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    MISHAPPEN, v.i. To happen ill.

    MISHEAR, v.t. To mistake in hearing.

    MISHNA, n. A collection or digest of Jewish traditions and explanations of Scripture.

    MISHNIC, a. Pertaining or relating to the Mishna.

    MISIMPROVE, v.t. misimproov’. To improve to a bad purpose; to abuse; as, to misimprove time, talents, advantages.

    MISIMPROVED, pp. Used to a bad purpose.

    MISIMPROVEMENT, n. misimproov’ment. Ill use or employment; improvement to a bad purpose.

    MISINFER, v.t. To draw a wrong inference.

    MISINFORM, v.t. To give erroneous information to; to communicate an incorrect statement of facts.

    MISINFORMATION, n. Wrong informations; false account or intelligence received.

    MISINFORMED, pp. Wrongly informed.

    MISINFORMER, n. One that gives wrong information.

    MISINFORMING, ppr. Communicating erroneous information to.

    MISINSTRUCT, v.t. To instruct amiss.

    MISINSTRUCTION, n. Wrong instruction.

    MISINTELLIGENCE, n. Wrong information; disagreement.

    MISINTERPRET, v.t. To interpret erroneously; to understand or to explain in a wrong sense.

    MISINTERPRETATION, n. The act of interpreting erroneously.

    MISINTERPRETED, a. Erroneously understood or explained.

    MISINTERPRETER, n. One who interprets erroneously.

    MISINTERPRETING, ppr. Erroneously interpreting.

    MISJOIN, v.t. To join unfitly or improperly.

    MISJOINED, pp. Improperly united.

    MISJOINING, ppr. Joining unfitly or improperly.

    MISJUDGE, v.t. misjudg’. To mistake in judging of; to judge erroneously.

    MISJUDGE, v.i. misjudg’. To err in judgment; to form false opinions or notions.

    MISJUDGED, pp. Judged erroneously.

    MISJUDGING, ppr. Judging erroneously of; forming a wrong opinion or inference.

    MISJUDGMENT, n. A wrong or unjust determination.

    MISKIN, n. A little bagpipe.

    MISKINDLE, v.t. To kindle amiss; to inflame to a bad purpose.

    MISLAID, pp. Laid in a wrong place, or place not recollected; lost.

    MISLAY, v.t. To lay in a wrong place.

    The fault is generally mislaid upon nature.NWAD MISLAY.2

    1. To lay in a place not recollected; to lose.NWAD MISLAY.3

    If the butler be the tell-tale, mislay a spoon so as he may never find it.NWAD MISLAY.4

    MISLAYER, n. One that lays in a wrong place; one that loses.

    MISLAYING, ppr. Laying in a wrong place, or place not remembered; losing.

    MISLE, v.i. mis’l. [from mist, and properly mistle.]

    To rain in very fine drops, like a thick mist.NWAD MISLE.2

    MISLEAD, v.t. pret. and pp. misled. [See Lead.]

    To lead into a wrong way or path; to lead astray; to guide into error; to cause to mistake; to deceive.NWAD MISLEAD.2

    Trust not servants who mislead or misinform you,NWAD MISLEAD.3

    But of the two, less dangerous is th’ offense,NWAD MISLEAD.4

    To tire our patience, than mislead our sense.NWAD MISLEAD.5

    MISLEADER, n. One who leads into error.

    MISLEADING, ppr. Leading into error; causing to err; deceiving.

    MISLED, pp. of mislead. Let into error; led a wrong way.

    --To give due lightNWAD MISLED.2

    To the misled and lonely traveller.NWAD MISLED.3

    MISLIKE, v.t. To dislike; to disapprove; to have aversion to; as, to mislike a man or an opinion.

    [For this word, dislike is generally used.]NWAD MISLIKE.2

    MISLIKE, n. Dislike; disapprobation; aversion.

    MISLIKED, pp. Disliked; disapproved.

    MISLIKER, n. One that dislikes.

    MISLIKING, ppr. Disliking; disapproving.

    MISLIN, [See Meslin.]

    MISLIVE, v.i. misliv’. To live amiss. [Not used.]

    MISLUCK, n. Ill luck; misfortune.

    MISLY, a. [See Misle and Mist.] Raining in very small drops.

    MISMANAGE, v.t. To manage ill; to administer improperly; as, to mismanage public affairs.

    MISMANAGE, v.i. To behave ill; to conduct amiss.

    MISMANAGED, pp. Ill managed or conducted.

    MISMANAGMENT, n. Ill or improper management; ill conduct; as the mismanagement of public or private affairs.

    MISMANAGER, n. One that manages ill.

    MISMANAGING, ppr. Managing ill.

    MISMARK, v.t. To mark with the wrong token; to mark erroneously.

