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    UNPREPOSSESSED, a. Not prepossessed; not biased by previous opinions; not partial.

    UNPREPOSSESSING, a. Not having a winning appearance.


    1. Not pressed.NWAD UNPRESSED.2

    2. Not enforced.NWAD UNPRESSED.3

    UNPRESUMPTUOUS, a. [See Presume.] Not presumptuous; not rash; modest; submissive.

    UNPRETENDING, a. Not claiming distinction; modest.

    UNPREVAILING, a. Being of no force; vain.


    1. Not prevented; not hindered.NWAD UNPREVENTED.2

    2. Not preceded by any thing. Obs.NWAD UNPREVENTED.3

    UNPRIEST, v.t. To deprive of the orders of a priest.

    UNPRIESTLY, a. Unsuitable to a priest.

    UNPRINCE, v.t. unprins’. To deprive of principality or sovereignty.

    UNPRINCELY, a. unprins’ly. Unbecoming a prince; not resembling a prince.


    1. Not having settled principles; as souls unprincipled in virtue.NWAD UNPRINCIPLED.2

    2. Having no good moral principles; destitute of virtue; not restrained by conscience; profligate.NWAD UNPRINCIPLED.3


    1. Not printed; as a literary work.NWAD UNPRINTED.2

    2. Not stamped with figures; white; as unprinted cotton.NWAD UNPRINTED.3

    UNPRISONED, a. s as z. Set free from confinement.

    UNPRIZABLE, a. Not valued; not of estimation.

    UNPRIZED, a. Not valued.

    UNPROCLAIMED, a. Not proclaimed; not notified by public declaration.


    1. Not productive; barren.NWAD UNPRODUCTIVE.2

    2. More generally, not producing large crops; not making profitable returns for labor; as unproductive land.NWAD UNPRODUCTIVE.3

    3. Not profitable; not producing profit or interest; as capital; as unproductive funds or stock.NWAD UNPRODUCTIVE.4

    4. Not efficient; not producing any effect.NWAD UNPRODUCTIVE.5

    UNPRODUCTIVENESS, n. The state of being unproductive; as land, stock, capital labor, etc.

    UNPROFANED, a. Not profaned; not violated.


    1. Not pertaining to one’s profession.NWAD UNPROFESSIONAL.2

    2. Not belonging to a profession.NWAD UNPROFESSIONAL.3

    UNPROFICIENCY, n. Want of proficiency or improvement.


    1. Bringing no profit; producing no gain beyond the labor, expenses and interest of capital; as unprofitable land; unprofitable stock; unprofitable employment.NWAD UNPROFITABLE.2

    2. Producing no improvement or advantage; useless; serving no purpose; as an unprofitable life; unprofitable study. Job 15:3.NWAD UNPROFITABLE.3

    3. Not useful to others.NWAD UNPROFITABLE.4

    4. Misimproving talents; bringing no glory to God; as an unprofitable servant. Matthew 25:30.NWAD UNPROFITABLE.5

    UNPROFITABLENESS, n. The state of producing no profit or good; uselessness; inutility.


    1. Without profit; without clear gain; as capital unprofitably employed.NWAD UNPROFITABLY.2

    2. Without any good effect or advantage; to no good purpose.NWAD UNPROFITABLY.3

    UNPROFITED, a. Not having profit or gain.

    UNPROHIBITED, a. Not prohibited; not forbid; lawful.

    UNPROJECTED, a. Not planned; not projected.


    1. Not prolific; barren; not producing young or fruit.NWAD UNPROLIFIC.2

    2. Not producing in abundance.NWAD UNPROLIFIC.3

    UNPROMISING, a. Not promising; not affording a favorable prospect of success, of excellence, of profit, etc.; as an unpromising youth; an unpromising season.


    1. Not prompted; not dictated.NWAD UNPROMPTED.2

    2. Not excited or instigated.NWAD UNPROMPTED.3

    UNPRONOUNCEABLE, a. unpronouns’able. That cannot be pronounced. [Unusual.]

    UNPRONOUNCED, a. Not pronounced; not uttered.

    UNPROP, v.t. To remove a prop from; to deprive of support.

    UNPROPER, a. Not fit or proper. Obs. [Improper is the word now used.]

    UNPROPERLY, adv. Unfitly. Obs. [See Improperly.]

    UNPROPHETIC, UNPROPHETICAL, a. Not foreseeing or not predicting future events.

    UNPROPITIOUS, a. Not propitious; not favorable; not disposed to promote; inauspicious.

    UNPROPITIOUSLY, adv. Unfavorably; unkindly.

    UNPROPORTIONABLE, a. Wanting due proportion.

    UNPROPORTIONATE, a. Wanting proportion; disproportionate; unfit.

    UNPROPORTIONED, a. not proportioned; not suitable.

    UNPROPOSED, a. s as z. Not proposed; not offered.

    UNPROPPED, a. Not propped; not supported or upheld.

    UNPROSPEROUS, a. Not prosperous; not attended with success; unfortunate.

    UNPROSPEROUSLY, adv. Unsuccessfully; unfortunately.

    UNPROSPEROUSNESS, n. Want of success; failure of the desired result.

    UNPROSTITUTED, a. Not prostituted; not debased.


    1. Not protected; not defended.NWAD UNPROTECTED.2

    2. Not countenanced; not supported.NWAD UNPROTECTED.3

    UNPROTRACTED, a. Not protracted; not drawn out in length.

    UNPROVED, a.

    1. Not proved; not known by trial.NWAD UNPROVED.2

    2. Not established as true by argument, demonstration or evidence.NWAD UNPROVED.3

    UNPROVIDE, v.t. To unfurnish; to divest or strip of qualifications.


