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    UNBOUNDEDNESS, n. Freedom from bounds or limits.

    UNBOUNTEOUS, a. Not bounteous; not liberal.

    UNBOW, v.t. To unbend.

    UNBOWED, a. Not bent; not arched.

    UNBOWEL, v.t. To deprive of the entrails; to exenterate; to eviscerate.

    UNBOWELED, pp. Eviscerated.

    UNBOWELING, ppr. Taking out the bowels.

    UNBRACE, v.t. To loose; to relax; as, to unbrace a drum; to unbrace the arms; to unbrace the nerves.

    UNBRAID, v.t. To separate the strands of a braid; to disentangle.

    UNBRAIDED, pp. Disentangled, as the strands of a braid.

    UNBRAIDING, ppr. Separating the strands of a braid.

    UNBRANCHED, a. Not ramified; not shooting into branches.

    UNBRANCHING, a. Not dividing into branches.

    UNBREAST, v.t. unbrest’. To disclose or lay open.

    UNBREATHED, a. Not exercised.

    Our unbreath’d memories.NWAD UNBREATHED.2

    UNBREATHING, a. Unanimated; as unbreathing stones.

    UNBRED, a.

    1. Not well bred; not polished in manners; ill educated; rude; as unbred minds; unbred servants.NWAD UNBRED.2

    2. Not taught; as unbred to spinning.NWAD UNBRED.3

    UNBREECHED, a. Having no breeches.

    UNBREWED, a. Not mixed; pure; genuine.

    UNBRIBABLE, a. That cannot be bribed. [Not used.]

    UNBRIBED, a. Not bribed; not corrupted by money; not unduly influenced by money or gifts.

    UNBRIDLE, v.t. To free from the bridle.

    UNBRIDLED, pp.

    1. Loosed from the bridle.NWAD UNBRIDLED.2

    2. a. Unrestrained; licentious; as unbridled lust; unbridled boldness; unbridled passions.NWAD UNBRIDLED.3


    1. Not broken; not violated. Preserve your vows unbroken.NWAD UNBROKE.2

    2. Not weakened; not crushed; not subdued.NWAD UNBROKE.3

    How broad his shoulders spread, by age unbroke.NWAD UNBROKE.4

    3. Not tamed; not taught; not accustomed to the saddle, harness or yoke; as an unbroken horse or ox.NWAD UNBROKE.5

    UNBROTHERLY, a. Not becoming a brother; not suitable to the character and relation of a brother; unkind. [Unbrotherlike is not used.]

    UNBRUISED, a. s as z. Not bruised; not crushed or hurt.

    UNBUCKLE, v.t. To loose from buckles; to unfasten; as, to unbuckle a shoe; to unbuckle a girdle; to unbuckle a helm.

    UNBUCKLED, pp. Loosed from buckles; unfastened.

    UNBUCKLING, ppr. Loosing from buckles; unfastening.

    UNBUILD, UNBILD, v.t. To demolish what is built; to raze; to destroy.

    UNBUILT, UNBILT, a. Not yet built; not erected.

    UNBURIED, a. unber’ried. Not buried; not interred.


    1. Not burnt; not consumed by fire.NWAD UNBURNED.2

    2. Not injured by fire; not scorched.NWAD UNBURNED.3

    3. Not baked, as brick.NWAD UNBURNED.4

    UNBURNING, a. Not consuming away by fire.


    1. To rid of a load; to free from a burden; to ease.NWAD UNBURTHEN.2

    2. To throw off.NWAD UNBURTHEN.3

    3. To relieve the mind or heart by disclosing what lies heavy on it.NWAD UNBURTHEN.4

    UNBURTHENED, UNBURDENED, pp. Freed from a load; thrown off; eased; relieved.

    UNBURTHENING, UNBURDENING, ppr. Freeing from a load or burden; relieving from what is a burden.

    UNBUSIED, a. unbiz’zied. Not busied; not employed idle.

    UNBUTTON, v.t. To loose from being fastened by buttons; to loose buttons.

    UNBUTTONED, pp. Loosed from buttons.

    UNCAGE, v.t. To loose from a cage.

    UNCAGED, pp. Released from a cage or from confinement.

    UNCALCINED, a. Not calcined.

    UNCALCULATED, a. Not subjected to calculation.

    UNCALCULATING, a. Not making calculations.

    UNCALLED, a. Not called; not summoned; not invited.

    Uncalled for, not required; not needed or demanded.NWAD UNCALLED.2

    UNCALM, v.t. To disturb. [Not in use, and an ill word.]

    UNCANCELED, a. Not canceled; not erased; not abrogated or annulled.

    UNCANDID, a. Not candid; not frank or sincere; not fair or impartial.

    UNCANONICAL, a. Not agreeable to the canons; not acknowledged as authentic.

    UNCANONICALNESS, n. The state of being uncanonical.

    UNCANOPIED, a. Not covered by a canopy.

    UNCAP, v.t. To remove a cap or cover; to open; as, to uncap a vein.

