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    UNFIRM, a. [See Firm.]

    1. Not firm; weak; feeble; infirm.NWAD UNFIRM.2

    [Note. When we speak of the weakness of the human frame, we use infirm. When we speak of the weakness of other things, as a bridge, wall and the like, we say, it is unfirm.]NWAD UNFIRM.3

    2. Not stable; not well fixed.NWAD UNFIRM.4

    With feet unfirm.NWAD UNFIRM.5

    UNFIRMNESS, n. A weak state; instability.

    UNFIT, a.

    1. Not fit; improper; unsuitable.NWAD UNFIT.2

    2. Unqualified; as a man unfit for an office.NWAD UNFIT.3

    UNFIT, v.t.

    1. To disable; to make unsuitable; to deprive of the strength, skill or proper qualities for any thing. Sickness unfits a man for labor.NWAD UNFIT.5

    2. To disqualify; to deprive of the moral or mental qualities necessary for any thing. Sin unfits us for the society of holy beings.NWAD UNFIT.6

    UNFITLY, adv. Not properly; unsuitably.


    1. Want of suitable powers or qualifications, physical or moral; as the unfitness of a sick man for labor, or of an ignorant man for office; the unfitness of sinners for the enjoyments of heaven.NWAD UNFITNESS.2

    2. Want of propriety or adaptation to character or place; as unfitness of behavior or of dress.NWAD UNFITNESS.3

    UNFITTED, pp. Rendered unsuitable; disqualified.

    UNFITTING, ppr.

    1. Rendering unsuitable; disqualifying.NWAD UNFITTING.2

    2. a. Improper; becoming.NWAD UNFITTING.3

    UNFIX, v.t.

    1. To loosen from any fastening; to detach from any thing that holds; to unsettle; to unhinge; as, to unfix the mind or affections.NWAD UNFIX.2

    2. To make fluid; to dissolve.NWAD UNFIX.3

    Nor can the rising sun unfix their frosts.NWAD UNFIX.4

    UNFIXED, pp.

    1. Unsettled; loosened.NWAD UNFIXED.2

    2. a. Wandering; erratic; inconstant; having no settled habitation.NWAD UNFIXED.3

    3. Having no settled view or object of pursuit.NWAD UNFIXED.4

    UNFIXING, ppr. Unsettling; loosening.

    UNFLAGGING, a. Not flagging; not drooping; maintaining strength or spirit.

    UNFLATTERED, a. Not flattered.


    1. Not flattering; not gratifying with obsequious behavior; not coloring the truth to please.NWAD UNFLATTERING.2

    2. Not affording a favorable prospect; as, the weather is unflattering.NWAD UNFLATTERING.3


    1. Not yet furnished with feathers; implumous; as an unfledged bird.NWAD UNFLEDGED.2

    2. Young; not having attained to full growth.NWAD UNFLEDGED.3

    UNFLESHED, a. Not fleshed; not seasoned to blood; raw; as an unfleshed hound; unfleshed valor.

    UNFOILED, a. Not vanquished; not defeated.

    UNFOLD, v.t.

    1. To open folds; to expand; to spread out.NWAD UNFOLD.2

    2. To open any thing covered or close; to lay open to view or contemplation; to disclose; to reveal; as, to unfold one’s designs; to unfold the principles of a science.NWAD UNFOLD.3

    3. To declare; to tell; to disclose.NWAD UNFOLD.4

    Unfold the passion of my love.NWAD UNFOLD.5

    4. To display; as, to unfold the works of creation.NWAD UNFOLD.6

    5. To release from a fold or pen; as, to unfold sheep.NWAD UNFOLD.7

    UNFOLDED, pp. Opened; expanded; revealed; displayed; released from a fold.

    UNFOLDING, ppr. Opening; expanding; disclosing; displaying; releasing from a fold.

    UNFOLDING, n. The act of expanding, displaying or disclosing; disclosure.

    UNFOOL, v.t. To restore from folly. [Not in use.]

    UNFORBEARING, a. Not forbearing.


    1. Not forbid; not prohibited; applied to persons.NWAD UNFORBID.2

    2. Allowed; permitted; legal; applied to things.NWAD UNFORBID.3

    UNFORBIDDENNESS, n. The state of being unforbidden. [Not in use.]