    1. Divested of qualifications.NWAD UNPROVIDED.2

    2. a. Not provided; unfurnished; unsupplied.NWAD UNPROVIDED.3

    UNPROVIDENT, a. Improvident. Obs.

    UNPROVISIONED, a. s as z. Not furnished with provisions.


    1. Not provoked; not incited; applied to persons.NWAD UNPROVOKED.2

    2. Not proceeding from provocation or just cause; as an unprovoked attack.NWAD UNPROVOKED.3

    UNPROVOKING, a. Giving no provocation or offense.

    UNPRUDENTIAL, a. Imprudent. [Not used.]

    UNPRUNED, a. Not pruned; not lopped.

    UNPUBLIC, a. Not public; private; not generally seen or known.


    1. Not made public; secret; private.NWAD UNPUBLISHED.2

    2. Not published; as a manuscript or book.NWAD UNPUBLISHED.3

    UNPUNCTUAL, a. Not punctual; not exact in time.

    UNPUNCTUALITY, n. Want of punctuality.

    UNPUNCTUATED, a. Not punctuated; not pointed.

    UNPUNISHED, a. Not punished; suffered to pass without punishment or with impunity; as a thief unpunished; an unpunished crime.

    UNPUNISHING, a. Not punishing.

    UNPURCHASED, a. Not purchased; not bought.

    UNPURE, a. Not pure; impure. Obs. [See Impure.]

    UNPURGED, a. Not purged; unpurified.


    1. Not purified; not freed from recrement or foul matter.NWAD UNPURIFIED.2

    2. Not cleansed from sin; unsanctified.NWAD UNPURIFIED.3

    UNPURPOSED, a. Not intended; not designed.

    UNPURSED, a. Robbed of a purse.

    UNPURSUED, a. Not pursued; not followed; not prosecuted.

    UNPUTREFIED, a. Not putrefied; not corrupted.

    UNQUAFFED, a. Not quaffed; not drank.


    1. Not qualified; not fit; not having the requisite talents, abilities or accomplishments.NWAD UNQUALIFIED.2

    2. Not having taken the requisite oath or oaths.NWAD UNQUALIFIED.3

    3. Not modified or restricted by conditions or exceptions; as unqualified praise.NWAD UNQUALIFIED.4

    UNQUALIFY, v.t. To divest of qualifications. [But instead of this, disqualify is now used.]

    UNQUALITIED, a. Deprived of the usual faculties. [Not in use.]

    UNQUARRELABLE, a. That cannot be impugned. [Not in use.]

    UNQUEEN, v.t. To divest of the dignity of queen.

    UNQUELLED, a. Not quelled; not subdued.

    UNQUENCHABLE, a. That cannot be quenched; that will never be extinguished; inextinguishable. Matthew 3:12; Luke 3:17.

    UNQUENCHABLENESS, n. The state or quality of being inextinguishable.

    UNQUENCHABLY, adv. In a manner or degree so as not to be quenched.

    UNQUENCHED, a. Not extinguished.

    UNQUESTIONABLE, a. Not to be questioned; not to be doubted; indubitable; certain; as unquestionable evidence or truth; unquestionable courage.

    UNQUESTIONABLY, adv. Without doubt; indubitably.


    1. Not called in question; not doubted.NWAD UNQUESTIONED.2

    2. Not interrogated; having no questions asked; not examined.NWAD UNQUESTIONED.3

    3. Indisputable; not to be opposed.NWAD UNQUESTIONED.4

    UNQUESTIONING, a. Not calling in question; not doubting; unhesitating.

    UNQUICK, a.

    1. Not quick; slow.NWAD UNQUICK.2

    2. Not alive; motionless. [Not in use.]NWAD UNQUICK.3

    UNQUICKENED, a. Not animated; not matured to vitality; as unquickened progeny.

    UNQUIET, a.

    1. Not quiet; not calm or tranquil; restless; uneasy; as an unquiet person; an unquiet mind.NWAD UNQUIET.2

    2. Agitated; disturbed by continual motion; as the unquiet ocean.NWAD UNQUIET.3

    3. Unsatisfied; restless.NWAD UNQUIET.4

    UNQUIET, v.t. To disquiet. [Not in use.]

    UNQUIETLY, adv. In an unquiet state; without rest; in an agitated state.


    1. Want of quiet; want of tranquility; restlessness; uneasiness.NWAD UNQUIETNESS.2

    2. Want of peace; as of a nation.NWAD UNQUIETNESS.3

    3. Turbulence; disposition to make trouble or excite disturbance.NWAD UNQUIETNESS.4

    UNQUIETUDE, n. Uneasiness; restlessness. Obs. [For this, disquietude and inquietude are used.]

    UNRACKED, a. Not racked; not poured from the lees.

    UNRAKED, a.

    1. Not raked; as land unraked.NWAD UNRAKED.2

    2. Not raked together; not raked up; as fire.NWAD UNRAKED.3


    1. Not ransacked; not searched.NWAD UNRANSACKED.2

    2. Not pillaged.NWAD UNRANSACKED.3

    UNRANSOMED, a. Not ransomed; not liberated from captivity or bondage by payment for liberty.

    UNRASH, a. Not rash; not presumptuous.

    UNRAVEL, v.t.

    1. To disentangle; to disengage or separate threads that are knit.NWAD UNRAVEL.2

    2. To free; to clear from complication or difficulty.NWAD UNRAVEL.3

    3. To separate connected or united parts; to throw into disorder.NWAD UNRAVEL.4

    Nature all unravel’d.NWAD UNRAVEL.5

    4. To unfold, as the plot or intrigue of a play.NWAD UNRAVEL.6

    UNRAVEL, v.i. To be unfolded; to be disentangled.

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