful; having no beauty.

    UNBECOME, v.t. Not to become; not to be suitable to; to misbecome. [Not used.]

    UNBECOMING, a. Unsuitable; improper for the person or character; indecent; indecorous.

    My grief lets unbecoming speeches fall.NWAD UNBECOMING.2

    UNBECOMINGLY, adv. In an unsuitable manner; indecorously.

    UNBECOMINGNESS, n. Unsuitableness to the person, character or circumstances; impropriety; indecorousness.

    UNBED, v.t. To raise or rouse from bed.

    Eels unbed themselves and stir at the noise of thunder.NWAD UNBED.2

    UNBEDDED, pp. Raised from bed; disturbed.

    UNBEDDING, ppr. Raising from bed.

    UNBEFITTING, a. Not befitting; unsuitable; unbecoming.

    UNBEFRIENDED, a. unbefrend’ed. Not befriended; not supported by friends; having no friendly aid.

    UNBEGET, v.t. To deprive of existence.


    1. Not generated; eternal.NWAD UNBEGOT.2

    2. Not yet generated.NWAD UNBEGOT.3

    3. Not begotten; not generated.NWAD UNBEGOT.4

    UNBEGUILE, v.t. To undeceive; to free from the influence of deceit.

    Then unbeguile thyself.NWAD UNBEGUILE.2

    UNBEGUILED, pp. Undeceived.

    UNBEGUN, a. Not begun.

    UNBEHELD, a. Not beheld; not seen; not visible.

    UNBEING, a. Not existing. [Not in use.]

    UNBELIEF, n.

    1. Incredulity; the withholding of belief; as, unbelief is blind.NWAD UNBELIEF.2

    2. Infidelity; disbelief of divine revelation.NWAD UNBELIEF.3

    3. In the New Testament, disbelief of the truth of the gospel, rejection of Christ as the Savior of men, and of the doctrines he taught; distrust of God’s promises and faithfulness, etc. Matthew 13:58; Mark 16:14; Hebrews 3:12; Romans 4:20.NWAD UNBELIEF.4

    4. Weak faith. Mark 9:24.NWAD UNBELIEF.5

    UNBELIEVE, v.t.

    1. To discredit; not to believe or trust.NWAD UNBELIEVE.2

    2. Not to think real or true.NWAD UNBELIEVE.3

    UNBELIEVED, pp. Not believed; discredited.


    1. An incredulous person; one who does not believe.NWAD UNBELIEVER.2

    2. An infidel; one who discredits revelation, or the mission, character and doctrines of Christ. 2 Corinthians 6:14.NWAD UNBELIEVER.3


    1. Not believing; incredulous.NWAD UNBELIEVING.2

    2. Infidel; discrediting divine revelation, or the mission, character and doctrines of Christ; as the unbelieving Jews. Acts 14:2; Revelation 21:8.NWAD UNBELIEVING.3

    UNBELOVED, a. Not loved.

    UNBEMOANED, a. Not lamented.

    UNBEND, v.t.

    1. To free from flexure; to make straight; as, to unbend a bow.NWAD UNBEND.2

    2. To relax; to remit from a strain or from exertion; to set at ease for a time; as, to unbend the mind from study or care.NWAD UNBEND.3

    3. To relax effeminately.NWAD UNBEND.4

    You unbend your noble strength.NWAD UNBEND.5

    4. In seamanship, to take the sails from their yards and stays; also, to cast loose a cable from the anchors; also, to untie one rope from another.NWAD UNBEND.6

    UNBENDING, ppr.

    1. Relaxing from any strain; remitting; taking from their yards, etc., as sails.NWAD UNBENDING.2

    2. a. Not suffering flexure.NWAD UNBENDING.3

    3. Unyielding; resolute; inflexible; applied to persons.NWAD UNBENDING.4

    4. Unyielding; inflexible; firm; applied to things; as unbending truth.NWAD UNBENDING.5

    5. Devoted to relaxation.NWAD UNBENDING.6

    I hope it may entertain your lordship at an unbending hour.NWAD UNBENDING.7

    UNBENEFICED, a. Not enjoying or having a benefice.

    UNBENEVOLENT, a. Not benevolent; not kind.

    UNBENIGHTED, a. Never visited by darkness.

    UNBENIGN, a. Not benign; not favorable or propitious; malignant.

    UNBENT, pp. of unbend.

    1. Relaxed; remitted; relieved from strain or exertion.NWAD UNBENT.2

    2. In seamen’s language, taken from the yards; loosed; as, the sails are unbent; the cable is unbent.NWAD UNBENT.3

    3. Not strained; unstrung; as a bow unbent.NWAD UNBENT.4

    4. Not crushed; not subdued; as, the soul is unbent by woes.NWAD UNBENT.5

    UNBEQUEATHED, a. Not bequeathed; not given by legacy.

    UNBESEEMING, a. Unbecoming; not befitting unsuitable.

    UNBESOUGHT, a. unbesaut’. Not besought; not sought by petition or entreaty.

    UNBESPOKEN, a. Not bespoken, or ordered beforehand.

    UNBESTARRED, a. Not adorned or distinguished by stars.

    UNBESTOWED, a. Not bestowed; not given; not disposed of.

    UNBETRAYED, a. Not betrayed.

    UNBEWAILED, a. Not bewailed; not lamented.

    UNBEWITCH, v.t. To free from fascination.

    UNBIAS, v.t. To free from bias or prejudice.

    The truest service a private man can do his country, is to unbias his mind, as much as possible, between the rival powers.NWAD UNBIAS.2

    UNBIASED, pp.

    1. Freed from prejudice or bias.NWAD UNBIASED.2

    2. a. Free from any undue partiality or prejudice; impartial; as an unbiased mind; unbiased opinion or decision.NWAD UNBIASED.3

    UNBIASEDLY, adv. Without prejudice; impartially.