    MISMARKED, pp. Wrongly marked.

    MISMARKING, ppr. Marking erroneously.

    MISMATCH, v.t. To match unsuitably.

    MISMATCHED, pp. Unsuitably matched; ill joined.

    MISMATCHING, ppr. Matching in an unsuitable manner.

    MISNAME, v.t. To call by the wrong name.

    MISNAMED, pp. Called by a wrong name.

    MISNAMING, ppr. Calling by a wrong name.

    MISNOMER, n. In law, the mistaking of the true name of a person; a misnaming. [Misnosmer, as written by Blackstone, must be a corrupt orthography. In no dialect has name, L. nomen, been written with s, unless by mistake.]

    MISOBEDIENCE, n. Erroneous obedience or disobedience. [Not used.]

    MISOBSERVE, v.t. misobzerv’. To observe inaccurately; to mistake in observing.

    MISOGAMIST, n. [Gr. to hate, and marriage.] A hater of marriage.

    MISOGYNIST, n. [Gr. to hate, and woman.] A woman hater. [Unusual.]

    MISOGYNY, n. [supra.] Hatred of the female sex.

    MISOPINION, n. Erroneous opinion.

    MISORDER, v.t. To order ill; to manage erroneously.

    1. To manage ill; to conduct badly.NWAD MISORDER.2

    MISORDER, n. Irregularity; disorderly proceedings. [We now use disorder.]

    MISORDERLY, a. Irregular; disorderly.

    MISPELL, MISPEND, etc. [See Mis-spell, Mis-spend.]

    MISPERSUADE, v.t. To persuade amiss, or to lead to a wrong notion.

    MISPERSUASION, n. A false persuasion; wrong notion or opinion.

    MISPIKEL, n. Arsenical pyrite; an ore of arsenic, containing this metal in combination with iron, sometimes found in cubic crystals, but more often without any regular form.

    MISPLACE, v.t. To put in a wrong place; as, the book is misplaced.

    1. To place on an improper object; as, he misplaced his confidence.NWAD MISPLACE.2

    MISPLACED, pp. Put in a wrong place, or on an improper object.

    MISPLACING, ppr. Putting in a wrong place, or on a wrong object.

    MISPLEAD, v.i. To err in pleading.

    MISPLEADING, ppr. Making a mistake in pleading.

    MISPLEADING, n. A mistake in pleading.

    MISPOINT, v.t. To point improperly; to err in punctuation.

    MISPRINT, v.t. To mistake in printing; to print wrong.

    MISPRINT, n. A mistake in printing; a deviation from the copy.

    MISPRINTED, pp. Erroneously printed.

    MISPRINTING, ppr. Printing wrong.


    1. To mistake.NWAD MISPRISE.2

    2. To slight or undervalue.NWAD MISPRISE.3

    O for those vanish’d hours, so much mispris’d.NWAD MISPRISE.4

    MISPRISION, n. misprizh’un. [supra.] Neglect; contempt.

    1. In law, any high offense under the degree of capital, but nearly bordering thereon. Misprision is contained in every treason and felony. Misprisions are divided into negative and positive; negative, which consist in the concealment of something which ought to be revealed; and positive, which consist in the commission of something which ought not to be done. Misprision of treason, consists in a bare knowledge and concealment of treason, without assenting to it.NWAD MISPRISION.2

    Maladministration in offices of high public trust, is a positive misprision.NWAD MISPRISION.3

    1. Mistake; oversight; contempt. [Not in use.]NWAD MISPRISION.4

    MISPROCEEDING, n. Wrong or irregular proceeding.

    MISPROFESS, v.t. To make a false profession; to make pretensions to skill which is not possessed.

    MISPRONOUNCE, v.t. mispronouns’. To pronounce erroneously; as, to mispronounce a word, a name, etc.

    MISPRONOUNCE, v.i. mispronouns’. To speak incorrectly.

    MISPRONUNCIATION, n. A wrong or improper pronunciation.

    MISPROPORTION, v.t. To err in proportioning one thing to another; to join without due proportion.

    MISPROUD, v. Vitiously proud. [Not used.]

    MISQUOTATION, n. An erroneous quotation; the act of quoting wrong.

    MISQUOTE, v.t. To quote erroneously; to cite incorrectly.

    MISQUOTED, pp. Incorrectly quoted or cited.

    MISQUOTING, ppr. Quoting or citing erroneously.

    MISRATE, v.t. To rate erroneously; to estimate falsely.

    MISRECITAL, n. An inaccurate recital.

    MISRECITE, v.t. To recite erroneously.

    MISRECITED, pp. Recited incorrectly.

    MISRECITING, ppr. Reciting erroneously.

    MISRECKON, v.t. To reckon or compute wrong.

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