    UNFORCED, a.

    1. Not forced; not compelled; not constrained.NWAD UNFORCED.2

    2. Not urged or impelled.NWAD UNFORCED.3

    3. Not feigned; not heightened; natural as unforced passions; unforced expressions of joy.NWAD UNFORCED.4

    4. Not violent; easy; gradual; as an easy and unforced ascent.NWAD UNFORCED.5

    5. Easy; natural; as an unforced posture.NWAD UNFORCED.6

    UNFORCIBLE, a. Wanting force or strength; as an unforcible expression.

    UNFORDABLE, a. Not fordable; that cannot be forded, or passed by wading; as an unfordable river.

    UNFOREBODING, a. Giving no omens.

    UNFOREKNOWN, a. Not previously known or foreseen.

    UNFORESEEABLE, a. That cannot be foreseen. [A bad word and not in use.]

    UNFORESEEN, a. Not foreseen; not foreknown.

    UNFORESKINNED, a. Circumcised. [Bad.]

    UNFORETOLD, a. Not predicted.

    UNFOREWARNED, a. [See Warn.] Not previously warned or admonished.

    UNFORFEITED, a. Not forfeited.

    UNFORGIVEN, a. Not forgiven; not pardoned.

    UNFORGIVING, a. Not forgiving; not disposed to overlook or pardon offenses; implacable.


    1. Not forgot; not lost to memory.NWAD UNFORGOT.2

    2. Not overlooked; not neglected.NWAD UNFORGOT.3

    UNFORM, v.t. To destroy; to unmake; to decompose or resolve into parts.

    UNFORMED, a. Not molded into regular shape; as unformed matter.

    UNFORSAKEN, a. Not forsaken; not deserted; not entirely neglected.


    1. Not fortified; not secured from attack by walls or mounds.NWAD UNFORTIFIED.2

    2. Not guarded; not strengthened against temptations or trials; weak; exposed; defenseless; as an unfortified mind.NWAD UNFORTIFIED.3

    3. Wanting securities or means of defense.NWAD UNFORTIFIED.4

    UNFORTUNATE, a. Not successful; not prosperous; as an unfortunate adventure; an unfortunate voyage; unfortunate attempts; an unfortunate man; an unfortunate commander; unfortunate business.

    UNFORTUNATELY, adv. Without success; unsuccessfully; unhappily. the scheme unfortunately miscarried.

    UNFORTUNATENESS, n. Ill luck; ill fortune; fortune; failure of success.


    1. Not fostered; not nourished.NWAD UNFOSTERED.2

    2. Not countenanced by favor; not patronized.NWAD UNFOSTERED.3

    UNFOUGHT, a. unfaut’. Not fought.

    UNFOULED, a. Not fouled; not polluted; not soiled; not corrupted; pure.

    UNFOUND, a. Not found; not met with.


    1. Not founded; not built or established.NWAD UNFOUNDED.2

    2. Having no foundation; vain; idle; as unfounded expectations.NWAD UNFOUNDED.3

    UNFRAMABLE, a. Not to be framed or molded. [Not in use.]

    UNFRAMABLENESS, n. The quality of not being framable. [Not in use.]

    UNFRAMED, a.

    1. Not framed; not fitted for erection; as unframed timber.NWAD UNFRAMED.2

    2. Not formed; not constructed; not fashioned.NWAD UNFRAMED.3

    UNFRATERNAL, a. Not brotherly.

    UNFREE, a. Not free; as unfree peasants.

    UNFREQUENCY, n. The state of being unfrequent.

    UNFREQUENT, a. Not frequent; not common; not happening often; infrequent.

    UNFREQUENT, v.t. To cease to frequent. [Not in use.]

    UNFREQUENTED, a. Rarely visited; seldom resorted to by human beings; as an unfrequented place or forest.

    UNFREQUENTLY, adv. Not often; seldom.

    UNFRIABLE, a. Not easily crumbled.

    UNFRIENDED, a. unfrend’ed. Wanting friends; not countenanced or supported.

    UNFRIENDLINESS, n. Want of kindness; disfavor.