    UNBIASEDNESS, n. Freedom from bias or prejudice.


    1. Not bid; not commanded.NWAD UNBID.2

    2. Spontaneous; as, thorns shall be earth produce unbid.NWAD UNBID.3

    3. Uninvited; not requested to attend; as unbidden guests.NWAD UNBID.4

    UNBIGOTED, a. Free from bigotry.

    UNBIND, v.t. To untie; to remove a band from; to unfasten; to loose; to set free from shackles. Unbind your fillets; unbind the prisoner’s arms; unbind the load.

    UNBISHOP, v.t. To deprive of episcopal orders.

    UNBIT, a. Not bitten.

    UNBIT, v.t.

    1. In seamanship, to remove the turns of a cable from off the bits.NWAD UNBIT.3

    2. To unbridle.NWAD UNBIT.4

    UNBITTED, pp. Removed from the bits; unbridled.

    UNBITTING, ppr. Unbridling; removing from the bits.

    UNBLAMABLE, a. Not blamable; not culpable; innocent.

    UNBLAMABLENESS, n. State of being chargeable with no blame or fault.

    UNBLAMABLY, adv. In such a manner as to incur no blame. 1 Thessalonians 2:10.

    UNBLAMED, a. Not blamed; free from censure.

    UNBLASTED, a. Not blasted; not made to wither.

    UNBLEEDING, a. Not bleeding; not suffering loss of blood.

    UNBLEMISHABLE, a. Not capable of being blemished.


    1. Not blemished; not stained; free from turpitude or reproach; in a moral sense; as an unblemished reputation or life.NWAD UNBLEMISHED.2

    2. Free from deformity.NWAD UNBLEMISHED.3

    UNBLENCHED, a. Not disgraced; not injured by any stain or soil; as unblenched majesty.

    UNBLENCHING, a. Not shrinking or flinching; firm.

    UNBLENDED, a. Not blended; not mingled.

    UNBLEST, a.

    1. Not blest; excluded from benediction.NWAD UNBLEST.2

    2. Wretched; unhappy.NWAD UNBLEST.3

    UNBLIGHTED, a. Not blighted; not blasted.

    UNBLINDED, a. Not blinded.

    UNBLOODED, a. Not stained with blood.

    UNBLOODY, a.

    1. Not stained with blood.NWAD UNBLOODY.2

    2. Not shedding blood; not cruel.NWAD UNBLOODY.3

    UNBLOSSOMING, a. Not producing blossoms.

    UNBLOWN, a.

    1. Not blown; not having the bud expanded.NWAD UNBLOWN.2

    2. Not extinguished.NWAD UNBLOWN.3

    3. Not inflated with wind.NWAD UNBLOWN.4

    UNBLUNTED, a. Not made obtuse or dull; not blunted.

    UNBLUSHING, a. Not blushing; destitute of shame; impudent.

    UNBLUSHINGLY, adv. In an impudent manner.

    UNBOASTFUL, a. Not boasting; unassuming; modest.

    UNBODIED, a.

    1. Having no material body; incorporeal; as unbodied spirits.NWAD UNBODIED.2

    2. Freed from the body.NWAD UNBODIED.3

    UNBOILED, a. Not boiled; as unboiled rice.

    UNBOLT, v.t. To remove a bolt from; to unfasten; to open; as, to unbolt a gate.

    UNBOLTED, a.

    1. Freed from fastening by bolts.NWAD UNBOLTED.2

    2. Unsifted; not bolted; not having the bran or coarse part separated by a bolter; as unbolted meal.NWAD UNBOLTED.3

    UNBONNETED, a. Having no bonnet on.


    1. Not addicted to books or reading.NWAD UNBOOKISH.2

    2. Not cultivated by erudition.NWAD UNBOOKISH.3

    UNBORN, a. [It is accented either on the first or second syllable.] Not born; not brought into life; future.

    Some unborn sorrow, ripe in fortune’s womb.NWAD UNBORN.2

    The woes to come, the children yet unborn shall feel this day.NWAD UNBORN.3

    UNBORROWED, a. Not borrowed; genuine; original; native; one’s own; as unborrowed beauties; unborrowed gold; unborrowed excellence.

    UNBOSOM, v.t. s as z.

    1. To disclose freely one’s secret opinions or feelings.NWAD UNBOSOM.2

    2. To reveal in confidence.NWAD UNBOSOM.3

    UNBOSOMED, pp. Disclosed, as secrets; revealed in confidence.

    UNBOSOMING, ppr. Disclosing, as secrets; revealing in confidence.


    1. Having no bottom; bottomless.NWAD UNBOTTOMED.2

    The dark, unbottom’d, infinite abyss.NWAD UNBOTTOMED.3

    2. Having no solid foundation.NWAD UNBOTTOMED.4

    UNBOUGHT, a. unbaut’.

    1. Not bought; obtained without money or purchase.NWAD UNBOUGHT.2

    The unbought dainties of the poor.NWAD UNBOUGHT.3

    2. Not having a purchaser.NWAD UNBOUGHT.4

    UNBOUND, a.

    1. Not bound; loose; wanting a cover; as unbound books.NWAD UNBOUND.2

    2. Not bound by obligation or covenant.NWAD UNBOUND.3

    3. pret. of unbind.NWAD UNBOUND.4


    1. Having no bound or limit; unlimited in extent; infinite; interminable; as unbounded space; unbounded power.NWAD UNBOUNDED.2

    2. Having no check or control; unrestrained. The young man has unbounded license. His extravagance is unbounded.NWAD UNBOUNDED.3

    UNBOUNDEDLY, adv. Without bounds or limits.

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