    UNCAPABLE, a. Incapable. [The latter word has superseded uncapable.]

    UNCAPPED, pp. Opened.

    UNCAPTIVATED, a. Not captivated.

    UNCARNATE, a. Not fleshly.

    UNCARPETED, a. Not covered with a carpet.

    UNCASE, v.t.

    1. To disengage from a covering; to take off or out.NWAD UNCASE.2

    2. To flay; to strip.NWAD UNCASE.3

    UNCASED, pp. Stripped of a covering or case.

    UNCASING, ppr. Disengaging from a cover.

    UNCASTRATED, a. Not castrated.

    UNCATECHISED, a. s as z. Not catechis untaught.

    UNCAUGHT, a. uncaut’. Not yet caught or taken.

    UNCAUSED, a. s as z. Having no precedent cause; existing without an author.

    UNCAUTIOUS, a. Not cautious; not wary; heedless. [Incautious is now generally used.]

    UNCEASING, a. Not ceasing; not intermitting; continual.

    UNCEASINGLY, adv. Without intermission or cessation; continually.

    UNCELEBRATED, a. Not celebrated; not solemnized.

    UNCELESTIAL, a. Not heavenly.

    UNCENSURABLE, a. Not worthy of censure.

    UNCENSURED, a. Not censured; exempt from blame or reproach.

    Whose right it is uncensur’d to be dull.NWAD UNCENSURED.2

    UNCENTRICAL, a. not central; distant from the center.

    UNCEREMONIAL, a. Not ceremonial.

    UNCEREMONIOUS, a. not ceremonious; not formal.


    1. Not certain; doubtful; not certainly known. it is uncertain who will be the next president.NWAD UNCERTAIN.2

    2. Doubtful; not having certain knowledge.NWAD UNCERTAIN.3

    A man without the protection of a superior Being - is uncertain of every thing that he hopes for.NWAD UNCERTAIN.4

    3. Not sure in the consequence.NWAD UNCERTAIN.5

    Or whistling slings dismiss’d the uncertain stone.NWAD UNCERTAIN.6

    4. Not sure; not exact.NWAD UNCERTAIN.7

    Soon bent his bow, uncertain in his aim.NWAD UNCERTAIN.8

    5. Unsettled; irregular.NWAD UNCERTAIN.9


    1. Not surely; not certainly.NWAD UNCERTAINLY.2

    2. Not confidently.NWAD UNCERTAINLY.3

    - Standards that cannot be known at all, or but imperfectly and uncertainly.NWAD UNCERTAINLY.4


    1. doubtfulness; dubiousness. The truth is not ascertained; the latest accounts have not removed the uncertainty.NWAD UNCERTAINTY.2

    2. Want of certainty; want of precision; as the uncertainty of the signification of words.NWAD UNCERTAINTY.3

    3. Contingency.NWAD UNCERTAINTY.4

    Steadfastly grasping the greatest and most slippery uncertainties.NWAD UNCERTAINTY.5

    4. Something unknown.NWAD UNCERTAINTY.6

    Our shepherd’s case is every man’s case that quits a certainty for an uncertainty.NWAD UNCERTAINTY.7

    UNCESSANT, a. Continual; incessant. [The latter is the word now used.]

    UNCESSANTLY, adv. Incessantly. Obs.

    UNCHAIN, v.t. To free from chains or slavery.

    UNCHAINED, pp. Disengaged from chains, shackles or slavery.

    UNCHAINING, ppr. Freeing from chains, bonds or restraint.

    UNCHANGEABLE, a. Not capable of change; immutable; not subject to variation. god is an unchangeable being.

    UNCHANGEABLENESS, n. The state or quality of being subject to no change; immutability.

    UNCHANGEABLY, adv. Without change; immutably.


    1. Not changed or altered.NWAD UNCHANGED.2

    2. Not alterable.NWAD UNCHANGED.3

    UNCHANGING, a. Not changing; suffering no alteration.

    UNCHARACTERISTIC, a. Not characteristic; not exhibiting a character.

    UNCHARGE, v.t. To retract an accusation. [Not used.]

    UNCHARGED, a. Not charged; not loaded.

    UNCHARITABLE, a. Not charitable; contrary to charity, or the universal love prescribed by christianity; as uncharitable opinions or zeal.

    UNCHARITABLENESS, n. Want of charity. If we hate our enemies we sin; we are guilty of uncharitableness.

    UNCHARITABLY, adv. In a manner contrary to charity.

    UNCHARM, v.t. To release from some charm, fascination, or secret power.

    UNCHARMED, a. Not charmed; not fascinated.

    UNCHARMING, a. Not charming; not longer able to charm.

    UNCHARY, a. Not wary; not frugal. [Not used.]

    UNCHASTE, a. Not chaste; not continent; not pure; libidinous; lewd.

    UNCHASTELY, adv. Incontinently; lewdly.

    UNCHASTISABLE, a. [See Chastise.] That cannot be chastised.

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