    1. Not friendly; not kind or benevolent; as an unfriendly neighbor.NWAD UNFRIENDLY.2

    2. Not favorable; not adapted to promote or support any object; as weather unfriendly to health.NWAD UNFRIENDLY.3

    UNFROCK, v.t. To divest.

    UNFROZEN, a. Not frozen; not congealed.

    UNFRUGAL, a. Not frugal; not saving or economical.


    1. Not producing fruit; barren; as an unfruitful tree.NWAD UNFRUITFUL.2

    2. Not producing off-spring; not prolific; barren; as an unfruitful female.NWAD UNFRUITFUL.3

    3. Not producing good effects or works; as an unfruitful life.NWAD UNFRUITFUL.4

    4. Unproductive; not fertile; as an unfruitful soil.NWAD UNFRUITFUL.5

    UNFRUITFULNESS, n. Barrenness; infecundity; unproductiveness; applied to persons or things.

    UNFRUSTRABLE, a. That cannot be frustrated.

    UNFULFILLED, a. Not fulfilled; not accomplished; as a prophecy or prediction unfulfilled.

    UNFUMED, a.

    1. Not fumigated.NWAD UNFUMED.2

    2. Not exhaling smoke; not burnt.NWAD UNFUMED.3

    UNFUNDED, a. Not funded; having no permanent funds for the payment of its interest; as an unfunded debt.

    UNFURL, v.t. To loose and unfold; to expand; to open or spread; as, to unfurl sails.

    UNFURLED, pp. Unfolded; expanded.

    UNFURLING, ppr. Unfolding; spreading.

    UNFURNISH, v.t.

    1. To strip of furniture; to divest; to strip.NWAD UNFURNISH.2

    2. To leave naked.NWAD UNFURNISH.3


    1. Not furnished; not supplied with furniture; as an unfurnished room or house.NWAD UNFURNISHED.2

    2. Unsupplied with necessaries or ornaments.NWAD UNFURNISHED.3

    3. Empty; not supplied.NWAD UNFURNISHED.4

    UNFUSED, a. s as z. Not fused; not melted.

    UNFUSIBLE, a. s as z. Infusible. [The latter word is generally used.]

    UNGAINABLE, a. That cannot be gained. [Little used.]

    UNGAINFUL, a. Unprofitable; not producing gain.

    UNGAINLY, a. Not expert or dextrous; clumsy; awkward; uncouth; as an ungainly strut in walking.

    [I believe ungain is not used.]NWAD UNGAINLY.2

    UNGALLED, a. Unhurt; not galled.

    UNGARNISHED, a. Not garnished or furnished; unadorned.

    UNGARRISONED, a. Not garrisoned; not furnished with troops for defense.

    UNGARTERED, a. Being without garters.

    UNGATHERED, a. Not gathered; not cropped; not picked.

    UNGEAR, v.t. To unharness; to strip of gear.

    UNGEARED, pp. Unharnessed.

    UNGEARING, ppr. Stripping of harness or gear.

    UNGENERATED, a. Having no beginning; unbegotten.

    UNGENERATIVE, a. Begetting nothing.


    1. Not of a noble mind; not liberal; applied to persons; as an ungenerous man or prince.NWAD UNGENEROUS.2

    2. Not noble; not liberal; applied to things; as an ungenerous act.NWAD UNGENEROUS.3

    3. Dishonorable; ignominious.NWAD UNGENEROUS.4

    The victor never will impose on Cato ungen’rous terms.NWAD UNGENEROUS.5

    UNGENEROUSLY, adv. Unkindly; dishonorably.

    UNGENIAL, a. Not favorable to nature or to natural growth; as ungenial air; ungenial soils.

    Sullen seas that was th’ ungenial pole.NWAD UNGENIAL.2

    UNGENTEEL, a. Not genteel; used of persons; not consistent with polite manners or good breeding; used of manners.

    UNGENTEELLY, adv. Uncivilly; not with good manners.

    UNGENTLE, a. Not gentle; harsh; rude.

    UNGENTLEMANLIKE, a. Not like a gentleman.

    UNGENTLEMANLY, a. Not becoming a gentleman.


    1. Want of gentleness; harshness; severity; rudeness.NWAD UNGENTLENESS.2

    2. Unkindness; incivility.NWAD UNGENTLENESS.3

    UNGENTLY, adv. Harshly; with severity; rudely.

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